What Sergey Chemezov's wife earns on

The wife of the general director of Rostec, Yekaterina Ignatova, is regularly ranked in the list of the richest wives of state managers. How successful are her business projects?
Ekaterina Ignatova, the wife of the general director of the state corporation "Rostec" Sergei Chemezov, - unemployed since 2009, when she retired as president of the company, "Kate", created for the production of automotive components.

In its earnings this status is recognized enough: from 2009 to 2015, total revenue Ignatova, who pointed to Chemezov declaration was 4.25 billion rubles. - An average of slightly more than 607 million rubles. in year. The lowest income Ignatov received in 2011. - 60.3 million rubles. - Just in that year, her daughter Anastasia Ignatova tried to do with Mikhail Prokhorov medical business. But in 2014 its revenue exceeded 2 billion rubles., Which made her one of the most successful in financial terms wives managers of state companies.

According to Ignatov in 2014. "increase in income provided competent management of cash deposits and deposits in banks and credit institutions. Also, a gain on the sale of securities and the sale of land. " "This year, probably like many, crisis tendencies manifest themselves," - experiencing Ignatov.

Manage money Chemezov family structureUbena Vardanyan, said earlier "Vedomosti" CEO himself "Rostec". First it was the investment company "Troika Dialog" (in 2012 it was acquired by Sberbank), later - multifamily office Quinta Capital Partners (QCP), to manage money very Vardanyan and his friends.

"Vedomosti" learned all public investment director wife "Rostec" and compared them with the declared annual income.

Car investment

The most famous project Ignatova was the first in Russia for production of automatic transmissions for cars factory. Engage them beginning in 2004 controlled Ignatova of "Kate". In 2009, the "AvtoVAZ", which was the largest shareholder of "Rostec", announced the conclusion of the contract with "Kate" in the pre-production of automatic transmissions. Soon, however, control of the "AvtoVAZ" moved to Renault-Nissan. In 2012 the car factory said that the test results will purchase automatic transmission from the famous Japanese manufacturer Jatco.

to build a plant "Kate" project in Kaliningrad remained on paper, found "Vedomosminute. " In 2016, the committee of architecture and construction administration of Kaliningrad for the eighth time extended the LLC "Kate-development" ( "daughter" of "Kate") permission to build a plant to produce transmissions. According to the latest reports, "Kate", its long-term debt by the end of 2014 reached 552 million rubles, plus to them -. Arrears on short-term loans of 78 million rubles. I lend to the company associated with the "Rostec" Novikombank follows from his statements. The representative confirmed Novikombank lending "Katya". But only to 2010, when Ignatov has gone down as president of "Kate" and IFC acquired the shares of the bank.

"We have developed a product, but, unfortunately, it has not been put into industrial production. Today, due to the general decline of the automotive market more than 37% reduction in demand for automotive components ", - he regrets Ignatov. She hopes that the market will ever recover, and "we will again offer our solutions to automakers."

Gas investments

It seems that the most successful deal for Catherine Ignatum appeared acquisition in 2006 through the "Troika Dialog" 5.1% stake in oil and gas company "Itera". That Ignatov was a shareholder of "Itera", became known only in 2011. As then told "Vedomosti" Sergei Chemezov, by this time the family has already sold 4% and has remained a package of 1.1%. Based on the assessment of "Itera" in 2006 sold package Ignatova could cost about $ 70 million, or about 2 billion rubles. at average exchange rate of 30 rubles. for $ 1. In 2013, "Rosneft" has completed the consolidation of the "Itera", Igor Makarov for paying 49% of $ 2.9 billion. 1.1% of shares of "Itera" Ignatova could bring it about $ 60 million, or about 2 billion rubles. Representatives of the QCP, Vardanyan herself Ignatov refused to specify exactly when and to whom 1,1% of the shares were sold to "Itera".

It is possible that this money Ignatov and invested in its future projects in 2010

bank investments

In 2010, the wife of Sergey Chemezov became co-owner of the bank's "International Financial Club", but, apparently, it is invested in the bank more than received. In April 2010, Mikhail Prokhorov, the bank placed additional anderate, 13.4% of them bought for 600 million rubles. Ignatov. Even at 19.71% then bought Alexander Abramov, and Viktor Vekselberg, Suleiman Kerimov. A year later, Karimov, however, sold the shares.

At the beginning of 2016 the bank was required capitalization of 5 billion rubles. The official report said that the shareholders had already made in its capital to 3 billion rbl., That is Ignatov could invest in IFC additional 394 million rubles. As a member of the Board of Directors, Ignatov does not get any money for it, and its dividend from the bank for the time amounted to only 91.4 million rubles. "I would not want to disclose financial details. In general we are happy with this decision [the purchase of shares of the bank] and consider looking to make investments ", - says its investment in IFC Ekaterina Ignatova.

Restorannye investment

In addition to the stake in the bank in 2010 Ignatov acquired OOO "Risont-Holding" Ltd. and "Risont" operates a network of 19 Restaurants "Floor" and the club Ye, DJ-bar Picasso is, pizzeria "dal Capo" bar "Waterpark "restaurant" Troy "and tearoom" Eclair ". The sellers were created network Andranik Sargsyan(It was 50%), while the Managing Director of "Troika Dialogue", the vice-president of School "Skolkovo" Gor Nahapetyan and the then head of the Moscow representative QCP Anushavan Arzumanyan (each 25%). Nakhapetyan called Ignatova deal with the market, but refused to name its parameters. The only thing that can be seen - the authorized capital of the acquired its companies in 2010 was increased by 90 million rubles.

Two years later Ignatov returned Nahapetyanu these companies, that in 2014 resold them back Sarksisyanu. Due to the business of management errors in the restaurants were not going well, tell competitors. After returning to the former owners of the companies within the holding company was bankrupt, and the remaining directors and owners of the steel nominalschiki.

"It was a portfolio investment. We have invested in this business, and at some point decided to get out of it, a profit ", - said Ignatov. Representative QCP calls investments in the restaurant business "generally profitable," but refused to disclose the financial details of the project.

Medical investments

With Prokhorov Ignatov took not only banking but also tried to create its own medical clinic. Prokhorov has since 2003 belongs to the Medical Center "Ramat Aviv" in Israel. In 2008, the businessman opened Russian representation - diagnostic and treatment "Kreativmedtsentr", which is located on the territory of the State Organization "Hospital and Polyclinic" Presidential Administration.

In 2011, Prokhorov partner LLC "Kreativmedtsentr" Catherine was the daughter Ignatova, MGIMO graduate student Anastasia Ignatov, which bought 50% of the company.

The company received a license for medical practice in Moscow, but the project itself was not viable. Over three years the revenue "Kreativmedtsentra" amounted to 62 million rubles, the net loss of -. 58 million rubles. The company was liquidated in 2014, a computer tomograph Philips Brilliance and associated equipment by the decision of the Arbitration Court of Moscow had to give FGBU Debt on lease premises for 4.5 million rubles.

At the same time the youngest-Ignatov and established his own company "Clinic Rosmedia" that blur"Tsentraviamed" "Rostec" tilos indoor clinics. General Director of "Rosmedia" as "Kreativmedtsentra" Shakhov was Tatiana - its "Rostec" put forward in 2014 in his "daughter" board of directors "PT medicine."

"Rosmedia" was abolished almost simultaneously with "Kreativmedtsentrom", and in its place in the "Tsentraviamede" Shakhov established a new medical company - LLC "Technology Group", 95% of which in 2015 acquired the Cypriot Jetshare Trading Limited. The owner of the offshore company, according to the Cypriot registry, appears a citizen of Spain, Maria Baer Pakhomov, General Director owned sister "Rostec" leasing company "Aviakapital service" Roman Pakhomov.

"To say anything about the future" Technology Group "I can not, it's not my project, and its future is determined by its key shareholders," - says Ignatov. It confirms that, together with her daughter planned to open a clinic, but "it was later decided to close the project and liquidate the company." Shakhov, according Ignatova, being specialists, Okazla methodological assistance and advising, but as the project has not been started, then further cooperation did not happen. "As far as I know," Rostec "it is also no longer works," - continues Ignatov.

Real estate investment

In 2015, Catherine Ignatov could earn by reselling the business park "Techno Loft", an open area in the Printers on-site plant for the production of cartons and products from carpet to upholstery car interiors.

This plant has in 2007 focused on attacking hostile takeover "Magma", in 2013, the plant has gone bankrupt, and 1.3 hectares of land and 13 buildings got Ugresh Travel Company "Territory of progress", which in turn had a few owners of offshore companies, registered in the British Virgin islands. In Zhora Tradinng Limited in August 2015 the company Ignatova "R.D.S. Management "and has acquired 99% of" progress Territories. " 1% went to Tatyana Ilyina.

LLC "R.D.S. Management "Ignatov established back in 2005, but last year the company has not been active (yesnye SPARK). This company is located in a four-storey building on the street. Spiridonovka, the former head office of the AFC "System". In 2002 it for $ 10 million acquired a group of "AvtoVAZ", and in 2009 bought the building in Spiridonovka management of "AvtoVAZ". At 42.5% went to Tatiana Artyakov - the wife of the Deputy General Director of "Rostec" Vladimir and Lyudmila Artyakov Rukavishnikova - neighbor Ignatova and Artyakov the house on Cook, 28 (they are the founders of the eponymous HOA).

A month after "R.D.S. Management "acquired" Territory of progress "- the owner of the factory land and real estate, - Ignatov came out of this business, in September 2015 resold" R.D.S. Management "Ilina. The amount of the transaction is unknown. Since December 2014 the building "Techno loft" for sale. They are sold one by one, the total sales value - approximately $ 10 million.