Viktor Zolotov did not agree to change the scuffle to the debate

The head of the Rosguards expectedly abandoned discussions with Alexei Navalny. According to the general, he invited the oppositionist to a "sport match".
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The head of the Rosguards General Viktor Zolotov said that he did not intend to participate in debates with the oppositionist and the founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation Alexei Navalny, Interfax reported.

"Debate? I invited him to another one, ”answered Zolotov when asked whether he would accept Navalny’s invitation to take part in a debate on television. “Therefore, we do not agree with him,” added the head of the Rosguards. “But I will answer his question,” he continued. “Then we decide [how].”

According to the head of the Rosguards, inducing Navalny to a duel, he invited him to "a sporting competition, nothing more." Zolotov also recalled that after the publication of the investigation of Navalny, the supplier of products for the Rosguards sued Navalny in court. “After the court’s decision, when the court passes, we will see whether it was right or not,” said Zolotov.

FBK founder Alexei Navalny has already commented on the decision of Zolotov. “The same duel. I clearly remember. There was the word "duel," he wrote on Twitter.

The conflict between Zolotov and Navalny broke out after the publication of the FBK procurement investigation for the Rosguards, published in late August. In it, Navalny said that after the right to supply products to the Rosguards received the Crimean meat-packing plant "Friendship of Peoples", the cost of products purchased for the troops increased two to three times. After the publication of the FBK investigation, the Druzhba Narod meat packing plant filed a lawsuit against Alexei Navalny.

After the publication of the investigation, Zolotov stated that, in his investigation, Navalny had made “slanderous reflections”, and also noted that “from time immemorial, a scoundrel was beaten on the face and summoned to a duel” “I just summon you to a duel, to the ring, to the tatami - anywhere, where I promise to make you a good juicy chop in a few minutes,” the general appealed to the oppositionist.

In response to this video message, Navalny said that the duel should take place “in the form of debates” on the air of any federal television channel.