VTB CEO Andrei Kostin spends millions of dollars on his mistress

Journalist Naila Asker-zadeh reacted to the investigation of the Anti-Corruption Fund dedicated to her, comparing it with “native advertising”.
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VGTRK journalist Naila Asker-zade reacted to the investigation of the Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK), founded by opposition leader Alexei Navalny. “I ordered native advertising of my insta from one popular blogger. I didn’t think she would. Welcome new subscribers, ”she wrote on Instagram.

What is said in the FBK investigation about Nail Asker-zade

The FBK investigation published on Monday, in particular, claims that Asker-zade uses a Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft, which the fund estimated at $ 60 million, and a 62-meter SEA & US, valued at $ 62 million. The authors of the investigation stated that the plane the journalist flew for interviews in Grozny, Anapa and Vladivostok, as well as on other trips, information about which FBK found on her Instagram. The plane belongs to an offshore company whose owner is unknown, but in 2017 it was registered with the offshore company VL9762 Ltd, associated with VTB Bank, writes FBK with reference to the list of bank affiliates (link to download the file).

The SEA & US yacht is also offshore, says FBK. The investigation claims that Asker-zade regularly posts photos taken on the yacht on Instagram.

The authors of the investigation also found the name Asker-zade in the report of the New York Central Park for 2015: it is indicated in the list of sponsors who donated from $ 10,000 to $ 24,999 to the park.

What was previously known:

In the summer, in an interview with Tatler magazine, Asker-zade stated that the tax authorities are “in the know” of all her income. She also said that she invests in the stock market. “I enthusiastically studied how everything works in the stock market, while working in the print media. It was wildly interesting to try how it works in the mode of active bidding, active investment. Some companies organized free seminars. I went and finally got involved, ”she said.

In April, it became known that Roskomnadzor on VTB claims massively blocks links to texts that mention VTB President Andrei Kostin and Naila Asker-zade. Including the blocking came material from the Baza Telegram channel, which talked about apartments with an area of ​​155 square meters. m in the residential complex "New Ostozhenka" in the center of Moscow. Baza, citing Rosreestr’s data, wrote that VTB acquired these apartments in 2012, a year later they became the owner of an offshore registered in the British Virgin Islands, and in 2014, Asker Zade became the owner of the property under a contract of sale. Rosreestr confirmed to Vedomosti this information. Asker-zade herself told Tatler that she has a “big apartment” in Moscow. “I do not quite understand why everyone is so interested in my apartment. It seems to me that other public figures do not live at the station either. Although I do not consider myself a public person, ”she said.