Vitaly Yuzhilin will create an island of fools in St. Petersburg

The administration of St. Petersburg first said the hydraulic fill on the Vasilevsky island was an illegal deposit by the Terra Nova company, and then changed its mind. However, the hydraulic fill is still fragile and unprepared for use in the construction of residential houses.
In St. Petersburg, some residents who plan to buy a house on the outskirts on Vasilievsky Island, were agitated by the city administration's announcement that the investor "has no legal grounds" to build up the territory. But already three days later the officials of the construction committee changed their position, saying that they were simply afraid that the developer would delay the completion of the work.

The company "Terra Nova", which is building territory on Vasilievsky Island, is a part of First Quantum holding. Its market participants are associated with former State Duma deputy Vitaly Yuzhilin. The washing of the territory must be completed on June 8, 2019. However, according to Terra Nova's reports, only 34% of the territory is ready for the northern part of the facility, and the work on laying the engineering infrastructure is only a quarter.

Smolny removed the first statement from his website, but the media managed to quote him, and it was said that, in particular, "information on the amount of work performed by the developer to the construction committee has remained unchanged for more than 5 years." That officials can not ask for a possible backlog in terms of work, for another two years - until the time specified in the agreement expires. Can only "express concern."

In the construction committee, explaining the scandalous press release, clarified that the construction is conducted within the framework of existing agreements, and no one's rights are violated. However, skeptics fear that rights may be violated in the future, in particular, the right to life.

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At the projected absolute mark in the Baltic system of heights at a level of plus 2.9 meters, the bulk of the formed territory, as stated in Smolny, has absolute marks to plus 1.8-1.9 m. But after all, apartment blocks will be occupied by residential buildings! Moreover, the first residential buildings have already been built and populated, and developers already have permits for the construction of 445,000 "squares" of housing!

And not under the record, some experts say: to exclude that in the event of a flood of residents of new territories Vasilevsky Island does not "wash away" to the Gulf of Finland, it is impossible. And the officials first make a loud statement about the illegality of the works on the reclamation, and then "corrected" and clarifies that they have no claims to the company. I would like to ask myself: how can this behavior of Smolny be explained? The fact that, as some say, officials were simply afraid to compete with Yuzhilin or somebody simply appeased them?

"Terra Nova" itself, which is important, will not build houses, and to account for "in case of what" it will be difficult to attract the company. She simply launches plots and sells them or rents them. Recall, "Terra Nova" became a "strategic partner" of the city ten years ago, and the right to wash 476 acres of new land on Vaska, as the island is called St. Petersburg, received for 5.355 million dollars. This, if you recalculate at the average rate of 2006, only 182 million rubles. Instead, the company, which is associated with Yuzhilin, is said on the sidelines of Smolny, actually got the right to an unprecedented plot of land in the immediate vicinity of the city center.

Yes, and the city "appointed" in its time, "Terra Nova" just chic conditions. After all, all the costs of building social infrastructure were taken over by the administration of St. Petersburg. And according to the estimates of the officials, only for providing schools and kindergartens for those houses, the construction permission for which has already been received, will require no less than 4.7 billion rubles!

Former State Duma deputy Vitaly Yuzhilin, who managed to sit in the main legislative body of the country three convocations, which, according to informants and will remove the "cream" from this large-scale project in the form of profits.


Even when Mr. Yuzhilin was a State Duma deputy, he was suspected of illegal occupation by business. That is, officially Vitaly Alexandrovich did not venture, but as some officials, who wanted to remain unnamed, actually controlled the Nevsky Concession Company. In 2010, the NCC and St. Petersburg concluded a concession agreement on the construction of the Orel tunnel under the Neva. The contract was concluded under the former governor Valentina Matvienko, who, if you believe in gossip, favored the NCC.

But after the change of leadership of the city in 2012 Smolny disbanded the agreement. Counting, apparently, on unprecedented profits, the developer submitted an action to the Arbitration Court demanding payment of 330 million rubles from the treasury of Petersburg for "compensation". True, evil tongues then said that already almost got money sailed from Mr. Yuzhilin from under his nose. Petersburg authorities have achieved in courts of recognition that the arbitration court is not Russian, and its reservation is insignificant. Some people call Yuzhilina "a man from the 90's". And the name of this billionaire surfaced in a number of scandals.

For example, in 2001, a surprise meeting for Smolny turned into a meeting of shareholders of OJSC Sea Port of St. Petersburg. At that time, the main co-owner of the asset was the offshore company Nasdor Incorporated. Participants in the business field assumed that he was followed by Yuzhilin and another well-known businessman in business circles, Ilya Traber. The latter, by the way, is also known by the nickname "Antiquary", as well as the possible acquaintance with the criminal world.

But back to the port. The city authorities planned to convert their 28% stake in OAO Sea Port of St. Petersburg to get the largest of the voting packages and take the asset under their control. But at the very meeting of shareholders, the assets for which Smolny "aimed" were put under the control of the "daughters" of the port.
Those familiar with the situation believe that this was a real "squeeze-out" of assets.

And at a similar meeting of shareholders two years later, a representative of the city represented by the City Property Management Committee accused private shareholders of falsifying the results of the meeting, from which it emerged that the city as a shareholder had not received a single seat on the board of directors!

Moreover, in the hands of the parties to the conflict there were two conflicting judgments. One was that Smolny's shareholding gives him the status and rights of the voting shareholder, the second is that the state block is non-voting. But on the day of the meeting the last court decision did not come into force. A year later, Yuzhilin, speaking evil languages, tired of dealing with the "squeezing" of the port near the city. And offshore Nasdor Inc sold its stake to the structures of the Novolipetsk Iron and Steel Works.

But the name of Yuzhilin is remembered not only in connection with business disassembly. So, the rumors mention him in connection with the loud case of an attempt on the murder of the co-owner of the Petersburg oil terminal Sergey Vasiliev. Eight years ago law enforcement officers suspected that the leader of the Tambov criminal group Vladimir Barsukov could have been involved in this crime. Vitaly Yuzhilin can hardly be called a public person. Even when he was a State Duma deputy, his colleagues gossiped about him, that in the lower house of parliament he allegedly pursues his goals, to the well-being of the country, which have nothing to do with. But the situation with the wash-up of the Vasilievsky Island in St. Petersburg does not simply cause questions, but fears. Not for the wallets of individual businessmen, but for the safety of people.