VIM-Avia is in no hurry to pay with the fired employees

Former employees of bankrupt VIM-Avia can not contact the new management of the company. On Monday, a trial is scheduled, the outcome of which may affect the payment of salary arrears.
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Former employees of VIM-Avia are concerned that they can not contact the new airline's CEO Andrei Lyko and his deputy Dmitry Bogachev for several days. This is reported by "RIA Novosti" referring to the message of the staff of workers "VIM-Avia", which is also posted in the airline's groups in "Vkontakte" and Facebook.

"The collective of former employees of VIM-Avia, represented by its public representatives, expresses extreme concern about the behavior of the airline management. The new general director of VIM-Avia, Andrey K. Laiko, as well as the deputy general director Bogachev Dmitry Vladimirovich, have been unavailable for several days by mobile communication, "the message says.

On May 7, a court session will be held to change the order of repayment of the airline's debt. Her former employees fear that "money to pay off the debt to the team" may not remain, if the first to go through other payments.

At present, the question of paying off the airline's salary arrears, as the former employees of VIM-Avia specified, is under the control of Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. In the message of ex-employees of the company it is also said that the deputy director assured them that "all possible measures will be taken to find means to pay off the outstanding wage arrears on a priority basis."

However, "according to the representatives of the team, neither the new general director Lyakko, nor the deputy general director Bogachev plan to attend the court session, motivating the decision" lack of funds for a business trip, "the report said. The total salary debt to the staff of the airline "VIM-Avia" for the period from July 2017 to April 2018 is about 700 million rubles.

"VIM-Avia" stopped flights in the autumn of last year due to multi-billion debt. The 100% stake in the company belongs to the spouses Rashid and Svetlana Mursekayev. In December 2017, the capital Basmanny Court in absentia arrested Rashid Mursekayev and former financial director of the company Alevtina Kalashnikova, who left Russia at the end of September and were put on the international wanted list.

Air company "VIM-Avia"

The airline "VIM-Avia" was established in October 2002. The first flights the carrier carried out mainly in the Asian direction (Vietnam, China, Thailand). The airline's fleet consists of Boeing 777-300, 777-200, 767-300, 757-200 and Airbus 319-111, 330-200. According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the founders of VIM-Avia LLC are Rashid (1%) and Svetlana (99%) Mursekayevs. They are also listed as founders of the PJSC "Invest Holding", which was declared bankrupt in July 2017.

Financial indicators

In 2016, the company showed a net profit of 89 million rubles. with a revenue of 17.174 billion rubles. The value of assets as of December 31, 2016 amounted to 10.481 billion rubles, and net financial debt - 7.007 billion rubles. (source: GMC Rosstat).

Volumes of transportation

According to Rosaviation, in 2016, VIM-Avia transported 2,076 million passengers, showing a 30% increase in this indicator and finishing ninth in the industry. In the company itself, this growth was associated with the introduction of new aircraft (four Boeing 737-500s, two Boeing 767-300s, six Boeing 777-200s and one Airbus A330-200). From January to August 2017, the number of passengers carried increased by 31.4% compared to the same period last year. Nevertheless, the company dropped to the tenth place, letting forward the "North Wind".

Airline problems

In 2016, the company had problems with the implementation of passenger traffic. "VIM-Avia" allowed massive hours of flight delays. In July 2016 Rosaviatsia warned VIM-Avia about the possibility of limiting the operator's certificate due to massive delays and gave it a week to resolve all problems. A spokeswoman for the carrier noted that the delays were due to a high season and an attempted coup in Turkey. The day after the warning was issued, the company announced a stabilization of the transportation situation and reported that the problems were resolved thanks to the introduction of new vessels.

In 2017, the company once again faced problems when, after delays in early June, several dozen flights were canceled. The representative of Rostransnadzor then explained the disruption of the charter program by delays in the repair of aircraft. The number of victims because of the problems of "VIM-Avia" in June 2017 was estimated at approximately 30 thousand people. As a result, the share of delayed flights with the airline this month was 13.56%. In July-August the problems remained: for July the share of detained flights was 13.83%, and in August - 19.45%. In September, the airline delayed more than 40% of flights.

In January-September of 2017, the State Aviation Supervision and Transport Security Supervision Authority of the Volga Federal District conducted seven inspections in the airline, mainly on the application of citizens.