Vnukovo vs. Sheremetyevo: will the disaster of Falcon accelerate the redistribution of the market for business aviation

Vnukovo works at its limit, while Sheremetyevo starts an active campaign to attract new customers. Who will win the competition for the premium segment of the market?
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October 20 there was a plane crash at Vnukovo - take-off, caught in snow machines crashed business jet Falcon 50. killed three crew members and passengers - CEO of French oil company Total Christophe de Margerie. He was regarded as a friend of Russia, I spoke out against sanctions. And this time, de Margerie flew to Moscow to perform at a private meeting of the Foreign Investment Advisory Council: "We are committed to Russia. We are ready to share all the best that we have. "

Plane crash caused a storm of emotions: not only that the business jet crashed (this segment of the aviation is the most secure), so also the status of the deceased passenger's what!

How is it that in the band suddenly left snowblower? Why is it no one saw? But flying from Vnukovo president.

Immediately matured version: and mythological (Russia Kronos devouring friends), and conspiracy (that he knew President Total, which no one was supposed to know?). The most emphatic was the Deputy Minister of Transport Valery Okulov Aviation: "Such carelessness that no words!" And then - a statement VladimIra Markina of the Investigative Committee, which allegedly was drunk snowthrower.

Further on different levels "flew head". Detained five - flight leader, manager trainee, a snowplow driver, engineer and manager of the aerodrome airfield services. SK has been indicted by the trainee - A young girl who just served instructor team and the manager of the aerodrome. Fired two Vnukovo top manager (but replace them have not yet found, and they continue to work).

Such reactions to the plane crash was never. Information glow subsided, but the story will end soon. The incident may be partly to speed up the redistribution of the market for business aviation in the Moscow aviation hub, which is already outlined. Vnukovo at the limit, while Sheremetyevo deploys an active campaign to attract new customers.

Crazy Vnukovo!

Vnukovo complex belongs to the category of airports, where the risks are laid historically: two intersecting bands, and as a result, the system tricky taxiways - is that we must steer to the platform, crossing the crossbar bands, tellinga pilot business jet. And yet - a very busy traffic, and different caliber: the commuter airlines and business jets, and board №1. Flight time or landing at Vnukovo - a rarity: it is always necessary to have in reserve at least half an hour. «Crazy Vnukovo!» - So often in the hearts say foreign pilots.

After the crash was publicly known about substandard locator - the so-called airfield review system. It only works in passive mode: the screen displays all objects airfield, up to humans and birds. To false labels do not occur, the locator must simultaneously operate with a passive mode and active. This requires a special antenna, but it is not.

Immediately the question arises: who is responsible for what in the airport?

First they hit the private owners Vnukovo who develop business aviation. Shear, they say, "cabbage", and round out what is happening.

Yes, this segment is very profitable - for individual services margin reaches 50%. But co-owner of Vnukovo Vitaly Vantsev clarified: the state is the owner of the airport [runway Posadalines or bands, taxiways, aprons, and so on.]

As for the radar, then it was bought by private money. "We are not experts in air traffic management (ATM), we specialize in the airport business. But seeing that in our airport there is no locator, we bought it and gave the state corporation ATM. They injected it into operation in February 2014. And at that time to the locator no complaints were not. What is asked for, then buy "- protected Vantsev.

Vantsev partners took up the business aviation in the late 1990s. Now Vnukovo-3 is one of the largest centers of business aviation in Europe. There relocated from Sheremetyevo private jets, Roman Abramovich, Alisher Usmanov and other Forbes list of participants. Especially own hangar was built for the huge liner Usmanov Airbus A340. Every day in Moscow flies about 120 business jets. In which airports the plane will land - decides passenger. The lion's share - around 70-80% - chooses Vnukovo, including customers of the operator of business jets Warren Buffett's NetJets.

Sheremetyevo yet Club

Gennady Timchenko 'congestionbeat "of a business aircraft at Sheremetyevo more than a decade ago, but the project of development of the co-owner of Gunvor in the former, it seems, did not reach the hands of all. In 2013, it was announced ambitious plans: to become a player №1, surpassing Vnukovo. "The number of aircraft in the Russian-owned for 15 years will triple. They are the same place where it is necessary to keep "- shared his optimistic forecasts Eugene Andrachnikov, then still the president of" Air Group ".

In 2014, the head of the company has changed, and there was an aggravating circumstance - the sanctions. However, the ambitions persisted. Previously, customers liked best Vnukovo, now there is no - there is getting crowded. Vnukovo has exhausted the potential for growth in business aviation, Vantsev admitted two years ago.

"Relocation is in full swing, and after the crash the traffic has doubled," - says manager Sheremetyevo.

With one of the operators of business jets, which fly to Vnukovo, negotiations on the transfer of flights in Sheremetyevo. Here - a good business terminal, the new Mission Control Centre, and the rates are lower than Vnukovo (possibly a weak argument for those who flyie in private jets). The problem with the frightening "traffic jams" at the entrance to Sheremetyevo is about to be solved. First, near the business terminal has a helipad - it will be possible to arrive at the airport with any outside Moscow dacha (will service "helicopter taxi"). Secondly, will soon open the first branch of the highway Moscow - St. Petersburg: exactly it is brought to the business terminal.

However, in the Sheremetyevo full swing large-scale reconstruction and passenger traffic of "Aeroflot" quite impressive (if a conflict arises?). But this is not the most important nuances. Vnukovo is quoted for the location - it is very close to Rublevki. For 15 years, Vnukovo-3 has developed the image of a private club - though not all are friends, but random with each other there.

Why should demonstrate their special status by using the right "the first parking" business jet fitted to the output terminal and walk to the foot of the ladder can be - just a few steps.

All this fun cost $ 1,500.

Perhaps it is on the "club" atmosphere and isSheremetyevo to work, to start luring two or three passengers status of business jets.