Vladimir Putin and his Crimean palaces

FSO is engaged in re-planning of state summer houses and recreation hotels in Yalta: German, Belarusian and Ukrainian companies cooperate without fear of sanctions.
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Three years ago, the Federal Security Service of Russia inherited summer residences and summer cottages that belonged to the Ukrainian authorities until 2014. Now these objects are being reconstructed and decorated to the taste of the first persons of Russia. How much will spend on improving special holidays in Yalta and who fulfills orders FSO, studied Anastasia Khlopkova.

Summer residents

On the southern coast of the Crimea, not far from the village of Forosa in the direction of Yalta, the residence "Mukhalatka" (State Dates No. 6,7,8,9 and 10) and State Docket No. 11 "Dawn" were located. It was here that the summer holidays were spent by the Soviet secretaries, it was at the Zarya that Mikhail Gorbachev was blocked during the putsch of 1991. And it was here that the Ukrainian presidents rested, including Viktor Yanukovich.

State number 9 in the Soviet years was listed as the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, Vladimir Shcherbitsky. After, already for the new owners - the Ukrainian presidents, here they arranged a ground court with an opening canopy and a gym in the sports and recreational building. On this site, as Ukrainian publications have written, there is a covered 25-meter pool with the Niagara system - sea water and heating. Also, next to State Grade 9 there were three two-story mansions with attics and a separate exit to the beach with elevator lift.

In the days of Leonid Kuchma, at the state dossier No. 9 Vladimir Putin often visited. Most of the guests of the Ukrainian chapters stayed at State Docket No. 8. In August 2008, during the Georgian-Ossetian conflict, Viktor Yushchenko provided this house for the wife and children of Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili.

The last owner of the complex in Oliva (Foros) was Viktor Yanukovych. In what state the residence and the state dacha passed to the Russian authorities - is unknown. About the tastes of the ex-President of Ukraine Yanukovych can be judged at least on the residence Mezhyhirya, now called the "Museum of Corruption": only three crystal chandeliers in the private office and in the reception hall are estimated at $ 97 thousand.

After the spring of 2014, Russia nationalized state residences in the Crimea. Sanatoriums, holiday homes, medical centers, state dachas and residences were transferred to the ownership of Russian structures by the decision of the republic's parliament, total 179 objects, the total area is 1400 hectares.

The security service in the Crimea of the Federal Security Service of Russia (SOFSR FSO), established on April 11, 2014, just got former state residences and state dachas of Ukraine in Yalta. Now the security service arranges summer cottages for the first persons of Russia: the Yalta complexes are being renovated with new furniture and swimming pools.

 Under the Sight of FSO

State Affairs in Yalta immediately after the annexation of the Crimea became especially protected objects. With the new owners of Yalta dachas some travelers got acquainted by chance: in 2014 near the residence number 8 on the shore stopped kayakers, in a few minutes they ran up to them armed guards.

"On the asphalt road near the beach was a minibus. The soldiers loaded all our bags and kayaks from above on the seat backs. We all the crowd also climbed into the salon. "Do not look at the windows! Nothing to remember! "Well, remember it was - we rode through a pine forest. We unloaded in the parking lot in front of the guard room and the police began to wait. We also carefully rewrote all the information about work, living, for some reason about the work of parents and siblings, "recalls GrL user in his LJ.

Residents of the village of Oliva are told on Facebook: around the government dacha in 2016, a brick fence five to six meters in height was erected. In the social network, users posted photos of the fence starting with the Yalta route.

"They cut down the juniper and filled it up to make this fence. Since 69 on this state vacation, all the general secretaries and presidents have rested, but only one needed a fence ", - writes in comments under the photo user in Facebook Max Gorbatykh.

Later on the balance of the Crimean FSO passed and the building of the boarding house of the House of Creativity of Scientists "Katsiveli." With the arrival of fsonyniki, tourists and residents of the village of Katsiveli began to have problems with access to water. In the spring of 2016, the Crimean FSO organized a checkpoint on the road leading to the beach. Rest at the sea can only residents of the village, who presented the guards with a passport with a residence permit.

Residents of Katsiveli asked the head of the Republic of Crimea to deal with the new owners of the House of Creativity of Scientists. To solve the conflict, a working group of Crimean officials was created: they decided that they would build a new road, especially for residents and tourists.

"The head of the Republic of Crimea created a commission, which promised to give citizens another way. We were obliged to resolve the issue before the end of July, but we did not solve it, "the inhabitant of Katsiveli and the deputy of the Yalta City Council deputy in the district No. 14 Vitaliy Kurakin told the Crimean edition.

You can not prohibit a beautiful swim

Judging by the state contracts of the Crimean FSO, the main expenses of the department go to the objects designated in the auctions as "Oliva settlement" or "Oliva, Foros". In 2015, they spent about 36 million rubles, and in 2016 - 357.6 million rubles. In the spring of 2017, Tender was held for 10.3 million rubles - for the current repair of facilities and an inspection of the elevator economy. The money allocated by the Russian government also allocates money for the "facilities": the Spetsstroy of Russia subordinated to the Southern Federal District played auctions for 212.2 million rubles.

Budget funds are used to modernize, restructure and maintain all real estate. For example, in 2017, the current repair of the summer cinema in the residence of Oliva cost 4.5 million rubles (in 2016, 139 thousand rubles were spent). Repair of the facade of the main house is also planned for this year - it will cost 3 million rubles. Overhaul of the children's pool will cost 2 million rubles, fencing of the sports complex and "arrangement of water procedures" - 7.7 million rubles.

In 2015, only an assessment of the technical condition of the canopy of the beach area was worth FSO 112 thousand rubles. Two tenders for the overhaul of the tennis and volleyball ground with the replacement of sports equipment were held with a price tag of 4.4 million rubles and 4.2 million rubles, respectively. Repair of the main house cost 4.3 million rubles. Also purchased training equipment - for 5.8 million rubles.

In 2017, orders for the complex in Oliva announced and Spetsstroy of Russia: 23.3 million rubles will be given to contractors for the reconstruction of state dinners No. 6 and 8 in Oliva. On the territory of these facilities is a service hostel with a canteen, which in 2016 was spent 147.5 million rubles.

In 2016, 10 million rubles were paid for architectural solutions and design of state projects "Nine" and "Tens". At state dots No. 9 and 10, a 25-meter pool, contrasting fonts, a hammam and a sauna were preserved. However, their reconstruction and launch in 2017 will spend 90.1 million rubles. For the same amount, construction, installation and commissioning work will be carried out for electricity, water supply and heating.

The main part of Spetsstroi's expenses fell to the "Zarya" residence. In 2016, allocated 308.2 million rubles: this money should be reconstructed physical culture and recreation complex "Zarya". The cost of works includes installation of architectural and artistic lighting, plumbing fixtures and accessories, delivery of furniture and material for the pool bowl. Reconstruction of a sports complex has kept within two auctions - on 66,3 and 66,2 million rubles accordingly. And to clean up the pools, fountains, sauna, hamam and spa zone, left after the Ukrainian presidents, had to pay 139.4 million rubles from the country's budget.

As can be seen from the old photographs, next to the residence in Oliva is a helipad. In 2015, Spetsstroy decided to increase the number of places for flying equipment: ZAO Oboronelectronproekt (4 million rubles) received the order for the development of design and working documentation for three helipads, the control and dispatching station in Oliva. In 2016, 89.2 million rubles were allocated from the Russian budget for the construction of a helicopter platform.

More economical auctions are held on the object of the boarding house "Katsiveli". In 2017, the tenders were raped for 1.8 million rubles, in 2016 - 141.4 million rubles. The largest orders are: overhaul of the premises of Building No. 2 - 48.1 million rubles, repair of the facades of building No. 2 - 22.5 million rubles. Major overhaul and replacement of elevators in building No. 1 cost 5.7 million rubles, in building No. 3 - 5.9 million rubles.

Belarusians, Germans and Ukrainians

The main customer of construction and other works for public functions in Olive (Foros) and buildings of the House of Creativity of Scientists "Katsiveli" is the SOS of the FSO of Russia. As can be seen from the concluded contracts, the most valuable objects on the bank of Yalta, the security service trusts the companies that Russia inherited along with the Crimea.

One of the major permanent contractors is LLC "Subsidiary Building Management Trust No. 14". In the territory of Yalta the organization has been operating since 1998 and belongs to the Belarusian JSC "Construction Trust No. 14" (the controlling stake is held by the government of Belarus). The Belarusian subsidiary received from the Russian departments 106.3 million rubles, of which more than 32 million rubles from the FSO. For this money, the company carried out major repairs of Yalta complexes. A small detail: the Belarusian "Trust No. 14" has a common telephone number with the Russian FSO of Crimea.

Services for the removal of solid domestic waste from state-owned houses and dachas is provided by LLC Alfater Krym (established in Yalta in 1997). It is a subsidiary of the German Veolia Umweltservice GmbH, operates in Poland, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. On the Yalta market of services, she entered in February 2014.

For the overhaul of heating networks and thermal mechanical equipment, LLC "Crimean Engineering Company" Energo-Alliance "undertakes. The company belongs to the president of the KUDO Federation of Crimea and Sevastopol and the regional public organization "Sport and Fitness Club of Martial Arts No. 1 of Sevastopol" Vladislav Podnebesnoy and Igor Kulikov. Until 2014, another Kulikova company, OOO Yuginkom, was engaged in servicing military towns and cooperated with the regional representative of Slavyanka (subordinate structure of the Russian Ministry of Defense) in Ukraine.

Heating, water supply and ventilation were also handled by the Moscow JSC Holdvent. Before that, the company worked with the FSO of Russia, carried out orders in military units in Gorki-9 and Sochi. One of the owners of the joint-stock company is Sergey Zaichikov. He owns the sports company OOO Vertikal, which Zaychikov created with Igor Tarelkin (military test paratrooper, is in the "Battle Brotherhood").

Repair of metal structures in Oliva is handled by OOO NPP Yugremholod. The company belongs to the former Ukrainian deputy Vitaly Osadchy. Since 2010, he was a member of the Committee for Innovation, Investment and Sustainable Development of the Public Council under the Sevastopol City Administration, the committee was listed as a representative of the public organization "Congress of Ukrainians of Sevastopol" - supporters of European integration, who wanted to sign an agreement on the association of Ukraine with the EU.

Repair of diesel generators and maintenance of electrical equipment on state quarters is performed by Etoile Crimea LLC. The owner of the company Anatoly Lubinetsky has so far concluded only two government contracts with the FSO for 1.5 million rubles. Crimean publications told how Lubinetskiy illegally landed on the southern coast of the Crimea, the withdrawal of which took place with the participation of armed guards.

LLC "Specialized repair and construction management" Sevastopolift "gets contracts for the maintenance of elevator facilities in Oliva and Katsiveli. Belongs to the company of Marina Loktionova, director - Igor Loktionov. In 2002-2005, Loktionov was deputy head of the Sevastopol city state administration for economic issues. After became the first deputy head of the Sevastopol city state administration. Now he is a member of the Intergovernmental Commission on the Basis of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. Igor Loktionov headed first the Sevastopol branch of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, and since 2014 the Regional Public Organization "Olympic Council of the City of Sevastopol".

The boiler houses in Oliva are serviced by Yalta LLC "Teplogaz". The company is managed by Maxim Arsenenko, and the owner is Józef Broniewski, acting councilor for housing and communal services of the Kharkov Regional State Administration of Ukraine. He also appears to be the head of the Kharkov Tekseks-Gaz LLC. "Teplogaz" has concluded 12 state contracts (eight of them from SOFSR FSO) for 8.3 million rubles.

Large orders went to the Moscow contractor, engaged in interior finishing of sports complexes in Oliva. Material for the basin bowl, furniture and accessories accessories for 308.2 million rubles was represented by LLC "Authors' Stone". During construction works, granite, marble and semiprecious stones are used.

Prior to that, the company was laying a marble winter garden in the Kremlin, facing the Moscow mosque with granite, and paving the central Olympic square in Sochi with labradorite. Owners of the "Author's Stone" belongs to the Crimean construction company LLC "Progress". Two owners of the companies Alexander Benckenstadt and Igor Felitsin are engaged in mining operations, for which they established the RGC in Moscow.

LLC "ITC Aquastroy" will have to work on the construction of the "Zarya" swimming pool, therapeutic baths, a Swiss circulating shower. For all this, the company will receive 139.4 million rubles. Special order "Aquastroy" has already performed in the state residence Novo-Ogarevo. The company belongs to Moscow businessmen Sergey Vein and Yuri Zubin.