VTB was paid with a SPA-salon

According to the decision of the London court, Pavel Skurikhin's property is being sold in Italy.
As the "Kommersant", the Russian businessman, founder of group of companies and the beneficiary SAHO Pavel Skurikhin may soon lose his Italian estate. London court previously sentenced the businessman to 16 months in prison for contempt of justice, allowed to sell its Italian assets - land and luxury SPA-center in Bologna. The money will be used to repay part of the debt of Mr. Skurikhina, did not return VTB bank about 1.8 billion rubles.

According to sources, "b", in Italy, began active operations with local asset Paul Skurikhina. First of all we are talking about a plot of 4.6 ha in the small town of Sasso Marconi Emilia-Romagna region, following the administrative center of Bologna. According to some reports, in this land Russian businessman intended to build a residential complex with a view to resale. He managed to pull down a house that once stood here, has received permission to build, but further plans did not get. Meanwhile, in December last year representatives of VTB filed in an English court, previously considered claimsBank Paul Skurikhina, the application for appointment of an interim administration in the company Pikeville Investments Ltd - one of the few firms that control assets of foreign businessman. Two months ago, VTB appeal was granted and the court appointed manager in this company with the right implementation of previously detected property in Italy - the site in Sasso Marconi and luxurious beauty salon owned by the wife of Mr. Skurikhina and located in the very Bologna. On the control to change the locks on the gates leading into the territory of the site last week. It is expected that in the near future land assessment will be carried out, after which it will be offered for sale. The same procedure and expects Bolognese SPA-Salon Paradis de Beautte. Money after the realization of the assets of both - and they are estimated at several million euros - will be used to repay debt to VTB Mr. Skurikhina. Get comments from the Paul Skurikhina "Y" yesterday failed.

As I told "Kommersant", the process of recovery of VTB debt through foreign courts began in February 2014. A number of companies belonging to SAHO group sexchili loans worth more than 1.4 billion rubles. VTB in 2007-2009. The money was to go to the development of one of the largest agricultural holdings, but in July 2010 the company ceased to serve its debts to VTB. Loans were provided including a personal guarantee of the founder and the beneficiary group SAHO Pavel Skurikhina companies. The Russian ships VTB received dozens of decisions on recovery of funds from it. At the time of his debt exceeds 1.797 billion rubles. Of these, more than 955 million account for the principal debt, and more than 841 million - the interest, fines and penalties.

However, even winning lawsuits to the owner, to collect the debt from the guarantor at home VTB could not, because his assets were abroad. Then the bank's lawyers and decided to appeal to the High Court in London to claim for recognition and enforcement in the United Kingdom Russian court decisions. English Court went against the Russian side - first solutions were found Russian vessels, then Paul Skurikhina assets have been frozen at the request around the world, with the exception of Russia itself, Belarus, China and Cuba. The court also ordered him to racesdigging information on all assets. However, neither the businessman nor his representatives were not in court. This was seen as contempt of court, and at the end of last year, Mr. Skurihin was sentenced to 16 months in prison. And it did not stop, and this spring, for the treatment of VTB, the Principality of Liechtenstein prosecutors opened a criminal case against Paul Skurikhina for falsifying evidence, misconduct in bankruptcy, fraud and concealment of property lenders. The reason is the suspicion that the entrepreneur engaged in the withdrawal of assets from the registered dwarf states Berenger Foundation Fund.

"The Bank will continue to defend its interests in the proceedings with Mr Skurihinym and its structures in court to repay the debt in full," - said "Kommersant" in the VTB.