Vladimir Evtushenkov told about his business rules

The owner of AFK Sistema, who has lost three quarters of his fortune in recent years, talks about friendship, loneliness of the conqueror of peaks and feelings that eat people in proverbs.
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"Do not break in the psychological plan," - in addition to the obligatory cooperation with the police, in September 2014, the former Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov gave a billionaire to Vladimir Yevtushenkov. The creator of AFK Sistema was going through hard times: with an electronic bracelet on his leg, he was under house arrest. The businessman who built the business on the proximity to the authorities, including the Moscow one, was accused of illegally purchasing Bashneft shares and money laundering. Evtushenkov managed to avoid the deadline, but he lost Bashneft. Since then, Evtushenkov's fortune has dropped 4.5 times - to $ 2 billion. A lawsuit with Rosneft, which bought Bashneft from the state, nearly led to the collapse of Sistema, but the parties managed to agree.

Despite this, Evtushenkov is optimistic about what is happening, arguing that he can not do otherwise. To whom no matter how he knows, the entrepreneur's path consists of victories and defeats. Forbes gathered the brightest statements of a businessman.

All of us, of course, are patriots of the country. It's strange to meet a man who says: "I hate this country, but I live in it."

Opposing business and power to each other is wrong. It's such a delicate matter.
As I was rightly told before in kindergarten, at school and at the institute, there is no thin without good. As a youth, I honestly did not understand this. Now I understand.

I do not really feel upset at all, I'm quite optimistic.

When you are successful, you do not think about this question. Who treats you as you are - you walk with your head held high. And only when there are some setbacks, only then do you understand what you are posing in this society.

If you take cheap, do nothing and sell cheap, then it's completely unclear why you do it. And it's not business anymore, it's charity or something, call it any other words.

Games with the state are absolutely losing games. Always. As practice shows, the weakest state is always stronger than the strongest businessman.

In business there is always: you lose something - you go further. If you, so to speak, sprinkle ashes with your own eyes and weep for some loss - you just will not go any farther. That is, it becomes a pity to become oneself. No, no - I'm already somehow already ... As if the page I read, and I do not go back to that, I look further.

Do not fear failure - terrible addiction to failure. If you fail once, you suffer two - you begin to get used to it. If you go to someone for something to ask, you should not run into failure. Two or three times you will not be able to convince, and denying you will become a habit.

I am flesh from the flesh of this country - what offense?

Every more or less successful person has a resource. But there is also a coincidence of stars, when everything converges to one point and the problem is solved. There is, after all, perseverance in achieving the goal.

Happiness is like a net: pulling - pouting, stretching - empty. When you pull, this is happiness.

Even when you part with someone, you should be sure: after meeting him after a certain period of time, you will stretch out his hand, and he will squeeze in response. I always professed such a principle in business.

There are three factors that eat a person - greed, hatred and a thirst for revenge. If they do not eat a person, then everything is fine.

Friendship obliges: you can not substitute a person, and if you can not, then you can not risk, and therefore earn.

I do not like questions about history. They have no semantic load, they have no relation to business. As for me personally, I was always closed. I do not like to advertise my own life. And in business, I'm open, on the contrary.

People are different. I'm an optimist. And I do not see any dramatic scenarios for my business with anyone in my country. Even if something did not work out in the past, it means that tomorrow will be better.

Troubles happen when people start cheating. I always clearly understand that no one owes me anything. I will never ask for something that I myself have never done.

The person who climbs to the top becomes more and more alone. This is a fee that you have to pay for opportunities. Even if you maintain a relationship with someone that is not very close, you should understand that part of this relationship is because of your capabilities.

If you meet a businessman who says he does not want to part with anything, you have to be very careful with him - he's just not a businessman. Everything has its price and can be sold or bought.