WADA refused to restore RUSAD in the rights

Russia has more and more chances to "fly" past the 2018 Olympics.
The expected decision not to restore the rights of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) adopted on Thursday in Seoul Council of founders of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). In the opinion of the participants of the meeting, RUSADA does not correspond to the organization code, as well as the national anti-doping agencies of Equatorial Guinea, Kuwait and Mauritius. At the same time, the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, the participation of the Russian national team in the Games-2018 with the restoration of RUSADA in rights does not connect.

The WADA Founders' Council at the meeting in Seoul on Thursday predictably decided not to restore the status of RUSADA, recognizing it as not in accordance with the organization's code. A similar decision was made with regard to the national anti-doping agencies of Equatorial Guinea, Kuwait and Mauritius. The head of the WADA Compliance Committee, Jonathan Taylor, noted that much work has been done to restore Rusada, but this is not enough. "Zhukov (President of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov .-" Kommersant ") urged us not to make RUSAD a hostage to these political demands. But, firstly, these are the terms of the road map, which the Russian authorities accepted. Secondly, the issue of closed cities is still in the process of solution, and while there is no full access. And, thirdly, most importantly, the question to you is that if RUSADA's past work was completely corrupt ... and you deny it, how can you guarantee that this will not happen again? "- Mr. Taylor's words" Sport Express".

"Honestly I can say, I'm sorry that all this is still going on, that the issue is still not resolved. But we must respect the recommendation that was received by the founders' council, "the head of WADA Craig Reedy quoted the media as saying.

According to the press service of WADA, ROSADA can be reinstated before the next meeting of the Founders' Council, which will be held in May.

As previously reported to Kommersant, the main requirements of WADA for the restoration of RUSADA's rights were the fulfillment of two conditions. The first is to provide access to samples from the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory sealed within the framework of an open criminal investigation file. The second is public acknowledgment of the conclusions contained in the report of Richard McLaren. In the investigation of the independent WADA commission under the leadership of Richard McLaren, there was talk about the existence in Russia of state support for the allegedly existing doping program. President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on November 9 once again refuted this thesis.

Commenting on the decision of WADA, Alexander Zhukov said that the compliance committee artificially invented the reasons not to restore RUSADA. The President of the ROC believes that the reproach against the Russian organization is an anecdote. In addition, Mr. Zhukov said that the WADA decision will not prevent Russian athletes from participating in any competitions and should not be tied to the forthcoming decision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The president of the Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC), Vladimir Lukin, also called for not making premature conclusions about the prospects for the restoration of the organization in the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) in connection with the decision of the anti-doping agency.

The head of the IOC, Thomas Bach, told The New York Times that the participation of the Russian national team in the Games-2018 is not connected with the issue of restoring RUSAD in rights, and he does not see any problems with granting the Russian national team the right to start in Pyeongchang, even if it is not recovered. "I think everyone would like RUSADA to work at full capacity," said Thomas Bach. "It's necessary to punish the past for the past, but now it's about the future, and these are two different things." However, Mr. Bach claims that he did not know that for the International Paralympic Committee the issue of RUSADA's compliance with the WADA code is key to restoring the membership of the RCC.

"WADA acknowledged that Russia has accomplished a tremendous amount of work to reform the anti-doping system in sport. This progress is obvious to everyone, "Pavel Kolobkov told Kommersant." We still have to work, but we are determined to defend our rightness and fight. For the first time in three years we spoke at the WADA executive committee. All the responsible people heard our argument. We believe that Russia has fulfilled all the criteria for the restoration of the Russian anti-doping agency, which depended on us and were spelled out in the road map. We applied to each of the members of the executive committee, they have known each other for many years. Among them are the presidents of federations, with whom we have repeatedly held international tournaments. Listened to us very carefully. I want to emphasize that the non-restoration of RUSAD does not in any way affect the participation or non-participation of the Russian team at the Olympics in Pyeongchang. The founders' council, like us, believes that net athletes should take part in the Olympics. All our athletes for the past two years have been tested by foreign anti-doping organizations. The percentage of positive samples last year was 0.6% and 0.4% in this. This is much less than in other countries. We will continue our work in the field of anti-doping, RUSADA will remain a completely independent agency. We will fight for our athletes, for Russian sports - I guarantee both the Minister of Sport, and as an athlete, as an Olympic champion, "the Minister of Sport promised.

He also suggested that the decision of the WADA Founders' Council was made in advance. Mr. Kolobkov believes that the main judge was Jonathan Taylor, and not the leadership of the organization. According to him, decisions should be made by other people. "Russia is a country that deserves a different attitude, rather than a similar trial performed by Taylor," Tass quoted Mr. Kolobkov as saying. The minister also rejected Mr. Taylor's accusation of not meeting the requirement to prevent the commission from entering the closed cities and confirmed that WADA will be transferred from the Moscow anti-doping laboratory after the federal investigation into the doping test.

RUSADA General Director Yuri Hanus told TASS that the WADA decision will not affect the further work of RUSADA. "The most important thing for us is to preserve functionality. The results of the WADA audit and the adjustment of our actions, taking into account the proposals of the verification party, are the basis for further work of RUSAD and our strategy for the future. Our organization has a normal working environment, all are determined to move on. Now the budget is being developed for the next year, an action plan is being developed. We are now focused on further work, "he said.

The fact that Russia is trying to cooperate with WADA on a conscientious basis, but the dialogue is often conducted in different languages, TASS said Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko. "The regulation is valid from the date of creation of WADA. There it is described how samples are taken: in the presence of doping officers, the sample is tightly closed, sent for inspection, then it is checked, then it is sealed and taken out. Claims in manipulation no longer stand criticism, "Mr. Mutko said." We need to interview specific chaperones and doping control inspectors, about 70 of them worked there. Then they are accomplices? "Regarding the restoration of the PCR, the vice-premier promised to support all the athletes, the purity of which is full of confidence. "We will support all athletes, in which we are sure, we will support," he said. "Decisions on them are not taken personally, which contradicts all international norms. But talking about alternative games is premature. While it is necessary to work well with lawyers and try to clarify the entire situation, there is still time. "

Before the announcement of the decision of the WADA Founders' Council in Seoul, a meeting was held, the participants of which listened, among other things, to arguments from Russia. During the meeting, Alexander Zhukov admitted that the Russian anti-doping system failed, however, according to him, the state is not involved in this. According to him, the process of reforming RUSADA was completely completed. Mr. Zhukov proposed to the international organization to begin cooperating with the Investigative Committee of Russia (RKD), which investigates doping violations. However, Jonathan Taylor replied to the president of the ROC that he is confident of involvement in the manipulations with the doping tests of the Ministry of Sport and the FSB.

Mr. Zhukov also noted in his speech that full recognition of the report of the independent WADA commission on cases of doping violations in Russian sports is impossible. The committee's conclusions, led by Richard McClaren, she claimed that there was a system of concealing and encouraging violations related to the use of illicit drugs and techniques in Russian sports, were presented in a report issued late last year.

Recall, RUSADA suspended activities after in November 2015 an independent commission WADA accused Russia of numerous violations of anti-doping rules.

In July 2016, the IOC set up two commissions to study the investigation data of the Richard McLaren Commission on doping in Russian sports. The first, under the leadership of Denis Oswald, is involved in the rechecking of the doping samples of the participants in the Games-2014, the second is the IOC Special Commission under the leadership of Samuel Schmid - investigating the involvement of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation in the possible concealment of doping violations of Russians. Based on the results of decisions of the commissions, the IOC executive committee will decide on December 5 on the participation of the Russian team at the 2018 Olympics, and on December 22 - in the Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang.