Viktor Zolotov will pay Igor Sechin two prices for gasoline

Rosguard spends billions of dollars with the approval of the government and the court.
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The court sided with the sole supplier of food for the 340,000th contingent of the Rosguard, obliging Alexei Navalny to remove an investigation into the overly high food prices from his resources. Earlier, the Friendship of Peoples Combine was supported by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, extending his monopoly on supplies for the office of Viktor Zolotov. Neither the position of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, which filed a case on violations of the law on state defense order, or the numerous revelations of journalists who, following FBK, find the facts of unjustified expenditure of budget funds, was not taken into account. As the ministry, Zolotova allowed and continues to blow billions from the treasury into the wind - in the PASMI material.

From FBK to FSB

On the eve of the Moscow Arbitration Court satisfied the claim of the meat factory "Friendship of Peoples" for the protection of honor and dignity, submitted to the head of the Fund for the fight against corruption Alexei Navalny. According to the court’s decision, Navalny must remove from his sites the text and video of the resonant investigation of the plant’s supply of food for the Rosguards.

According to the investigation, after the decree of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, according to which, since December 2017, the Friendship of Peoples Company has become the only supplier of foodstuffs for Rosgvardia, food prices for the department increased significantly, resulting in billions in losses for the Russian budget. .

Employees of the Alexei Navalny Foundation found among the owners of the Druzhba Narodov company the former head of the Central Archive of Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Boris Kantemirov, who in fact was previously subordinate to the director of the Rosgvardia Viktor Zolotov. A link was also made between Kantemirov and Dmitry Medvedev himself.

In response to the investigation, Zolotov, without bothering himself with a weighty argument in favor of such an increase in government spending, with anger and insults attacked the oppositionist, causing him to a duel and promising to make Navalny a good chop. However, when the opponent challenged to a duel chose a televised debate as a duel, Zolotov abruptly “moved away from satisfaction,” explaining that he, in fact, wanted to simply beat the anti-corruption fighter publicly.

It soon became known that the military prosecutor’s office had initiated a check on information on violations in the procurement of Rosgvardi’s products. In addition, there were reports that the activities of the plant "Friendship of Peoples" in May 2018, became interested in the FSB. The head of the department of the FSB for the Rosgvard Colonel Vertei appealed to the FAS with a proposal to conduct a joint verification of information about overpricing when purchasing a department from Friendship of Peoples. As a result, the anti-monopoly department initiated a case on the presence of signs of violation of the Russian legislation on the state defense order when the meat factory supplies products to the Russian Guard.

True, in spite of all this, Dmitry Medvedev, for another two years, secured the status of the only supplier of food and catering services for the needs of the National Guard troops of the Russian Federation Meat Processing Plant Druzhba Narodov.

Found guilty
As reported, the FBK investigation also caused the Rosguards internal audit. And this test gave unexpected results: it turns out that Viktor Zolotov’s fighters eat not only super-expensive, but also rather stale products, it’s not the only food supplier that is to blame for the Druzhba Narodov combine, but Rosgvardeytsy themselves.

The Main Military Investigation Department of the TFR opened a criminal case against the deputy commander of the Avangard special forces of the Russian Guard, Colonel Oleg Kondratyev under the article “Excess of powers”. The colonel was accused of accepting 30 tons of potatoes for the 46th separate operational brigade of the National Guard forces stationed in Grozny from the Druzhba Narod meat company.

According to investigators, in July 2018, Kondratyev, who holds the post of brigade’s rear commander, verbally ordered his subordinates to take potatoes into the warehouse “with the surface of the tuber damaged with wet and dry rot.” At the same time, investigators emphasize that the colonel reliably knew that the imported potatoes did not meet the requirements of GOST, and under the terms of the state contract such goods are not subject to acceptance. The investigation believes that the colonel acted "intentionally, clearly going beyond the limits of authority, from a different personal interest." As a result of Kondratiev’s actions, the state was damaged in excess of 800 thousand rubles. As explained in the decision, 19 tons of potatoes, bought at a price of 42.65 rubles. per kilogram, simply rotted.

At the same time that the responsibility for this episode will be brought by someone from the company "Friendship of Peoples", is not reported.

The show goes on

As it turned out in January, Rosgvardia continues to buy products from Druzhby Narodiv at inflated prices. Information about the new grocery tenders of the Rosguards is posted on the public procurement website. Nine tenders were announced on December 28, 2018, the total amount of the purchase amounted to 111 million rubles.

Comparing the wholesale prices at which Rosgvardia buys products with retail prices in the Pyaterochka trading network, one can see that the Zolotov ministry still does not spare public money. So, Rosgvardia buys several tons of apples at a price ranging from 100 to 130 rubles per kilogram, while in Pyaterochka the average price per kilogram is 60 rubles. The tenders also indicate inflated prices for oranges (120 rubles compared to 85 rubles in Pyaterochka) and half-smoked sausage (from 350 to 550 rubles compared to 270 rubles in Pyaterochka).

Prices for other procurement items - tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs and sausages - correspond to the average prices in Moscow stores, although, logically, wholesale purchases for the department should be made at lower prices.

The Friendship of Nations continues to supply Rosgvardia, in particular its departmental sanatorium Manchuria, at an exorbitant price and seafood. In November 2018, a contract was signed in which, for example, the Rosgvardians' halibut costs 825 rubles per kilogram (in Primorye, where the Manchurian sanatorium is located, its price is 600 rubles), mussels - 462 rubles per kilogram (in the market - 300 rubles), pollock caviar - 937 rubles (instead of 500 rubles per kilogram). The purchase also has an order for 30 kg of salmon caviar at 4400 rubles per kilo. And this is in the Far East, where caviar costs half as much - from 1,800 rubles. With free shipping.
Fuel and a half prices

In January, it became known that the Rosguards decided to buy fuel from Rosneft at prices one and a half times higher than market prices. The corresponding state procurement was placed by the Rosgvardy private security department in the Moscow region.

According to the procurement documents, Rosgvardia will buy fuel at Rosneft's gas stations through fuel cards at 60.2 rubles per liter, while the average price for 92nd gasoline in the Moscow region at Rosneft gas stations does not exceed 41 rubles. Thus, the guards overpaid by 40-50% for each liter of gasoline.

In total, the department intends to purchase 170,400 liters of fuel of 92 brands and 600,000 liters of 95 gasoline - this time at a price of 62.25 rubles per liter. At the gas stations exactly the same fuel costs already 46.5 rubles. Overpayment is also observed when purchasing diesel fuel - 64.25 rubles under the terms of the purchase against 46 rubles per liter at retail.

The high cost of uniform

The fact that Rosgvardia purchases uniforms from a single supplier at inflated prices, it became known in September 2018. The journalists found the secret decree of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, where for the ministry Zolotov the company “Spetsshveysnab” was identified as the only supplier of garments.

As it turned out, the cost of its supply is several times higher than the market. So, in May, the company supplied Rosgvardia with over 43 thousand T-shirts-vests with “alternating horizontal stripes of krapovogo and white colors”. Each product cost the budget 385 rubles, although the manufacturers operating under fair competition have lower prices: the Uyut knitwear factory in Kislovodsk makes such sleeveless vests wholesale for 135 rubles, and the Ministry of Defense buys T-shirts for 137 rubles per piece.

For example, for the 362 thousand patches Rosgvardiya laid out almost 31.5 million rubles. The price of one product reached 87 rubles, although at retail such stripes can be purchased at 54 rubles per piece, and in bulk even less - about 30 rubles per item. Savings could reach 15 million rubles.

Toys for guardsmen

In July 2018, Rosgvardiya placed an order for 60 toy pistols on the website of state purchases that were designed by Mauser and Colt, which it intends to give out. The agency is ready to spend almost a million rubles on such weapons.

Each type of pistol supplier must produce 30 copies in small cases with a combination lock. Rosgvardiy will pay 442 thousand rubles for a batch of "Mauser" made of wood and metal, approximately 15 thousand rubles each, and a little more for the Colts - 540 thousand rubles (18 thousand rubles per unit).

Recall that in September 2017 Rosgvardiya announced the purchase of crystal shoulder straps in the amount of 600 thousand rubles, which are allegedly considered to be "a traditional and memorable gift to senior officers."

And just for the soul

On the approaching day of Rosgvardia, on March 27, a big gala concert with the stars of Russian show business is scheduled in the Kremlin Palace. Viktor Zolotov’s office will spend almost 19 million rubles on the organization of this event. The corresponding state purchase was posted on January 27th.

The contractor also has to organize a buffet table, make invitations and buy flowers for performing artists on stage. The list of desired singers includes Grigori Leps, Oleg Gazmanov, Polina Gagarina, the group "Lyube", the State Academic Russian Folk Choir named after M. Pyatnitsky.

In October 2018, it became aware of the purchase of shooting equipment for Rosguards. The Zolotov office announced the purchase of 19 sets of equipment, for which it is ready to give 2.5 million rubles.

The documentation for the purchase indicated that the purchased equipment should allow the Rosgvardians "to take photos and video in all weather conditions and in the studio," edit the video, process the photos and post the finished materials on the Internet, follows from the technical specifications of the competition. The kits include compact cameras with suspensions and tripods and microphones.