Viktor Vekselberg told the Americans everything

Journalists learned about the conversation between people pepsprokurora US Robert Müller with Viktor Vekselberg in New York. The conversation took place at the airport in New York about two months ago, sources say The New York Times.
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Federal agents working in the team of US Attorney General Robert Muller, who is investigating the "Russian case," communicated with Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg about two months ago. This is written by The New York Times referring to sources familiar with the situation.

The conversation, according to the publication, was held at the airport in New York, where Vekselberg arrived in a private plane. The newspaper writes that the agents stopped the Russian businessman in order to interview him and check his electronic devices.

The publication writes that there are no signs that Muller suspects Vekselberg of committing any offenses. However, what prompted the investigators involved in the investigation of the "Russian case" to stop and question Vekselberg remains unclear. It is possible that the people of Muller were interested in his "widespread corporate interests" and "participation in the ceremony of inauguration of Trump," writes NYT.

The fact that the Mueller team shows interest in Vekselberg was not previously reported. Previously, CNN reported that investigators from the special prosecutor's team stopped and interviewed two Russian businessmen at the airport in New York. Their names were not named. It was reported only that the people of Mueller were interested in whether they financed the Donald Trump campaign.

RBC, referring to the public data of the Flightradar24 service, found out that in March new planes from Roman Abramovich, Viktor Vekselberg and Mikhail Prokhorov flew to New York. The representative of Abramovich declined to comment, but the source of RBC, close to the businessman, said that he was not interrogated in the United States. A source close to Prokhorov told RBC that the businessman was not interrogated and he is not involved in the investigation of the US Special Prosecutor's Office. Representatives of Vekselberg at the time did not respond to the request of RBC.

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The representative of Mueller declined to comment. The lawyer and representative of Vekselberg again did not respond to requests for comments, NYT notes. Earlier, a representative of a businessman confirmed that Vekselberg was involved in the inauguration of Trump, the publication adds.

Viktor Vekselberg, along with other Russian businessmen and officials on April 6, was on the US sanctions list. At the same time, his group "Renova" also fell under the sanctions.