Vladimir Nero: Doctor Blindness

The famous Russian Helmholtz Clinic Research Institute of Eye Diseases in Moscow drives its clients to blindness because of the negligence of doctors covered up by the Director of the Institute, Vladimir Neroev.
TFR is still investigating PE in the eye clinic Helmholtz. Recall there after the application of "Avastin" drug affected dozens of people. And 11 patients the hospital is completely blind.

9 people are still under the supervision of doctors.

"Avastin": delayed or damaged?

According to the victims and their relatives, cause of vision loss has become an injection of the drug "Avastin". Find out the reasons and circumstances of the state of emergency, the investigators interrogated the staff of the Institute, especially those to whose competence includes the purchase and storage of medicines. Conduct examination and chemical composition of the drug administered. Injections "Avastin" is prescribed for retinal detachment, the drug is considered to be relatively cheap (cost of a single injection of 10 thousand rubles, prick more expensive counterparts - 50 thousand).

This prick "Avastin" only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and therefore come to the Ophthalmologic Institute, patients from across the country. That's just inject it underground ...? Produced and bottled "Avastin" in Switzerland, PharmaceutiCoy company Roche, it is only packaged in Russia - is engaged JSC "Ortat", part of the holding "R-Pharm."

Learning about emergencies, holding management responded instantly. General Director of "R-Pharm" Vassily Ignatiev perplexed: "Avastin" is not intended for use in ophthalmology, he said, "in the operating instructions written in plain text that the introduction of it into the eyeball is dangerous and is contraindicated due to the risk of infection. This is a direct reference to the application of a risk. "

Experts say that "Avastin" is used as a last resort, when it already comes to blindness. Acceptable risk ... But judging by the story of the patient's Institute. Helmholtz, this risk no one warned!

Directly at the "R-Pharm" Helmholtz Institute "Avastin" are not purchased, said Vasily Ignatyev. Perhaps there was a certain dangerous experiment, "a risky use of the drug despite the instructions that led to the development described therein complications", suggests the head of the holding.

Reprerer Institute. Helmholtz confirmed that patients injected with "Avastin" on 26 September. "Those who have been made an injection is not the first time, I realized immediately that something is not right, feeling like a toothache was. Whoever first, he waited until the 28th because I thought that it should be as we usually think. All of them were taken, they were all hospitalized immediately ", - said the agency interlocutor.

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Extorts on the "blue eye"?

People are faced with ocular Research Institute, is outraged that the Helmholtz Research Institute director Vladimir Neroev does not respond to the complaints of citizens, patients, and patients with poor performance and complaints of patients Institute of Eye Diseases. Helmholtz levies on citizens and extortion.

Bloggers have also reported that divorced in Russia and the like neroevy plevalschiki on people-corruption officials that Russia is already groaning from the officials. "

As bloggers say, among those who have applied for assistance Neroevu, walks wave of discontent over too "aristocratic" way of life of the latter, they say, more than once he had been seen going outthem from an expensive car, and the door to the clinic he opened specially hired for this person. Apparently, in the personal income tax contributions.

Even Neroeva colleagues behind her call him "bad egg" or "disregard", which sits in the Research Institute. Helmholtz on the content of the state. It is believed that some of the eye Neroeva colleagues call "bad egg" and "disregard", which profited from the filing of the state.

Nero and Golikova

Vladimir Neroev - a protégé of former Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova. Through her, he always solve their staffing issues. So, Neroev advised Tatyana Golikova on the rights of an old friend and Ch. freelance ophthalmologist Health Ministry to dismiss Professor Hristo Takhchidi Periklovich of IRTC "Eye Microsurgery" and put in place institution director of a mutual friend, the deputy Alexander Chuhraeva, who once left the State Duma for unclear reasons.

Another voice of the people

In one of the previous articles we have published reviews of the clinic's patients about her work. Since these messages appeared evenElika set. Here are some of the most recent.

"All the good days. I would like to share our history "relationship" with this institution. It all started in January 2016, when the district ophthalmologist could not diagnose my son, and sent us to Morozov Hospital, and from there we were sent to this institution. We got an appointment with a remarkable Grishakova allergist, who immediately diagnosed and treated. About all in the registry (1 hour) and wait in the office (at least 2 hours) to talk while I'm not), and everything was going. "

"Most likely to get on reception to Fatulloevoy and still am impressed by the rough and hamovatogo relationship this doctor. On the question snapped, had to beg for information. The issue of resolving clan, my questions (of course they are) answered incorrectly and disrespectful, blaming and entering into an awkward position. The phrases "You do not understand?", Generally for an explanation came. Doctors out to explain and reassure the patient, give them an understanding of the situation, and with Fatulloevoy happened that on the contrary. "

"The child is asked to gofrom school, went half a day to the other end of the city to see a doctor, who shrugged his shoulders and told us they do not have good specialists and Ride, here at this place! Friends I'm in shock! In the clinic, where there is a lifetime, three days ago to check eyesight, before going to them have the same minus deflected in worse 5 diopters. I'm shocked! When testing of the child, puts slides and silent, interchanges and silent, no contact with the child, even if asked. "

Eye Clinic Helmholtz Association and its leader acquired a dazzling glory. Maybe reading them, the Russian Ministry of Health finally "begin to see clearly." And will the "best" eye clinic ...

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