Vinokurov will treat Chemezov at the expense of ordinary Russians

The head of Rostec, Sergey Chemezov, and the son-in-law of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Alexander Vinokurov, whose villas are located so close to each other, decided to seize the country's pharmaceutical market.
Chemezov and his young years friend Vinokourov long greedily "look" at the pharma-branch industry. Now the state manager and businessman decided to merge the assets "to create a producer and supplier of pharmaceutical products of federal scale."

"The agreement signed today in Moscow is an example of private-state partnership and is aimed at attracting additional technological competencies and investments for the development of key areas of domestic pharmacology," the companies said.

So, from the side of "Rosteha" is a subsidiary company called "Natsimbio". On the part of Vinokurov - his newly created corporation Marathon Group (Marathon Group).

"The merger of assets will allow us to concentrate the efforts of companies on the development and promotion of new domestic drugs on the Russian market, as well as to implement complex import substitution in critically important areas of public health." As a result, the largest manufacturer and supplier of a number of essential medicines will be created in Russia. Strengthening the biological safety of the state, reducing the country's dependence on imported drugs and vaccines, "Chemezov said. "The Bearer".

"Union of the Two Fortresses"

Mr. Chemezov already has successes in one strategic project - garbage. But Sergey Viktorovich is not standing still. Chemezov is a good friend and neighbor of Sergei Lavrov, whose daughter Ekaterina is married to Mr Vinokurov. Vinokurov and Sergey Viktorovich often meet in a semi-formal setting, for example, at the meetings of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Cycling Federation (FVSR), and often meet informally and discuss matters.

As the evil tongues say, the state manager and the businessman decide their problems at such meetings and agree on the projects. One of which, apparently, is pharmaceutical. Recall that the son-in-law of Lavrov owns part of the assets of the pharmaceutical company "Genfa." In turn, "Genfa" implements huge orders for the packaging of drugs at the enterprise "Synthesis", which owns the structure of Vinokurov "SIA International" and "Rostekh" Chemezov. They did not just get along ...

But that's not all. I must say that the "Genfa" has a joint venture with the "daughter" of "Rostecha" - "Nazimbo". Moreover, the offspring of the head of Rostekhnologii Stanislav Chemezov owns 30% of Medfarmtechnology LLC - the project of Farmopolis, which plans to be partners of Genfu! And what to expect from Sergei Viktorovich, if he was the main person involved in the criminal case of Oboronservice, Anatoly Serdyukov, in Rostek.

Chemezov and Vinokurov poison the Russians?

This year, Roszdravnadzor decided to remove the antibiotic "Ceftriaxone" from the hospitals and pharmacy chains, which was made at the "Biokhimik" company, which is part of the pharmaceutical corporation "VIA International", which belongs to Vinokurov. The fact is that in patients who were prescribed "Ceftriaxone" for the treatment of "venereal diseases, kidney and ear diseases, pressure began to fall, to weaken and even to atrophy muscles," as specialists reported. As a result, Roszdravnadzor stopped the sale of two batches of antibiotic.

"The appeal of the series 241015" Ceftriaxone "was suspended on May 5 according to the manufacturer's decision in connection with the development of an undesirable reaction - muscle weakness," the press service of Roszdravnadzor said.

Is it possible to give up almost the entire pharmaceutical market of a company that produces drugs that harm people? And if Vinokurov is also a raider?

Raid past, present and future

Recall that he acquired a controlling stake in SIA international Vinokurov managed after the dubious death of the owner of the company Igor Rudinsky. After Mr. Vinokurov got 51% of the shares of SIA, the manager initiated an attack against the company Pharmacor. Pharmakor started closing pharmacies, but Vinokurov's structures continued to press and sued the arbitration court, demanding to recover from the debt of 894 million rubles for the supply of goods.

Also, within the framework of this conflict, Vinokourov's structures have stopped shipping the goods to Farmakor and "do not plan to resume it until the dispute is settled," as Vedomosti reported.