VTB may buy two banks in Siberia and the Urals

State Bank resumed negotiations with Zapsibcombank, after assessing its price last spring.
VTB is negotiating the purchase of two regional banks - in Siberia and in the Urals, the president of the State Bank, Andrei Kostin: "We are working on them <...> probably more what we buy these banks, but the decision is not yet taken, but due diligence is already completed "(hereinafter citations for TASS).

In December Costin warned that VTB does not exclude the purchase of regional banks - "not great - healthy regional banks, those who do not have problems." Which banks VTB may buy, Kostin said not then, not now. President of retail, "VTB 24" Michael Zadornov in December of the same in an interview with "Vedomosti" adding that the group is interested in the business of sufficient scale to VTB was expedient to them to do: "We are not interested in banks outside the top 100, as efforts to work with them It is the same as with the Bank of the top-30. " In response to a question about the transaction with Zapsibcombank he said only that VTB analyzes all the opportunities in the market, but only VTB appreciated about 50 banks.

In the spring of 2016, VTB Group negotiated the purchase Zapsibkombank, told a person close to VTB Group, and financier, engaged in transactions M & A. Zapsibcombank - the largest in the Tyumen region, with assets of 105.5 billion rubles. he held 59 th place in the ranking of "Interfax-CEA" on 30 September. The bank's capital -. 12.35 billion rubles, the profit for the nine months - 797 million rubles.

Negotiations with Zapsibcombank suspended, but then resumed, said the financier, engaged in M ​​& A transactions. He knows that VTB arranges the asset and now is negotiating about the price. A person close to VTB Group, confirmed the resumption of negotiations with Zapsibcombank. According to him, VTB also analyzes SKB-Bank (Sverdlovsk region, 56th in terms of assets -.. "Vedomosti").

Zapsibkombank have a good network in Western Siberia, said the managing director of the bank ratings RAEX Stanislav Volkov, a large mortgage portfolio in the region, established links with local businesses that keep balances on bank accounts. Problem assets, the bank is, but many of them, he said. Zapsibcombank - one of the largest players in the region with a market share of 5-10%, and a variety of clients-individuals, to transactions which the bank receives including transactional revenues, said S & P analyst Roman Ribalkin. The credit portfolio of the bank -. 73 billion rubles, of which about 10% at mid-2016 was overdue or restructured internally, he concludes. In the current environment Zapsibcombank can be sold for 0.8 Capital believes Wolves: "Usually the sellers asking more - capital, but buyers are not ready to pay so much."

SKB-Bank focuses on retail clients in Ekaterinburg and the region, where he has a good market position, Fitch analyst Anton Lopatin. Its retail loan portfolio - 57.3 billion rubles. The last few years the bank had too heavy - significantly increased credit losses. retail bank before the crisis was guided by a fairly long-term loans (up to five years), and in the default crisis on such loans is growing significantly. In 2016 to 6% decreased loan losses (the first half), compared with 10% in 2015, but "still high, so the profitability of SCB is too weak."

Why VTB new banking assets, it is not clear wonders financier engaged in M ​​& A. A person close to the State Bank, explained that the group interested in the history of major retailers that would earn more. In the acute phase of the crisis, banks did not have to increase - reserves put pressure on capital, now the economy began to emerge from recession - banks can think about organic growth or acquisitions, Fitch's analyst Alexander Danilov said.

VTB representative said that negotiations are under way, but until their completion does not comment on the names of the banks and the possible transaction. Representatives of SKB-Bank, which owns a group of them "Sinara" and Zapsibkombank requests not answered.