What do the sons of businessmen from the Putin's inner circle do

Sanctions against the fathers help the children.
How is the new echelon of business

Son Nicholas Shamalova - Deputy Chairman of the Board of "Sibur" Cyril Shamalov in September 2014, bought 17% of "Sibur" the businessman Gennady Timchenko, who, like his father Shamalova, was under sanctions this year. As a result, the share of Cyril Shamalova in "Sibur" rose to 21.3%. Timchenko have remained 15.3%. Familiar Shamalova denies that it was a reaction to the sanctions. "It could be a reaction if Timchenko sold part of its stake to someone else, and not Shamalova, whose father is also under sanctions", - he explains.

"The main shareholders in recent years gradually sold to current and former members of the board of a substantial part of its share, thereby assessing the significant contribution of management in the company's growth. This transaction is in general the logic of engaging management in equity. Other minority shareholders also considered the acquisition of this package "- says the deal a person close to the" Sibur ".

Caught under sanctions Arkady Rotenberg sold the company to his son Igor & laquo; Gazprom drilling ". On this sale Arkady Rotenberg said in an interview to "Interfax" in October 2014. In 2011 he bought "Gazprom drilling" from "Gazprom" 4 bln. For three years more than 13 billion rubles have been invested in the modernization of the company., Said the representative of the Rothenberg. Hence, the sale of "Gazprom drilling" price of the company could increase to 17-18 billion rubles., Says chief investment officer of the Criminal Code "Univer Capital" Dmitry Alexandrov. Igor Rotenberg bought his father's assets on its own and borrowed money, explaining Rothenberg, senior, stressing that "basically there own Igor funds received from the sale of shares in" Stroygazmontazh "(SGM), company dividends (SGM," Gazprom drilling "," Mostotrest ")," as well as income from investments in other projects. "

Business run by the son of Boris Rotenberg novel, almost hit by Russian sanctions imposed in response to Western. The list of products that the supply of the EU, the US, Australia, Canada, Norway, Russia banned in August 2014, were biologically active additives (BAA) and sports nutrition. rumMr. Rothenberg is the CEO of the manufacturer and the seller, "Dr. sport" sports nutrition (operates under the brand Vitawin). The only owner of the company "Dr. sport" - fell under the sanctions "SMP Bank" Arkady and Boris Rotenberg. Vitawin - one of the largest players in the Russian market of sports nutrition, has previously noted the general director of the agency «Infoline-analyst" Mikhail Burmistrov. Roman Rotenberg hoped that the government would exclude from the list of sports nutrition antisanktsy "in view of its relevance and importance for athletes." In part, this happened. By the end of August, Russia has excluded from the sanctions list a number of products, including dietary supplements and partly - sports nutrition.

Why is better in London

The Russian government encourages businessmen to return home from the offshore jurisdictions, changing tax rules and stressing patriotism. Does it impact on Andrei Yakunin? Looks like no.

"I am not a tax resident in Russia for the past five years, and my investors, so if the legislation will primenyatsI as it is now written, the consequences would be for us to zero ", - he says.

"Recently, I participated in a conference in which Anatoly Chubais spoke. If the initiatives it proposes the formation of a tax field for investment partnerships, will be taken, then no one will need to drag and forced to return. We all come running themselves. Migration of the Russian private equity in those jurisdictions that are effective, there is a constant "- continues Yakunin.

For any commercial transaction jurisdiction of choice is determined by three things: the security of this transaction, the possibility of judicial dispute resolution and tax efficiency, he explains, investors must believe that structuring within the framework of Russian law and Russian court protects their interests are not worse than English law and English court.

On talk of non-patriotism Yakunin, responds as follows: "Take the well-known company that is" a little "gas trades. In some jurisdictions it has structured placement of bonds in order to attract debt financing in the currency? The one that is understandablefinancial market, but which is not applicable Russian law and Russian courts. What it is now permissible to say that it is unpatriotic company? Hardly ... As you know, this is our everything, "- he jokes.

A longtime Putin friend Nikolai Shamalov became known in 2010 thanks to his former partner - the businessman Sergei Kolesnikov. He left Russia, said that Shamalov with colleagues, earning the delivery of state structures scanners and other medical equipment, has invested in the construction of the palace in Gelendzhik, allegedly intended for Putin. However, Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov insisted that the president does not have to the complex in Gelendzhik nothing, but the whole story the media discussed a few months.

Shamalov - one of the major shareholders of bank "Russia", including the owners of which have other old acquaintances President - Yury Kovalchuk and Gennady Timchenko. This year, they came under Western sanctions, as well as the bank itself.

But businesses son Shamalova sanctions can only contribute to, found "Vedomosti".
Deputy Chairman of the Board of "Sibur" Cyril Shamalov in March 2014 was one of the founders of the company "DPT Invest" with a share of 40% (hereinafter - SPARK data). Other co-owners with shares of 30% - Shamalova colleague, the legal support of the director of "Sibur Holding" Denis Nikienko and another lawyer - Sergey Kotlyarenko known that manages the assets of First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. It was announced that the goal of the new structure - investment in securities of promising companies.

In October 2014 "DPT Invest" held the first transaction. He bought a 50% "Eighty service" is part of the AT Consulting group. The group was founded in 2001 and is engaged in implementation and maintenance of information systems, management and operational business consulting and providing other IT-services. Among its customers - the Interior Ministry, the Federal Penitentiary Service, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Economic Development, Treasury, Energy, Rosreestr, as well as, for example, state-controlled Sberbank and VTB. Under the contracts with "Rostelecom» AT Consulting has participated in the implementation of e-government program, given the company's website. Share demands gstate authorities is about 20% of the total AT Consulting business, told "Vedomosti" a managing partner and founder of Sergey Shilov. The company was interested in investing and looking for partners. A sentence 'DPT Invest "was the most profitable, he said. The owners, to sell its stake, had two conditions: the attraction of investments into the development of non-interference and the new owners in the operations, adds a person familiar with the terms of the deal.

Representative "Sibur" says it's personal projects and Shamalova Nikienko unrelated to the company. "This issue has been addressed to corporate ethics committee, there is no conflict of interest here. In "Sibur" no contracts with AT Consulting », - he added. For Kotlyarenko is also a personal investment, not associated with Shuvalov, or with other customers, says a familiar lawyer.

Initiator of the investment - Kotlyarenko, says an acquaintance of the other two partners. He is a legal consultant "Sibur", so long been familiar with Nikienko and Shamalova, he convinced them to go withjoint business. His own company provides legal services AT Consulting and when she was looking for investors Kotlyarenko brought friends who are ready to invest, the source "Vedomosti" explains.

Acquired partners "Eighty Service" is engaged in development of IT-products and the provision of services on IT-outsourcing. "We believe this is a promising direction and by bringing forward investment seriously strengthen the position of AT Consulting, offering customers high-quality Russian IT-products and services. These investments we plan to use exclusively for the development of the subsidiary business, "- gave Shilov. he did not disclose the amount of investment.

"DPT Invest" put in "Eighty service" only about 50 million rubles., Says a familiar Shamalova and Nikienko. This amount seems very modest compared with the performance group AT Consulting, whose revenue in 2013 amounted to almost 6 bln., While net profit for 2012 came close to 1 billion rubles. The proceeds of the "Eighty service" in the SPARC was not disclosed. However, judging by the volume of government contracts, it is dlzhna be significantly lower. Thus, in 2013 and 10 months of 2014 the whole group AT Consulting concluded with state agencies and state-controlled companies, according to "SPARK-Marketing" contracts almost 2.96 billion rubles. Of these "Eighty service" had 365 790 000 rub., The company has supplied including servers, hardware and software systems and peripherals for the Interior Ministry.

It is now before the company opens up new possibilities in connection with the policy of import substitution in the IT-sector, recognized by all the interlocutors "Vedomosti". The company is specialized just in this area and in outsourcing, which is very promising in the current environment, where private and public entities seeking to optimize costs, a lot to bring to outsource and possibly replace the more expensive foreign domestic product, says friend Shamalova.

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Business family Arkady Rotenberg, Putin's childhood friend, is closely associated with "Gazprom". In the late 1990s, together with his brother Arkady, Boris worked barter for supplies, "Gazprom" structure, for example, their firmsand to build object for "Urengoigazprom" supplied equipment for it, and for that it received gas condensate, which is exported through the port of Kaliningrad.

Since the beginning of the 2000s. Rotenberg was through the company supply pipes for the "Gazprom", and in 2008 the gas company, getting rid of non-core assets, sold them five construction and production companies, formed the basis of the "Stroygazmontazh" - one of the largest building contractors of "Gazprom".

The eldest son of Arkady Rotenberg, Igor, is also cooperating with the structures of "Gazprom". On the gas company and its suppliers worked his most high-tech business - "Global Automation Systems" ( "Glosav"). The company, established in 2009, is now, as it is written on its website, is "" Glonass / GPS »market leader in industry-specific solutions for transport monitoring based on the technology of its services" used by more than 400 government and commercial organizations in more than 70 cities of Russia ". Owned "Glosav" Cypriot company Parvifol Investments.

"Glosav" Create groupana on personal funds Igor Rotenberg, explained the representative of the businessman. A company representative confirmed this: "The business was founded on the initiative of Igor Rotenberg in 2009 from scratch. The project was invested RUB 400 million. ". According to him, the interest of the businessman due to the growth market of navigation and information services. Initially, the project lined up for their own needs of the family business. "An extensive network of construction projects required navigational control the use of technology - continues the representative Rothenberg - but eventually created a product for which there is demand for third-party customers - government agencies, building corporations, telecom operators."

"Company" Glosav "developed as a self-sufficient competitive business. Among its customers there are both government agencies and companies, as well as commercial organizations ", - stressed the representative of the company.

Indeed, one of the first big customers "Glosav" steel "Stroygazmontazh" and "Gazprom drilling". Arkady Rotenberg in March 2011I was bought "Gazprom drilling" from "Gazprom" for 4.05 billion rubles., and in August of the same year "Glosav" won the competition "Gazprom drilling" to provide services for the installation of automated systems for monitoring and control of vehicles. In 2012, "Stroygazmontazh" said that he had spent "a lot of work in testing the proposed market leading companies in the equipment" and "chose a single service provider to introduce the art monitoring systems - LLC" Glosav ", after which almost all subsidiaries and associated companies have concluded with These contracts. " In September 2013 "Glosav" supplied and placed monitoring equipment on the federal highway "Don" (on a plot of 225-633 km of) commissioned by LLC "OSSP" included in "Mostotrest» , which was owned by Rothenberg partners ( and the proportion in which recently bought himself Igor Rotenberg, recently told "Interfax" his father).

"Party" customers too much: in 2013-2014. "Glosav" won in competitions Ministry of Transport, "RusHydro", "MRSK Center", FGC UES and Federal State Unitary Enterprise "The main packgovernance construction of roads and airfields during Spetsstroy Russia. " In June 2014, "Glosav", as stated on its website, has become a "main integrator of the digital tachograph in the Russian Federation", winning the contest of "Gazprom" to equip more than 14,000 units of transport tachographs (recorded information about the speed and route). At the beginning of 2014 was the victory in the contest for the installation of tachographs in trucks "Gazprom Avia".

As a result, the total order book of the "Glosav" is 1.56 billion rubles. with forecasted growth next year to 3.2 billion rubles., handed over "Vedomosti" representative of the Rothenberg.

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The eldest son fell under American and Australian sanctions Railways President Vladimir Yakunin - Andrew is trying to expand the business to attract foreign investment.

"Andrew - a special story, I took a big heartache his desire to leave," - responded to the question of the eldest son in a September interview with Tass Yakunin. However, he acknowledged that his son had gone abroad for a long time, as a fact of life was "banditst Petersburg. " "Andrew said," I do not want my children, your grandchildren, father, and from school accompanied by guards, "counter I found hard ..." - recalled in an interview Yakunin.

"Andrei excellent education, master's degree in economics, diplomas Columbia University and the London Business School <...> But now see how everything turned <...> It would be unfair of me to force to force back. I am against the pressure. Every step should be aware "- she complained the president of Russian Railways, in an interview.

Andrey Yakunin, answering the question, "Vedomosti", whether it will translate in the current circumstances, his office from the UK to Russia, said: "Definitely not." And he explains that under English law is the investors to work much more convenient than on the Russian (cm incision.): "I like what I do. A choice I ever do things like that, in the conditions that are defined by the market, or to give it everything and to retrain. Thank God, in front of such a choice does not make me one. "

"According to the new legislative akat the AIFMD - Alternative Investment Fund Marketing Directive - investment products, which are not subject to regulation in any of the EU countries, significantly limited the possibilities of promotion in the European market. To ensure compliance with the legislation of the activities of our companies, we have registered one of them in Luxembourg - VIY Management Sarl. She received all the necessary permits for the establishment and management of two funds - VIY Greater Europe Hospitality Fund completed its first round of fundraising investors in September, we received confirmation of registration of the second fund ", - says Andrey Yakunin. The first fund aims to invest in multi-functional hotel projects with high added value throughout a large area of ​​Europe, including the emerging markets of Russia and CIS, stated on the website VIY Management Sarl. The second fund, according to Andrey Yakunin, will focus on the fast-growing medium-sized and small companies - and up to 80% of its capital may be invested in Russia.

"Some negative effects of the sanctions are. Talk about raising funds now - tales "- believingAET Yakunin Jr. Nevertheless, the second fund has collected a certain number of investors before the war, sanctions, falling oil prices and the ruble quotations, he adds. But recognizes that it was necessary to give up some of the planned projects.

"Project Four Seasons (the hotel in" The House with Lions "on Voznesensky Prospect, St. Petersburg) made, we refinanced the Bank of Moscow. There's a good capital structure and refinancing needs in the near there I see. "Nikolsky series" (project business complex and four-star hotel in St. Petersburg) we do with VTB "- lists Andrey Yakunin. But the strategy of the "Regional hotel chain" plans to build world-class hotels across the country, it had to be revised, because today it is impossible to maintain the rate previously envisaged growth of the company. However, it is written off to the sanctions, according to Yakunin, it would be unfair, because it is not known what is the most trouble - sanctions or drop in oil prices and other raw materials or strengthening of the dollar.

"What can minimize risksand create a safety cushion under Western sanctions? The proximity to the state-owned companies and state-owned banks, as well as the emergence of tier business, for example the same children fell under the sanctions of persons and their junior partners, where restrictions do not apply - they can dispose of the assets and to communicate with the West ", - thinks the president" Minchenko Consulting " Yevgeny Minchenko. Import substitution is there on the slogan of the level, but perhaps this trend will gain momentum, the expert adds.