"We are in the deal, and there will be no steps back"

Co-owner of "Siberia" Vladislav Filev talks about the fate of "Transaero".
Recently, shareholders Siberia Airlines' »(S7) unexpectedly for the state and the market participants involved in the fighting around the rapidly falling" Transaero ", promising to buy it. The deal in place, despite the risk of revocation of the operator "Transaero". Why was such a decision, on whose support the buyer expects and that's going to do with the fact bankrupt carrier, "Kommersant" said co-owner of "Siberia" Vladislav Filev.

- Why did you decide to buy "Transaero"? The situation is a stalemate in the company, with its current shareholders wife Olga and Alexander Pleshakov you never were friends ... This is not the idea of the creditors?

- To deal pushed us from many sides, and I resisted for a long time. Yes, there is a lot of information about some banks, interested parties - and it is not about the Savings Bank - who would like to S7 joined the process, but we categorically refused. Pleshakov can love, but you can not love them. But it is undeniable that they have created the first private airline in the country, and it was a breakthrough. Their high lobbytskie opportunity to make a real liberalization of the market, and it is also an essential merit of family-Pleshakov anodyne (Tatiana Anodina - Pleshakova mother of Alexander, the head of the Interstate Aviation komiteta.- "b"). The presence in the park "Transaero" long-haul Boeing 747 created the possibility of cheap transportation. Yes, of course, Pleshakova made many mistakes and finally brought the company to a very serious condition. But it is impossible to represent the family only in black colors, it really done a lot for the industry.

- On Saturday and Sunday I woke up at half past three in the night and said to his wife: "We climb into this mess." Then we collected aksakals airline business and decided to see how they look on such a decision.

- With whom you directly consulted?

- With former aviation officials who have retained influence in the industry and, of course, great professionals and devoted to aviation. We are talking about Vladimir Tasune (head of the Association of Air Operators transporta.- "b") and Gennady Zaitsev, who was of Directorsrom the Federal Aviation Service of Russia (currently Rosaviatsiya.- "b") and once appointed me to the position (in March 1998 Vladislav Filev became CEO of the airline "Siberia" .- "b"). With both my associates twenty years' history.

We have come to believe that if the "Transaero" in torment will go nowhere, it is uniquely bad and wrong direction for the industry and for the country. We are in a situation where there is no clear strategy of development of aviation. The general trend is moving towards business consolidation. We see this in the oil industry, and the same may happen in aviation. So we get in the way of the state machine and trying to wave to her, to give the signal "go there do not need to." The significance of "Aeroflot" for the country is very high, but that does not mean that you should only save it. Rather, to save someone else.

- What was the reaction Pleshakova wife to such a proposal?

- When they realized that it is possible to save the company and avoid a monopoly, it is positive.

- What you risk by agreeing to a deal?
- For us, indeed there are certain risks. The "Transaero" a lot of debt. We offered to take from the state banks VTB and VEB fleet "Transaero" and promise that these aircraft will bring them to a positive cash flow. But we do not promise to be able to earn enough to cover all the costs of banks. We can not afford to maintain a commercial debt, which is now "Transaero". But we are ready to give a portion of their shares in payment of commercial debt to banks, earning a profit for them to share cost real money. There is only one key condition: we are not ready to the fact that our share of "Transaero" will have less control.

- What is the stake now there is a family Pleshakov?

- I can not reveal this information, but it is a fraction of at least 51%. We are in the process of extending property. We are in the transaction, and no steps back does not.

- But in a few days it will be forfeited operator certificate that then get S7 «Transaero"?

- Headache and nothing else. In fact, I expect that pukovoditeli still be able to see an alternative route other than consolidation in the industry and the nationalization of the economy. Changes can still occur. Now do not go talking about our airline, let a good, organized, successful, profitable, money. Any business, even the most powerful, even weaker than the weakest state, and especially such a strong as ours. Of course, it is the state are now calls the tune. But we hope that our allies will be the biggest state-owned banks - VTB and VEB.

- Who else is ready to support you?

- I hope that the ally could also be the head of the "Rostec" Sergei Chemezov, who always said that there should be several major airlines.

- Such an overreaction of the state as an urgent review of the certificate of the operator, became a surprise to you?

- We understand that there is a power vertical, senior commanders approve something, harmonious mechanism is starting to perform well. I look at understanding what makes the Ministry of Transport and the Federal Air Transport Agency. Who does not make sense obsuwait for the feasibility of revocation of the certificate, because this decision in the hands of the state. If it is implemented, the aircraft will follow the approved way. "Aeroflot" group will become a monopolist on international scheduled routes from Moscow will take more than 80% market share in domestic - more than 60%.

But until the certificate is not revoked, the decision on the transfer of "Aeroflot" route is not valid. All officials have made statements, but no one has yet seen the documents. Point of no return comes after the certificate will be revoked.

- Do the officials and "Aeroflot" had other calculations - not more than 50% of the market. Even linear summation passenger "Aeroflot" and "Transaero" does not exceed this share. Location estimation in 80%?

- We are talking about directions, rather than on the number of passengers from Moscow. Will only four international routes from Moscow, except the CIS, where there is competition. In general, the market - more than 60% of passengers on international flights will transport a group of "Aeroflot".

- Cancellations certifikat will mean cancellation of the transaction?

- No, the deal still held, we gave the word, and have already signed up.

- And what are your next steps?

- We have invested very little money in the business shares. While we are in the process of coming into law. Once we obtain the extract from the registry that are owned, will convene a meeting of shareholders, the Board of Directors will elect, appoint and approve the CEO.

The head of one of the state-owned banks-creditors "Transaero" has recently asked me: "You do realize that the company belongs to the creditors?" Of course, I understand. We will issue shares, conduct all the procedures, but if all goes according to the scenario of bankruptcy, the next week the company will have external control.

We now act as mercenaries and express their opinions, not from an economic and from citizenship. Yesterday we were in the expert management of the presidential administration. I was told there: "We understand your citizenship, but we do not understand the business logic." In this position, there is no business logic. Exactlyso we were not involved in this process from the outset. When the Soviet Union collapsed, I spoke to his father, a staunch Communist, "Look, you did it himself with his own hands, you do not blame on someone." Now I'm the same age as my father, and I have done and am doing the country with their own hands. In which country my children will live? I want to continue to live here. Yes, it's not business position.

- "Siberia" and "Globe" in any case, will be combined with "Transaero"?

- Only if the certificate has not been taken away. And this option is still possible point of no return has not been passed.

- Part of the creditors, "Transaero" complained of the current director general of the carrier, a native of "Aeroflot", Dmitry Saprykin. What do you think of his work?

- With respect to Mr. Saprykin much remains unclear. I will explain: the average cost passazhirosegmenta on the market right now is 7 thousand rubles.. If "Aeroflot" transported 1.6 million passengers, its costs amount to approximately 10-11 billion rubles. But, according to some information, the company paid only directThe expenses, which make up about half of that amount. In addition, "Aeroflot" not paying taxes "Transaero" or lease payments. According to my estimates, "Aeroflot" had to spend 5.5 billion rubles., And not more. It is not clear where did the other articulated figures (it is, in particular, about 17 billion rub.- "b"). In addition, in September, "Transaero" was supposed to receive some revenue, and she was supposed to go somewhere. So, too, it is necessary to subtract from "Aeroflot" costs. You can easily calculate how many received "Transaero" a week before the arrival of Dmitry Saprykin for the post of the General Director: take 5.5 billion rubles. and take the average weekly earnings, and then we will know how many actually spent "Aeroflot" - about 2 billion rubles.

- But "Aeroflot" has organized the smooth transportation of "Transaero" passengers?

- Yes, I must pay tribute to the "Aeroflot", it is all well organized and fully justifies the title of the national carrier. But I do not think that in the event of a change of shareholders and management "Transaero" company will stop obslpassengers get on. As aviation chief, I will say that we have always carried passengers, regardless of what happened with other airlines. But if earlier strategy of conveying passengers determined the Ministry of Transport, now the "Aeroflot" simply would not allow anyone else to participate. We covered a tail - on "Aeroflot" got booked places closed to them for sale. In the end, we moved a couple of thousand people, quite a bit.

- How do you assess the consequences for the market if the business of "Transaero", in fact, go to the "Aeroflot"?

- From the perspective of liberalization of aviation relations in the market we will throw in the Soviet "Aeroflot", but it is not only in aviation. "Siberia" is now acting as a hired soldier, because of the conflict, there are three sides.

Money paid Sberbank, VEB and VTB financed aircraft leasing, commercial banks - operations "Transaero". In the First World was the Holy Alliance, which brought together Russia, Prussia and Austria. It is obvious that "Aeroflot" is trying to remove all ryka and left alone. At the same time, Sberbank, bankrupt "Transaero", just removes his competitors among the smaller banks. Because a large number of banks in bankruptcy "Transaero" impossible task and, in fact, mean their death.

Simultaneously, de-liberalization of aviation and banking sectors. This is what I did not like most of all in this situation. From the perspective of business and their companies and Sberbank "Aeroflot" doing the right thing. Probably, and I did the right thing with respect to the company, when he wanted to sit. But the problem is that now we do together the country in which then do not want to live. I have lived in the country in which one was "Aeroflot" and I did not like it. But now it turns out that we ourselves make the country worse, and this is exactly because of what we have decided to take this step. "Transaero" will go anyway into oblivion. Now hanging in the balance - will be competition in the banking and the aviation sector or not. "Blessed is he who visited this world in his fateful minutes," as stated in the well-known poems.

- Perhaps now clearlyBL should raise the issue of redistribution of payments to foreign airlines for overflight on Trans-Siberian routes "Aeroflot" in favor of other players in the Russian aviation market?

- "Aeroflot" is really a very big company, and very professional. It uses a number of public rights, including the notorious royalty. But I believe that neither the general director of "Aeroflot" Vitaly Saveliev, Deputy Minister of Transport nor Valery Okulov (previously headed the "Aeroflot" .- "b") did not create a system of payment for overflights by Trans-Siberian Railway. Royalty - is the property of the country that should she be. You can not alter this format because it is similar to the oil rent. This scheme is easy to destroy, but to recreate the back is almost impossible. "Aeroflot" should continue to use this format.

- But it is clear that airlines, including "Siberia", are at a disadvantage?

- I agree. Of course, it would be better, to the benefits that accrue to "Aeroflot", used to combat exteshnimi enemies, rather than internal. But the country in any case can not take such a big foreign exchange earnings, it is not in such good condition. After all, only Lufthansa, for example, pays tens of millions of euros per year. I just explain, as it is now for me looks like this situation. Ideally, in my opinion, that in each of Moscow's airports would be based more federal company. But there is a solution for the state.

- What are the consequences of bankruptcy would have "Transaero"?

- Airline bankruptcy - something very difficult. Its transfer to the bankruptcy regime will lead to the fact that the park will be stopped for a long time. The owners of aircraft in terror waiting for the moment when the company falls into bankruptcy because of it is simply impossible to "pull" the aircraft. At Domodedovo still stand airplanes Alliance Air Union, of which leasing companies have not had time to return to bankruptcy. Moving the company into bankruptcy means that banks will have to fix the loss of almost the full cost of the aircraft. Once the process is complete, these aircraft will cost no more than the metalscrap, since in the absence of their flight resource is constantly and steadily decline. Aircraft that are now left in the banks, in fact, remained without a certificate. Aircraft "Transaero" were mainly in financial leasing. So, some of the payments for aircraft owned by "Transaero", so some of them fall into the bankruptcy estate in bankruptcy. The fleet will not fly, yet will the bankruptcy proceedings. So now the bankers said that if the state takes the certificate of "Transaero", then fill the bank accounts of the same amount - no place to fly airplanes, the losses are growing. But this is a great game for large people.

- Who can become the new general director of "Transaero"?

- The idea of ​​banks was to appoint a manager of its human communities, but we are categorically opposed to a company headed by a person who is not able to provide the level of safety.

- What will happen to "Transaero" staff?

- With the departure of "Transaero" most precious resource -flight and technical staff, which is very high demand, will fly to other countries, which is very disappointing. Now we take the work of engineers from "Transaero".

Vladislav Filev F.

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In 1985-1993 he served in the position of a military engineer in the Strategic Missile Forces. From 1993 to 1996 he worked as deputy director of the plant ZAO "Metallist". In April 1996, he headed "Eurofinances-Novosibirsk" investment company's board of directors, he became Deputy Director of JSC "BoguchanGESstroy" in October of the same year. In December 1997 he was elected chairman of "Siberia" Airlines board of directors in March 1998, he became CEO of the company. General Director of "Vnukovo Airlines" is open from June to August 1999 concurrently. In 2005, S7 Group of companies was established on the basis of "Siberia" airline, in which Mr Filev holds the position of CEO.
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