VTB wants to mine gold

Joint venture of the bank and businessman Ibrahim Palankoev filed an application for participation in the auction for the sale of the license for the deposit Sukhoy Log.
Rosnedra has received the first application for participation in the auction for the Sukhoi Log deposit in the Irkutsk region with reserves of 1942 tons of gold (see. Incision). While two of them - from "SL gold" and "Gold Bodaibo", passed through the press service of Natural Resources Minister Sergei Donskoi. According to him, applicants will soon have to list a deposit equal to the starting price - at 8.55 billion rubles. each. Natural Resources Ministry spokesman added that other applications yet.

LLC "SL gold" - a joint venture "Rostec" and "Pole" from the data "SPARK-Interfax". The "Pole" in the company's controlling stake - 51%. The participation of this consortium was expected - sources close to "Rostec" and "Pole" has repeatedly stated its intention to companies jointly apply for Sukhoi Log. In what proportions bail was paid, representatives of state corporations and gold miner did not speak. Two main contenders, said in the summer of 2016 the Minister of Natural Resources Sergey Donskoy "Pole" and "Alrosa"

Ltd. "Gold Bodaibo" was established October 17, 2016 42% controlled VTB, 58% owned by Ibrahim Muhametovich Palankoev. Address "Gold Bodaibo" coincides with the address of the joint shaft construction company "Soyuzspezstroy". Palankoev - president of the company. According to "SPARK-Interfax", he is also the CEO of LLC "Acropolis-CM". This company is part of a group of "Acropolis", which is co-owned by Ahmed Muhametovich Palankoev. Until October 2016 he was a member of the Federation Council of Ingushetia. And together with the former owner of the "Pole" and the senator from Dagestan Suleiman Kerimov has invested 27 billion rubles. the development of the tourism cluster in the North Caucasus, reported on the website of the government of Ingushetia. Familiar Palankoev Ibrahim says Palankoev - relatives.

A quarter-century sale

At the beginning of the 1990s. "Lenzoloto" received a license for Sukhoi Log, but in 1998 the then Governor of the Irkutsk region Boris Govorin called her - because of the failure of the period of field development. In October 1999, the then Minister of Natural Resources Boris Jackiewicz said the auction, but then the words did not get. Since then, the government has repeatedly tried to find a mine owner, "Norilsk Nickel", "Basic Element", of Polymetal, "ALROSA», Barrick Gold, Placer Dome and Rio Tinto interested in a license for Sukhoi Log.

Another Palankoev - Musa in 2015 was the owner of 2,63% Polyus Gold. He is also a relative of Ibrahim Palankoev knows the source "Vedomosti".

Ibrahim Palankoev - a good leader, said his friend. He geek, well versed in the construction of mines, but how good it from the investor - is not known. "Soyuzspezstroy" engaged in construction of mines and shafts, including the company's customers - "ALROSA", "Norilsk Nickel", "Mechel". Chairman of the Board of Directors' Soyuzspetsstroya "Yuri Malyshev is part of the board of directors" Mechel ". Comment Palankoev decision to participate in the competition for the Sukhoi Log, he refused.

Is Now Connected Palankoev with Kerimov, representatives of the "Pole" (controlled by Kerimov Said son) and "Gold Bodaibo" refused to talk. VTB representative declined to comment.

New applicants for Sukhoi Log may still appear. Applications for participation in the auction are accepted until 28 December, the representative of the Ministry of Natural Resources reminds. Sami bids can pass on January 26 next year.

Interest in trading and Kinross showed Nordgold. In summer, Don said that intends to participate in the auction, "Alrosa". Company President Andrew Zharkov then it is denied. Yesterday the representative of the "Alrosa" said that while the company did not submit a request, and its strategy does not provide for the development of gold deposits.

However, to participate in the auction can only state-owned companies or consortia with their participation.

At this level of auctions usually involves not only the main contenders, but also the company, formally under the appropriate conditions of the auction, but the opportunity to win which is a multiple of smaller notes Director of Metallurgy and Mining Prosperity Capital Management Nick Sosnowski. The license for the deposit is now sold at the rate of $ 2 per ounce of reserves that cheap, even for land with no infrastructure, he said. In the market of transactions take place at the rate of $ 10-20 per ounce of reserves on poorly explored deposits without infrastructure, $ 30-50 - in the explored deposits with minimal infrastructure and $ 50-100 - at the fields where it is possible to start production quickly and inexpensively. Sosnowski sure that the starting price at the auction will increase.