"Walking to Sheremetyevo": what caused the introduction of payment on the highway M11

On November 23m M11 highway section from the 15th to the 58th km became payable. On the first day of the highway operator, SZKK, had to raise the toll bar instead of raising money: the highway was jam-packed. 
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Toll road

Paid mode in the area from 15 th to 58 th km of motorway M11 "Moscow - St. Petersburg" (by Businovskaya transport interchange at the Moscow Ring Road to the town of Solnechnogorsk) had to earn on July 1, but the start-up mode, toll collection was transferred several times. November 23 track yet become chargeable, but on the same day operator of the site, a joint venture "Mostotrest" and French Vinci is "North-West Concession Company" (SZKK), was forced to open the barriers at locations toll collection: there is a traffic jam in the direction of Sheremetyevo .

SZKK representative explained, "Interfax": cars have accumulated, because users pay manually, without the use of transponders (devices for contactless fare collection). "We went to meet the people who might be late for the flight at Sheremetyevo, - quotes the representative of the" Interfax "the company. "Barriers have been opened for a short time due to congestion and the cars passed for free, but the amount of data is not", - the representative SZKK RBC said.

The dispute over tariff

Initially, preIt assumed that the maximum cost of travel from Moscow to Zelenograd for passenger cars will be 500 rubles, for the Fur -. 1.2 thousand rubles.. However, opposed by carriers and locals. Then SZKK introduced a system of discounts for drivers who frequently use the road: setting the transponder, which allows you to make payments remotely, they can enjoy a discount of 20-70% depending on the amount and frequency of trips. Size discount fare depends on the number of trips from 1 to 20 trips and 50 travel along the route chosen will receive a discount of 20% per month of 21 to 30 trips per month - 50%, from 31 to 44 trips - 60% by 44 to 50 trips - 70%.

Cork Airport in the direction of a length of 2 km from the toll fare, according to eyewitness reports on Twitter and Instagram social networks already formed at 09:20. Some drivers stood for more than an hour, trying to pay the fare.

During the day, users can share photos on social networks of paid checks and traffic jams on the map hashtag "M11". M11 Motorway Twitter users mentioned at least 150 times, search engine data in social copperTopsy.

"M11 - PEREplatnaya track! From Zelenograd to Moscow only 400 rubles))) of Solnechnogorsk - only 600! Just like that, and I want to say thank you in the face of a man who claimed these rates !!! "- unhappy with the user Instagram @alexeybaykov (punctuation and spelling of the author saved). In the morning @vasilisax I wrote in Instagram: «try out the # M11: 150 rubles. from Zelenograd to SVO, 30 minutes stood at the congress of 4 working terminal. My dream to live in Istria are crumbling. "

"Introduced fare. Now is everything! Here and there! The main thing is the choice you want - stand in a traffic jam for free, and you want - stand in a traffic jam for 600! Everything for the people! # M11 "- ironically actor Denis Kosjakov (@kosyakovdg).

Instagram Users also wrote that many of the taxi passengers leave the car and try to get to the airport on foot. This was reported as motorists in the air of the radio "Moscow speaking". According to them, some taxi drivers refused to drive November 23 people at the airport.

"Unusual traffic jams"

According to the analyst, "Yandex" Leonid Mednikov service, on the road to the M11 toll today Observedwere "unusual traffic jams." "In the morning I formed a small traffic jam at the toll on the section from Sheremetyevo to Moscow. The peak load was observed from 9 to 10 am - motorists lose an average of about 8 minutes - but by 11 hours the situation stabilized, "- said Mednikov. Until today, the difficulties in this area was not observed, he added.

The really serious jams formed on the Leningrad highway, because a significant part of motorists prefer a free alternative to the M11, the expert explains. In the morning rush hour traffic jam grew to Moscow Ring Road in front: according Mednikova drivers lost it by an average of 40 minutes more than the usual congestion in this area.

"At the same time serious and complicated movement in the direction of the field: the plug before turning on Sheremetyevo stretched by more than 5 km and robbed drivers extra 30 minutes," - said Mednikov RBC. According to him, the final findings do early, especially on Monday traffic situation in Moscow in morning rush hour on the whole was significantly worse than usual because of the icy conditions: the maximum utilization reached 7 points, up 1-2 points more than usual. "Over time, motorists stream can be distributed differently than in the first day of the introduction of fees for travel expenses. In any case, traffic jams on the Leningrad highway will be more visible than in recent months, when M11 trail running in free mode ", - says the analyst of" Yandex ". At the beginning of the year, when the new route worked in free mode, the traffic on the Leningrad Highway in the direction of Moscow fell: passenger cars was 28% lower, and bolshegruzov - 19% - on Monday, all these cars back on the old track.

The head of the press service of the State Unitary Enterprise "Mosgortrans" Maria Rybkin told RBC that on November 23 on the route express bus №400E (from Zelenograd to the metro station "River Station") observed difficulties due to transportation congestion along the route (the bus goes, in particular, by M11 highway). "The maximum lag from the usual schedule was 10 minutes", - Rybkin said.

At 18:00 "Yandex" reported in your account on Twitter, that the Leningrad highway fell into both withTorons: "At peak hours the loss in traffic increased by more than half an hour."

"In the case of traffic jams on the M11 played by the human factor," - said RBC's press secretary SZKK Oleg Zavyalov. According to him, the road was designed taking into account the large avtopotoka and locks on it enough. "We need to make allowances for the first day - he says. - Users need time to adjust - in Russia not so many toll roads. " During the day, he was unable to inform RBC how many cars have already benefited from toll stations, noting that the figures appear later. "Negative comments are based on emotions", - said Zavyalov. He added that soon more drivers will use transponders, and thus pass on a dedicated lane and to save time for payment.

The road difficult destiny

The first section of toll road Moscow - St. Petersburg from Moscow to Solnechnogorsk (15-58 km) has become one of the first toll roads in Russia, the government contested by private investors (the second was the departure from Moscow to Minsk highway to bypass Odintsovin). The contest was announced in early 2008.

For concession fought three participants - North-West Concession Company (SZKK, a consortium of the Russian group "N-Trans" and Vinci French construction company), "Capital tract '(a consortium of construction companies led by controlled co-owner of bank" Russia "Yuri Kovalchuk UK" Leader ") and the company AERU Highway, representing the interests of the Turkish construction company Enka. However, Enka structure was deselected by the competitive commission is still in the preliminary selection. To participate in the competition, and at first was going to "Transstroi", a member of "Basic Element" Oleg Deripaska, but the application did not serve.

The winner of the competition in August 2008 was declared SZKK. One of the decisive advantages of its application was then a lower fare - an average of 3.6 rubles. per kilometer against 4.5 rubles. competitor, wrote "Kommersant" newspaper. The cost of construction of the road at the conclusion of the agreement was estimated at 63.4 billion rubles. (Of which 23 bln. Was allocated from the federal budget), later estimates rose to 72 billion rubles.

Construction, which is expected to be completed in 2.5 years, was due to begin in 2010, but against him made by environmental activists who protested against the fact that the route passed through the Khimki forest. To continue the construction required the intervention of the then presidency of Dmitry Medvedev. During the conflict with environmentalists in SZKK replaced by one of the owners: the shareholders belonging to the group "N-Trans" 50% of the shares bought back structure businessman Arkady Rotenberg, who had recently become a co-owner of one of the largest Russian infrastructure construction companies, "Mostotrest". Now it is the "Mostotrest" owns 50% SZKK (the rest remains in the French Vinci).

In 2011, work was resumed. In December 2014 the site was opened. The fare on the route varies depending on the length of the route, the vehicle category, time, direction and travel payment method. For car travel from Moscow to Sheremetyevo-2 is from 80 to 250 rubles. And the entire area to Solarogorska will cost from 120 to 750 rubles. depending on the time of movement. Fare should start to charge from July 2015, but the state company "Avtodor", which manages toll roads in Russia could not agree with SZKK rate. "Avtodor" explained the need to transfer "final approval fares on this site and system of discounts."