Vladimir Yevtushenkov ordered a hit on Central Children's Store in Lubyanka

According to the information of an outlet called Resource Federation, the last scandal with fascist toy soldiers in the Central Children's Store on Lubyanka may have been allegedly stirred by the entities close to oligarch Vladimir Yevtushenkov.
In particular, we are talking about GC "Detsky Mir", which suddenly got in the face of EBM powerful competitor on the rich market of children's goods in Moscow. April 4 resource Federation shocked horrible news: almost a month before "our all" in the Central Children's store in Lubyanka another "wipes" found ... Otto Skorzeny.

The lieutenant colonel of internal troops Igor Anisimov came here to buy his son to the Victory Day figures of Soviet soldiers-winners. But instead he was greeted lined up as if on parade fascists ", - reported in the plot. Among the figures on the counter Anisimov learned obershturmbanfyurrera SS Otto Skorzeny, as well as the figure of the punitive feldzhandarmerii that the occupied territories destroyed the guerrillas.

Moscow Prosecutor's Office immediately made a criminal case on the fact of sale "busts and figures of soldiers and officers of Nazi Germany":

The case was brought by "extremist" article 282 of the Criminal Code - "inciting hatred and enmity, as well as the humiliation of a group of persons." The prosecutor's officeThey believe that plastic SS insult veterans.

For the "Nazi" soldiers started a real hunt:

Shop "Technology of Youth" sports complex "Olympic" temporarily suspended its work: hence the investigators seized a plane with Finnish swastika and other products with the same symbols, and in the homes of shopping guide businesses were searched.

Regarding the "toy" scandal not unsubscribed in Russia just lazy. Some mock gone mad "Putin mechanism" and on entering the stebutsya marasmus "guardians" and other broadcast seriously the need to "fight and to strengthen the foundations." No laughing matter, on the 70th anniversary of the nose, and kipezh reached the top - in the Russian Federation Ministry of Communications the whole commission of experts to combat the propaganda of Nazi symbols can be created. A small sample "of legal thinking," the head of the commission, Deputy Minister of Communications of the Russian Federation Alexei Volin :

The St. Basil's Cathedral onexample, the swastika is not going to clobber anyone. But if someone will paint it on the wall, explaining that character in that it is used in the painting of the Pokrovsky Cathedral, then that person should be hit in the face, not by appealing to the highest spiritual and aesthetic values.

Mr. Wolin in the 90s and 2000s taxied on the highest floors in the Russian state propaganda, ruthlessly chopping loot on public contracts, and official rank of this figure - State Councillor 1 class (something between Lieutenant General and Colonel General if translated into the army size). This is to ensure, in order to understand how many citizens, and brought other citizens, including television, to successfully use the approaching "celebration" and the overall intensity of patriotic hysteria.

Recall again that the unsubscribed about soldiers thousands of journalists and bloggers, not to mention the ordinary users of social networks, but few people noticed that the scandal began with <strong> Central Children's Store at the Lubyanka, which had just opened. The shop itself was under construction since 2008, the owner and the contractor of reconstruction - the company "Gals-Development" - methodically demolished almost all the old historical building of 8 billion rubles (about $ 270 million for the old money). March 31, 2015 the grand opening of EBM in the Lubyanka himself visited Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, whose entourage certified shop as magnificent, and "stunning."

And here on this joyful background for EBM owners begin to make bad things. For example, Tajik migrants in early April in the media claim that they allegedly underpaid at the "reconstruction" (let's call this sacrifice so Tadzhikstroya) building ... already 10 million rubles:

Migrant workers in the construction and reconstruction of the "Central Children's store in Lubyanka", not paid wages etc.ho a total of more than 10 million rubles., write "News" referring to the chairman of the All-Russian Public Movement "Tajik labor migrants" Karomat Sharipov.

Active veterans MIA offended in the shop of the famous bust of a saboteur, Otto Skorzeny, and EBM at Lubyanka gets totally malicious promotion, and in addition - a criminal case on the carnival 282 th article. As a result, the owner of the building - "Gals-Development" has to be justified . Reputational scandal "one of Europe's largest children's store" is available. In what may be its essence?

Trusting Soviet consumers are well aware of such a brand as the "Children's World", which existed in the kefir Zombilende from the end of the 40s of the last century. At Lubyanka in the 50's the building of the Central Children's World was built, which became the flagship of the eponymous retail chain . In the 90-e years literally dragged along on the ground picked up the brand structure of the Moscow oligarch Vladimir Yevtushenkov AFK "System" . Then he had infused quite remarkable by the standards of post-Soviet cash and Evtushenkova managers began to open in the hinterland of the Russian Federation, one after the other chain stores under the brand name "Children's World" . Now they account already exceeded 300.

The building of the Central Detsky Mir (he was formerly named) at the Lubyanka was on balance development structure of AFK "Sistema" - the company "Sistema-Hals" . It is this company started reconstruction of the historic building, but the crisis of 2008-2009 has hit her and she was to shake off the 2011 state bank VTB . At the same time it also gave Yevtushenkov State Bank and almost all of its expensive real estate projects. The calculation was clear. But abundant VTB financial shadowsthe developer did not withered, and even slowly began to evolve, changing its name to "Gals-Development".

As a result, now on the market of children's goods in Moscow and the Russian Federation is a real conflict reigns. There is a powerful trading network under the brand name "Children's World" (a group of companies GC "Detsky Mir"), controlled by AFK "System", which accounts for 10% of the market of children's goods in Russia (40 billion rubles from 400 billion "legal" turnover ). However, the key element - her former "all-union" Central store on Lubyanka, now belongs to the structure of the state bank VTB. State Bank not only coped with the costly "reconstruction", but also achieved good rates of attendance. Only during the first week of the EBM in April it was visited by more than 400 thousand people! This means that the EBM turnover for the period amounted to maybe a couple of hundred million rubles.

Perennial Evtushenkova efforts on building a unified brand, create impressive sales network of children's goods in Moscow and the Russian Federation, it turns out,go down the drain. After all, almost all Muscovites and visitors remembers and knows where the "Central Children's World" and ... well, do not go on Vozdvizhenka and the Lubyanka. Despite fierce resistance evtushenkovskoy GK many media generally unsophisticated write "Children's World on Lubyanka" (recall that VTB has no rights to this brand), which is why getting into a mess .

But this is a huge force of inertia, which is just not overcome. In addition, it is worth considering also that up to 40% of the off-line sales in the Russian Federation Civil Code gave it was Moscow , which is not less than 15 billion rubles in 2014 (total revenue in the year of the Civil Code clearly exceeded 40 billion rubles).

Put yourself in the place is now Vladimir Yevtushenkov, assess the situation and think about what threatens its trading network "Central Detsky Mir" on Lubyanka Square. It's not that late Otto Skorzeny and always "live" fascism in the course will, there should be competitors in n"Rub" standing. But whether it will turn out at the "Luzhkov's" tycoon (he was married to the sister of Elena Baturina , recall)?

"Bashneft" Yevtushenkov himself last year spent three months under house arrest and humiliating lost in favor of the state oil company. So it is possible that the patriotic "witch hunt" in the competitor does not give any bonuses Yevtushenkov but weak moral satisfaction.