Vladimir Putin broke with reality

The head of the Russian Federation did not believe the workers of the Far Eastern plant "Zvezda" that they have a real salary of 30-40 thousand rubles. According to the president, it should be 90 thousand rubles.
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Putin during a visit to the Zvezda enterprise in Primorsky Krai heard from the workers data on the average salary that did not coincide with the data of the personnel department. The transcript of the conversation from the Kremlin website was deleted shortly after the publication.

Vladimir Putin visited the shipbuilding complex Zvezda in Primorye and talked with local workers. During the conversation between the president and employees of the personnel department, the workers themselves dispersed in estimating the average salary at the enterprise. The video of the meeting is posted on the Kremlin website.

The Far East Zvezda plant is the leading enterprise for the repair of the Pacific Fleet submarines. In 2009, the shipyard built a new shipbuilding complex, to which Vladimir Putin arrived. At the new shipyard, the president took part in the laying of the Aframax class tanker St. Petersburg. Together with him at the ceremony was attended by the head of Rosneft Igor Sechin. After the solemn ceremony on the tanker Putin and Sechin went to the workers.

Initially, the Kremlin website also posted a transcript of communication between the head of state and employees of the company. However, as Novaya Gazeta noted, later the transcript of the conversation was deleted. Nevertheless, it was saved in Google's cache.

Putin approached the workers and addressed them: "Hello! How are you getting on? " How is it working? ". "Works fine, it's good," the president answered from the crowd. Putin asked a question about the salary of the woman facing him. She hesitated, said that she was "boss" and received 100 thousand rubles. "And what about the average enterprise? About 90 [thsd. rub.]? "Putin asked. At this time, from the crowd, they heard separate replies with objections: "No, you! 30-40 thousand, "- said the employee, who was behind the president.

These remarks from the crowd the president was surprised. "30-40 is like on the edge," the head of state noted. "I know that there is an average of 40 in the province." After a short pause, the woman who spoke with the president again intervened in the conversation: "The average, the personnel department says, is 70,000." "Well, the personnel department knows," Putin said.

After removing the transcript of the conversation with the workers on the Kremlin's website, the video record itself and the press service's message about the president's visit to the company have been preserved. "Vladimir Putin briefly communicated with the workers. The President noted the uniqueness of the shipbuilding complex under construction and the production projects implemented here. During the conversation, the head of state also pointed to the need for timely resolution of social issues related, in particular, to the construction of housing, kindergartens, schools in the region, "the conversation between the head of state and the workers was described in the message.

According to Rosstat, the average salary in Russia is 42.4 thousand rubles. The highest salaries, according to the statistical department, are paid in the northern regions and in Moscow: in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, Russians receive an average of 100.6 thousand rubles. per month; in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug - 98.4 thousand rubles; Moscow and the Magadan region were in the third place ranking - 82.4 thousand rubles.

At the same time, Rosstat recorded a wide range of wages across regions: in the Ivanovo region, at a distance of about 200 km from Moscow, the average salary is already 24.9 thousand rubles. The lowest level of the average salary in Russia was established in the Altai Territory (24,300 rubles) and in Karachay-Cherkessia (24,600 rubles).