Vyacheslav Kantor did not divide the chloralkium with Dmitry Mazepin

"Akron" sued "Uralkali": the companies disagreements on the contract for the supply of potassium
"Akron" and Dorogobuzh, controlled by him, filed a lawsuit against Uralkali on February 1 in the arbitration court of Permsky Krai, it follows from the base of court cases. Companies are asked by the court to resolve the disagreements that have arisen when concluding a contract for the supply of chlorculia. The Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia (FAS) is involved as a third party.

The essence of the disagreement of the company is not disclosed. A spokesman for Uralkali declined to comment. Representatives of Acron and FAS did not respond to Vedomosti's requests.

Aton analyst Andrei Lobazov suggests that the dispute may be related to Akron's desire to change the prices for purchased chlorcals. The five-year contract for the supply of chlorclylate between them ended in 2017, a new one was not concluded. Last year, Acron and Dorogobuzh used 600,000 tons of chloric acid to produce complex fertilizers.

Uralkali sells potassium in Russia as a monopolist on conditions of non-discriminatory access. According to the FAS recommendations until 2022, the prices set by the company for all consumers should not exceed the minimum export prices. The recommendations of the agency provide for the possibility of discounts for long-term contracts. The discount was $ 27 per ton. However, in 2018, Uralkali announced that the discount would be $ 13 per ton.

"Uralkali" for a long time was the only potassium producer in Russia, but in March Eurochem launched its own production. Acron also plans to start production: the company is implementing a project to build potash ore in the Perm region. In 2017 the production of potassium in Russia amounted to 7.2 million tons.