Vladimir Putin asked to prepare the economy for war

With whom and when was going to fight the RF its president to clarify forgot.
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All large enterprises in Russia, including private ones, should be ready to switch to the production of military products and services for the needs of the army as soon as possible. This was stated on Wednesday by Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the leadership of the Defense Ministry and the military-industrial complex in the Kremlin.

The possibility of mobilizing civilian resources for military tasks was already being developed during the exercises "West 2017" that took place in September in Russia and Belarus, Putin said: the possibilities to ensure the army's needs "from local resources" were tested, the issues of transferring the motor vehicles to the Armed Forces and the technology of civil enterprises, as well as the organization of a technical cover for transport communications. "

This work has been carried out since 2015, but during the exercises, "certain shortcomings were revealed," Putin admitted: in order to eliminate them, "additional measures to increase mobilization readiness" are needed.

"The ability of the economy to rapidly increase the volume of defense products and services at the right time is one of the most important conditions for ensuring the military security of the state," the president said.

To this, according to him, not only strategic factories, but "all large enterprises, regardless of the form of ownership," should be ready.

Separately, it is necessary "to analyze the capabilities of defense enterprises to rapidly increase the volume of production of military products," the president said.

Recall, the national defense in 2017 allocated 2,876 trillion rubles to the national defense. This is 17% of the federal budget, or every sixth ruble spent by the state.

A year ago, amendments were prepared that allowed the Finance Ministry to redistribute 10% of the total federal budget for defense or law enforcement at any time - without voting in the State Duma, which is required by all other changes in the parameters of the treasury.

De-bureaucratize the process and simplify the procedure is necessary because of the changing geopolitical situation around Russia, it was said in the explanatory note to the bill.