VIP-persons removed from the "Chechen collectors' case"

The Investigation Department of the Central Administrative District of the Russian Investigative Committee for Moscow no longer has a claim against senator Raliph Safin, the head of the Association of Russian Stuntmen Alexander Inshakov and businessman Umar Dzhabrailov.
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All of them featured in the criminal case of extortion of $ 2 million from the family of the former Federation Council member Michael Kapoor. Now the investigation believes that these VIP-persons had no relation to the crime, and money on their own initiative demanded that five people from Chechnya.

The fact that Safin and Dzhabrailov to law enforcement agencies no longer have any claims, said "Rosbalt" familiar with them said. According to him, the investigators found that the senator and businessman had no relationship to the crime to anyone. The same information agency gave people from surrounding Alexander Inshakova. According to him, the famous stuntman called in for questioning more often than Safina and Dzhabrailov, but to him all the questions the investigators "have disappeared."

Source of "Rosbalt" in the police confirmed this information. "The question of the indictments Safin, Dzhabrailov and Inshakova not necessary to extortion money they did not have a relationship, - said our source -. The investigation is coming to the final, will go on trial only six persons who are now in custody."
In the final version of the investigation, and Inshakov Safin in the presence of natives of Chechnya, who lived in the house of Umar Dzhabrailov, he was of the opinion disorderly behavior Michael Kapoor. Senator believed that Kapoor owes him $ 2 million, and under various pretexts evaded refund. In turn, the stunt has been criticized for what Kapoor for a long time does not pay contributions to the housing cooperative (home Kapoor, Safina, Inshakova Dzhabrailov and located in the neighborhood in the suburban village Razdory Odintsovo district of Moscow region). Chechen natives offered to try to solve these problems. In the current version of the investigation, after Chechens have acted on their own, that they threaten the family Kapoor and try to force "knock" money, Safin and Inshakov not know. Accordingly, to the crime of these people are not involved.

Now part of the investigation detention are Inziev, Karimov Shakarov, Usmanov, Agayev and Gazaphadzhiev. All of them were charged under article 163 of the Criminal Code (extortion). They will appear before the servants of Themis.

According to the source, familiar with the situationher history, which led to a $ 2 million extortion, started a few years ago. Then the structures close to Safin, had problems with the registration of a number of large and expensive houses. As a source told the agency, to help in this situation volunteered Mikhail Kapoor - neighbor Safina at the suburban village contention. A total solution for Safin paid about $ 2 million. However, for the year that has passed since the transfer of money, property has not been formalized. The current senator considered that Kapoor should return him the $ 2 million plus a penalty (for the use of funds and other inconveniences). Former Senator with this categorically disagreed, there was a conflict between them.

As suggested by the agency, the story Safin told another neighbor in contention - Alexander Inshakova. He allegedly offered a solution to the problem. In discord is a cottage of another former senator Umar Dzhabrailov. However, he does not appear there almost. The mansion lived a group of young Chechens, provides security Dzhabrailov. Their leader was Rustam Agayev. AT2006 he graduated from the Academy of the FSB, then worked in the Chechen law enforcement agencies. In particular, ensure the protection of a number of leaders of the republic. And then he was seconded to Moscow - to engage Dzhabrailov security.

A source in the Chechen community in Moscow told "Rosbalt" that Agayev was also a number of side projects. For example, he and his subordinates provided collection services, however, when it came to more than $ 1 million.

Inshakov was familiar with both Dzhabrailov and to the inhabitants of his cottage. The last and joined the demand for debt from the family of the former senator. Kapoor himself considered that there is extortion threats. When the January 16, 2014 the Chechens came to the office notary office Olga Kapoor at the Sofia Embankment for the next round of negotiations, they are already there waiting for investigators. he Agayev were detained, as well as members of his team: Gazaphadzhiev, Shakarov, Usmanov, Inziev. Police officers handcuffed and accompanied the Chechen native of Tajikistan Karimov. He performed at Agayev function driver.

After detention only Agayev said that he came to office Kapoors for the debt. More neither he nor the other natives of Chechnya did not explain anything. Later in the interrogation of detainees and called names Safina Inshakova.