Vladimir Evtushenkov tore up the state defense order for the production of cruise missiles

Entering the concern RTI Systems (owned by AFK Sistema), the Dubensk Machine-Building Plant disrupted the schedule for the production and supply of components for the production of cruise missiles by the Tactical Missile Armament Corporation.
The management of the Dubna machine-building plant (DMZ, part of the concern RTI) takes steps to avoid a possible disruption of the state defense order. According to Kommersant's information, we are talking about three contracts concluded in 2016-2017, which involve the supply of components for cruise missiles, as well as the creation of new products. DMZ Director General Yegor Solovyov issued an order to search and punish the perpetrators in the current situation, but he assured Kommersant that the contracts would be executed on time.

The fact that the management of DMZ began to search for the perpetrators of a possible disruption of the state defense order, Kommersant was told by several interlocutors in the industry, and confirmed by a military source. According to them, last week the general director of the enterprise Yegor Solovyev issued a closed order demanding "in the shortest possible time" to find and determine measures of disciplinary and other impact on those who committed the current situation. According to Kommersant's information, the matter concerns the disruption of three contracts concluded by the enterprise with the Defense Ministry in 2016-2017. The enterprise, apparently, will not be able to fulfill its obligations to supply components for cruise missiles, mass-produced by Tactical Missiles Corporation, and new products, according to which DMZ is the only supplier for the Russian Defense Ministry. According to Kommersant sources, "certain shortcomings in the line of import substitution" became a prerequisite for disrupting the defense contract.

The plant is engaged in the manufacture of aircraft-guided weapons, its ground support facilities, components, units and units for aviation equipment, including cruise missiles for tactical and strategic bombers. Employees of the enterprise took part in the production of aircraft, in particular, the MiG-25, the cruise missile Moskit, the X-22 and X-55 missiles. During all the time, the pilot and mass production of more than 30 types of aircraft and missiles of various classes was mastered. In 2006, the enterprise became part of the concern RTI (part of AFK Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenkov).
The general director of the DMZ, Yegor Solovyov, in conversation with Kommersant, confirmed the existence of the order, but called for not dramatizing the situation. "Such orders are a normal practice, they are signed as part of the implementation of the plan to remove even the potential possibility of disruption of the contract," says the head of the enterprise.

He stressed that the work under the contract "includes the creation of a complex system of cooperation between DMZ subdivisions and third-party companies, modernization of production and changing the organization of the enterprise." "When implementing any state contract, deviations from the established schedule of work may be possible, but state contracts executed by DMZ will be completed within the established time," he told Kommersant. The source of Kommersant, close to AFK Sistema, assured that now on the DMZ there are works on ten state contracts, including two on the plant is the lead contractor. "The customer can file a claim only in the event of non-fulfillment of the contract, but this did not happen," he stressed. At the same time, the source of Kommersant in the enterprise management noted that the reorganization of the plant had already been completed and a new strategy had been approved, and now DMZ is engaged in the optimization of production schedules.

However, such steps do not raise awareness among some DMZ employees. Some of them even wrote an appeal to FSB director Alexander Bortnikov and President Vladimir Putin describing the deplorable situation, according to their version, at the enterprise. In the letter, the company's employees directly blamed the possible leadership of the RTI for the possible delays in the military orders, arguing that the managers of the concern "are taking measures to prevent the fulfillment of state defense orders for the delivery of products (we are talking about cruise missiles.-" Kommersant ") in 2018, and also fear "physical destruction of the plant."

The document also affirms that the difficult situation has developed for a number of reasons: in the ten months three DMZ directors were replaced, the necessary metal was not purchased for the manufacture of cruise missile hulls, and there is also a problem of lack of equipment and equipment. In DMZ and RTI they said that they do not know anything about the existence of a letter from the employees. "Kommersant" also sent a request to the Ministry of Defense of Russia on this matter, but at the time of publication of the response to it was not followed.