What will the daughter of Medvedev's adjutant Konstantin Chuychenko learn in London

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Konstantin Chuychenko made friends with Deripaska and is gradually increasing the weight of his government. He is even called among those who could in the future take the chair of the head of the cabinet.
Chuychenko came to the White House a year ago to replace Sergei Prikhodko, who appeared in the scandal with a rest on a yacht in the company of Oleg Deripaska. However, Chuychenko, as the Interlocutor found out, is also associated with this oligarch. And the official himself, copying the respectable habits of large businessmen, sends children to receive a prestigious education in the West.

However, neither life on the luxurious Rublevka, nor Chuychenko’s anti-patriotism can shake his position in the Cabinet. As a former classmate, he is completely trusted by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Therefore, he appointed a friend of youth as his deputy prime minister, responsible for the work of the entire government apparatus.


Konstantin Chuychenko studied with Dmitry Medvedev not just on the same course - in the same group. He was considered at law school as his close friend. “They were very similar as individuals,” their other classmates said.

After university, Chuychenko went to serve in the KGB, but quickly took off his epaulettes and went into business. When Medvedev moved to Moscow and took up positions at Gazprom, he took a friend with him. Chuichenko was appointed head of the legal department of the state company.

Golden baby

In the days when Konstantin Chuychenko took up new duties in the government, his daughter graduated from Goldsmiths British University. She graduated from it last year, and even earlier studied at University College London. Information about this is indicated on Anna Chuychenko’s Facebook page and is confirmed by photos of her stay in England found by the “Interlocutor”.

Goldsmiths University of London is one of the best educational institutions in the world. At the university you can get an education in the field of art, entrepreneurship, computer systems and management. Another alma mater Chuychenko - University College London - is famous for the attention that teachers pay to everyone. There are only 10 students per professor.

According to the estimates of "Interlocutor", parents had to spend about 10 million rubles on the education of the girl. And this is if you do not take into account the high cost of living in the capital of Great Britain.

While Anna received knowledge from the Anglo-Saxons, her father worked as an assistant to President Vladimir Putin. And he could give her daughter a prestigious education that she could feel confident in life, with her legal income: Chuychenko receives a million rubles a month.

Thug wife

Despite the high-ranking parent, daughter Chuychenko does not make the impression of a glamorous girl. Judging by her Instagram account, she likes to relax not only in the banal Paris or Venice, but also in Kamchatka. Spends the night in tents, bathes in the Jordan River, rises to the Meteors - monasteries on the tops of the cliffs in Greece.

Anna does not demonstrate expensive clothing brands, but publishes really beautiful pictures of nature. However, the absence of pathos from the side of the daughter is more than compensated by her mother - Kristina Tikhonova.

As the Interlocutor was able to establish, the deputy prime minister’s wife owns 4 cars, all with the thieves AAA series. But even this didn’t seem enough to Kristina Robertovna: she also decorated her Cadillac’s numbers with a frame with the inscription “Department of the Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia”.

Of course, Kristina Tikhonova does not work in any car inspection. On her page in the social network in the column on the type of activity indicated “housewife”.

Why did the wife of the whole vice-premier also need a “charm” in the form of a fake tablet - a mystery. However, in the photo of her other three cars (Chrysler, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz), the Interlocutor did not find a similar props.

Offshore sister-in-law

The sister of the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister is 53-year-old Yana Tikhonova. The “Interlocutor” found a woman named Yana Tikhonova in the Offshore Leaks Database. She was listed as the director of three Virgin Islands companies: Tameko Developments, Bencroft Financia and Alumina & Bauxite.

There can be no doubt that this is precisely a relative of Chuychenko: the registration address of Tikhonova at the house number 127 on Vernadsky Avenue in Moscow coincides. There she, according to the Interlocutor, lived with her husband, a native of Ukraine Maxim Troitsky. Now, by the way, they have settled in a more prestigious place: in the apartment on 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya near the Belorusskaya metro station.

The above offshore companies are associated with the aluminum business of Oleg Deripaska. Until 2013, Tameko Developments owned the Khakass Aluminum Smelter, part of the Rusal owned oligarch. Six years ago, a deal was concluded to buy and sell shares for 35 billion rubles.

Rusal also controlled stakes in other Tikhonov offshore companies. Also, this woman, as established by The Interlocutor, in different years served on the boards of directors of Rusal enterprises: Kremniy, Polevskoy cryolite plant, Timan Boksit and others. She also, as a representative of the Swiss trading company Glencore, joined the board of directors of RussNeft, which is controlled by Mikhail Gutseriev, the leader of Russia's richest family clan (according to Forbes).

Tied in one fund

Interestingly, in 2016, Ukraine included Yana Tikhonova in her sanctions lists, calling her not just a hired Glencore manager, but a co-owner of Rusal. She can have a personal share in the business through offshore companies. However, Konstantin Chuychenko is connected with Deripaska not only through his sister-in-law.

A few years ago, the family of the Deputy Prime Minister settled in Rublevka - in a house of 920 square meters. m in the elite village of Nikologorsky. Cottages are built on projects that include billiards, pools and saunas. For such an estate, the official had to shell out hundreds of millions of rubles.

Before moving out of town, Chuychenko and his wife owned an apartment in the capital's Ermolaevsky Lane. As the "Interlocutor" found out, the next owner of real estate was Valery V. Kurguzov. That was the name of the top manager Deripaska, who headed the Yenisei River Shipping Company owned by Rusal.

It seems that the head of the government apparatus (at least Prikhodko, at least Chuychenko) without connections with Deripaska is nowhere.

By the way

Last week, the Federation Council refused to support a government carbon tax bill. Senators sent their objections to Konstantin Chuychenko. One of the most famous lobbyists of the global carbon tax is Oleg Deripaska.