Vladimir Potanin launched the third yacht

The cost of a full refueling of three vessels of the owner of "Norilsk Nickel" is 1.5 million dollars.
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The first place in the list of Russia's richest people following the results of 2017 will be occupied by the president of Norilsk Nickel Vladimir Potanin. Thanks to the rise in price of nickel, the state of the oligarch increased, according to Bloomberg estimates, to $ 19 billion.

Apparently, anticipating this result, a fan of glamor pleased himself with chic gifts. The English site superyachtfan.com, tracking the acquisition of billionaires by super-yachts and private airliners, reported that Vladimir Olegovich bought himself a third jet plane and launched a third megayacht. Thus, he broke the distinctive record of Russia not only in terms of earning ability, but also in the pursuit of luxury.

The choice of the oligarch fell on Gulfstream G650 - the fastest, long-range and technology representative of business aviation. The cost of the aircraft in the basic configuration starts at $ 65 million, but experts say that it's worth it. In addition to this luxurious handsome man, in the hangar of Vladimir Potanin there are two almost identical Gulfstream G550, each from $ 55 million.

Passion for all the same is inherent in the billionaire. For example, he orders yachts exclusively on the Dutch shipyard Oceanco. They are obtained not so much as a copy, but similar. The acquisition of this year was the 88.5-meter Barbara. The price of the ship is hidden. However, according to preliminary estimates of experts, the oligarch could pay for it about $ 250 million. This is somewhat more expensive than its past acquisitions: 75.5-meter Anastasia and 88.5-meter Nirvana.

If you build one after another three boats of a billionaire, you will get 252.5 meters. With this indicator, a businessman can claim the title of the owner of the longest motor yacht fleet in Russia. Once they were Roman Abramovich, but now he has only one 162-meter Eclipse.

Yachts for Vladimir Potanin in the literal sense of the word are important as air. On boats swaying in the middle of the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, he undergoes a two-week rehabilitation after visiting his enterprises in Norilsk and Krasnoyarsk.

It's not a secret for anyone that the situation with ecology in these cities is catastrophic. Large-scale modernization at the enterprises is only planned and it is still unknown whether it will be realized. With her they pull to the last. Squeeze the resource out of what is. For example, the Stalinist Nickel Plant in 1942 was closed down in Norilsk only last year. This devil of hell poisoned people's lives, throwing into the atmosphere up to 400 thousand tons of sulfur dioxide.

In the environment of the billionaire, everyone is aware that Vladimir Olegovich always brings oxygen cylinders with him when he comes to the sponsored cities. After talking with the hard workers, he hurries into the car to breathe from the oxygen mask. Even stops in apartments specially equipped for oxygen supply.

Than so to be excruciated, it is better for a long time to allocate means for ecology. Especially since Vladimir Potanin is clearly not used to denying himself comfort. For example: the tanks of its three yachts will accommodate 720 thousand liters of fuel. Taking into account its cost is almost $ 2 per liter, it turns out about $ 1.5 million only for one full refueling. For the opportunity to glide along the French Riviera with a chic, the sum seems astronomical. But Vladimir Olegovich found where to save money. On his wife and children. When the divorce from Natalya Potanina, with whom he lived together for 30 years, the oligarch gave her a little more than for refueling yachts. A case of unprecedented greed in legal practice.

The lawyers of the oligarch managed to prove to the judge of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation Boris Gorokhov that in Potanin's territory there are no assets and he has nothing to share with his ex-wife and children. He believed and issued a corresponding definition. The result was an absurd situation. The richest Russian does not own anything in Russia. Probably, this is the highest manifestation of disinterested love for the Motherland.