Vladimir Evtushenkov transferred the son of AFK Sistema to $ 38 million

Vladimir Evtushenkov gave his son Felix 2.5% stake in AFK Sistema. The cost of the gift was 38.4 million dollars.
Chairman of the Board of Directors and the main owner of AFK Sistema Vladimir Evtushenkov gave his son Felix (who is also deputy chairman of the board of directors of AFK Sistema) 2.5% of the corporation, the AFC said. The share of Yevtushenkov Jr. in the authorized capital of the company increased to 2,6817%, the share of Vladimir Evtushenkov fell to 61.703%.

The 2.5% transferred cost $ 38.4 million at the GDR price of Sistema at the close of the London Stock Exchange on June 8 (Thomson Reuters data).

The transfer of shares demonstrates a new management concept for Sistema: it provides for the personal participation of senior executives in the capital of the group companies, said its representative, Sergei Kopytov.

The president of AFK Sistema Andrey Dubovskov also increased his stake - he bought 0.0102% of the shares, and his share reached 0.0242%. According to Dubovskov, he believes in the future of the corporation and hopes that it will continue to "dynamically develop as a leading public investment company that creates value for shareholders through investments in promising projects, development of portfolio companies and effective monetization of assets."

As of March 31, 2018, Vladimir Evtushenkov owned 64.2% of the shares, on the London Stock Exchange traded about 17.6% of the shares, on the Moscow stock exchange - 14.8%, said in the company's annual report for 2017. At that time, the remaining 3, 4% of the capital was distributed among the members of the Board of Directors and management of AFK Sistema.

According to the results of 2017, as indicated in the annual report, AFK Sistema owned 50% of MTS, 52% of Detsky Mir, 100% of timber holding Segezha Group, 91% of the agricultural holding Steppe, 100% of the medical network Medsi, 87% of the radio technical holding RTI.

In April 2018, the Board of Directors of Sistema approved a new concept for the development of the corporation. It was recently introduced by President Dubovski (he previously headed the MTS operator, which belongs to the corporation). The existing asset management structure, which consisted of five investment portfolios managed by AFC vice-presidents, was abolished. In exchange, funds were created, managed by managing partners. It was assumed that these funds will invest both in control and non-controlling stakes in companies, but not less than 25%. At the same time, Sistema will not be the sole shareholder of the funds - the managing partners are obliged to attract foreign investment in them. Decentralization of asset management should give the corporation more flexibility and efficiency.

AFK Sistema has been in dispute with Rosneft and Bashneft since May 2017: oil companies have been trying to recover from it the damage that they believed the former owner inflicted on Bashneft during the reorganization. In December 2017, the parties entered into an amicable agreement, according to which AFK Sistema was to pay 100 billion rubles. These funds eventually attracted from the Russian Direct Investment Fund, Gazprombank and Sberbank. Vladimir Evtushenkov refused to pay dividends to AFK Sistema for nine months of last year, which helped the company save 4.2 billion rubles.

Following the results of 2017 the board of directors of the corporation recommended to the annual meeting of shareholders to direct for the final dividends 1.06 billion rubles, proceeding from 0.11 rubles. per ordinary share, or 2.2 rubles. per GDR, the corporation reported. In this case, the total annual dividends will amount to 7.6 billion rubles.