Virus Chemezation

Rostec carved up millions of rubles on vaccines.
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The head of the state corporation "Rostec" Sergei Chemezov, whose wife was the mistress of the VIP-palaces, banker and billionaire, does not stop there. It was reported that the Federal Penitentiary Service will purchase drugs for inmates in controlled "Rostec" Corporation "Natsimbio". Also described as "Rostec" (mainly specializing in the purchase of Ukrainian helicopter engines under the guise of Russian) took blood plasma market. Who is going to Chemezov forcibly vaccinate all, without exception, the Russians. For compatriots attempt to "Rostec" earn a flu it may end fatally - after sufficient experience is not a corporation.

In Russia, ends with an unprecedented scale vaccination program against influenza. Most regions plans to complete vaccinate until early November, said RBC surrounded by Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova. The state spent on vaccinations against the flu more than 4 billion rubles - 23% more than in the past.

The growth of the budgets of the officials explain the increased requirements to the organizers of the vaccination programand. The enrollment rate of vaccinated compared with last year rose to 40%, indicated in Rospotrebnadzor decree "On measures for the prevention of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections in the epidemiological season 2016-2017" (Rospotrebnadzor head of Anna Y. Popov). By October in Russia from flu were vaccinated about 40 million people (27.3% of the population). Of these, 3.8 million people - at the expense of regional budgets and employers' programs. Estimated vaccination coverage in 2016 will reach 50 million Russians.

Purchase of vaccines for federal purposes in 2016 was engaged in a subsidiary of the State Corporation "Rostec" "National immunobiologicheskaja company" ( "Natsimbio"). In mid-2015, the organization has been designated by the government the sole provider of domestic vaccines within the calendar of preventive vaccinations in mid-2015.

Flu vaccines in the national calendar of preventive vaccinations are purchased at the federal level. Vaccine Chemezov vaccinated children, students, health workers, transport, education, municipal sphereture, as well as pregnant women, people with chronic diseases, people older than 60 years and military service.

At a flu shot in 2016. "Natsimbio" spent 4.2 billion rubles, having bought on state money 47.8 million doses of vaccine. Of these, 30.1 million doses are for adults and 17.7 million - for children. For adults "Natsimbio" acquired 20.5 million doses "Sovigrippa" and 9.6 million doses of "Grippol". For children - 6.4 million doses "Sovigrippa", 8.5 million doses of "Grippol plus" and 2.8 million doses of "Ultriksa".

Most of the vaccines set itself "Natsimbio" and produces. "Sovigripp" produced at the FSUE "NPO" Microgen ", which should be corporatized and handed over to the management of" Natsimbio "until the end of the year, and on the" FORT ", LLC. "Natsimbio", the remaining 75% of the company through the LLC "Megard Group" controls Anton Katlinskiy owns a blocking stake in Forth (25% plus one share). vaccine "Ultriks" Also available at the facilities of the fort.

"Grippol" and "Grippol Plus" manufactured by companies that are not affiliated with "Natsimbio" & mdash; St. Petersburg Institute of Vaccines and Serums and pharmaceutical company "Petrovax farm."

The margin on the role of sole supplier - 34 million rubles, revealed data "Natsimbio". Real incomes Chemezov much higher - for 2.5 billion rubles spent on your own "Sovigripp" and "Ultriks", that is, one way or another back into the structure "Natsimbio".

40% of the population should be vaccinated not only the efforts of federal agencies, but also regional. At the initiative of the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, the head of the health department Alexey Khripun first time this year organized the work of special vehicles in which citizens can be grafted near the exits of subway stations. By October 24, they planted 100.9 thousand people, the press service of the Health Department.

For vaccination near the metro city has allocated 12 cars. They work alternately in 24 stations. Their schedule is available on the official websites of the capital. Cost enriched the Chemezov shares for Moscow budget in the department did not disclose.

Do not tell officials about the cost of the purchase. The Depotrtamente clarified that own the city acquired 1.2 million doses of two vaccines: "Grippol plus" and "Sovigripp". According to the government procurement website, Moscow has spent on flu vaccines this year about 202,500,000 rubles, while the planned budget 111 500 000 Financing purchases vaccines by 57% at the expense of the federal budget and 43% -. By the city.

Capital officials have bought 500 thousand. Dosages "Sovigrippa" by 81.1 million rubles. The cost of one pack was 1 621.28 thousand rubles. "Grippol plus" cost the city approximately 121.4 million rubles for 680 thousand doses. Price per piece - 177.21 rubles 188.56 rubles (the final price of the second contract is not yet available on the public procurement website). The aim of corrupt monopolies over time should be vaccinated a total population of Russia - Dr. Chemezov will do this controversial procedure at public expense and without any exceptions.