Where disappeared the controversial "fighter against corruption in Russia"

London mountains of Anatoly Loktionov.
Origin source
Since the time of Herzen, published in London his newspaper "The Bell", this city on the Thames still attracts Russian martyrs for the idea. silent on these shores, "when Russia in the Shadows", as they say, a bad taste. And they beat to your alarm. For example, Ahmed Zakaev, a leader of the so-called government of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria in exile, not so long ago publicly stated that "IG controls Russia."

A previously sent a letter to French President Francois Hollande, which reported that the January terrorist attack in Paris ordered by none other than Russian President.

But there are people in London who unexpectedly dropped out of the choir of Russian prosecutors. For example, something have not heard news from Albion from the recent newsmaker and the wrestler with the "rust that corrodes the Russian society" Anatoly Loktionova. His vice-president of "Rosneft", he naturally lost in 2006, when a new team revealed his fraud. At the time, he promised in his horn, "the fight against corruption» - aloktionov.livejournal.com blog that will stand up for the true freedom of speech andoutput crawlers to clean water. But for some reason no longer displays.

"Le Monde" stabbed in the stomach

Recall that Anatoly Loktionov in 2011 became a suspect in the art. 306 of the Criminal Code for false denunciation. In February 2012, in the Tagansky District Court of Moscow was sentenced on arrest Loktionova, but later the businessman lawyers managed to challenge the arrest, as declared in federal search Loktionov "treated in Europe", and consequently, in their opinion, not in compliance with the formalities for such a measure.

Inspired by the success of his lawyers, he appeared in LiveJournal blog "Anatoly Loktionov, anti-corruption blog." He had already made a nest in London. In LJ afar fell to Russian demands to prosecute his former partners of the company "Naftatrans" and other assets and claims in the courts, much fanfare on the interim victories in the jurisdictions of Cyprus. He demanded also send it by mail from Moscow on the banks of the River Thames a new passport, complained about the actions of officials, headed to the Russian Embassy in the UK about its wanted list, etc. However, whether on svobdo not have enough words of truth, the money was sorry, but the author's blog eventually closed. And after his master ceased to show signs of any information activities.

That is, oil painting came as a result of not the same as painted by some media, said that the ex-oilman sleeps and dreams of returning to Russia, to the origins of their businesses. Yes, even in February of this year, according to information from actualpolitics.ru site, the French "Le Monde" newspaper dealt a blow to the stomach, to publish the results of investigative journalism Swiss Leaks on the Swiss branch of British bank HSBC. According to the newspaper, the account in the "nebrezglivom" financial institution could use the criminals in many countries for money laundering, arms and drugs trafficking, the financing of international terrorism. Naturally, in addition to their HSBC clients were the nouveaux riches and the corrupt, who hid capital from tax administrations of their respective countries. Data from the newspaper "Le Monde" was blown up and our media - no joke, the Russian customers in total held at HSBC 1,7 billion accounts!

Among the most famous RussianWho opened secret accounts there, he turned and Anatoly Loktionov, when he was a top manager of the Russian state company has uploaded here, the Swiss accounts, a lot of money. However, it is not immediately identified as a Russian citizen, because of the HSBC customer data distributed across the country, and the customers themselves indicate the address of their permanent residence. So, the Russian Anatoly Loktionov, sweltering with the desire to rid the home of rust corrupt, appears in a bank by a resident of Switzerland and its location have a two-storey mansion with an artificial pond in the upscale suburb of Geneva - Vandovre on Route de la Kapit, 140.

However, this is only one of the "smear" Swiss secret London martyr.

Not the "Herzen" gone!

We do not casually mentioned at the outset of Akhmed Zakayev. At the peak of denunciations of corruption in Russia Loktionov someone spoke out on the Internet that before in London was one Herzen, fucking Russian tsar and governance practices, and now there are two. The most active. Only one undermines the regime in Russia by the international community and Kavkazskie communication, and the second - from the inside, through the alleged fight against corruption in business and in law enforcement. Believe all of the above or not, everyone has to decide for himself, but evil tongues say that the live "Hertz" present in almost neighbors.

In any case, formal parallels in Loktionova the great Herzen there. As we know, the writer was a wanderer Paris period - the revolution came to Paris to see. And in Paris Anatolia own apartment at Montaigne, 51.

Only a great freethinker, together with the editorial board in 1865 left London "Bells" and went to Switzerland - because of the insistence of the Russian government in the UK. A Loktionova from London do not drive, and now he has a house in a prestigious district, and he honors Switzerland due to banks. Even a symbolic parallel: property arrested Nicholas I of Herzen and his mother was laid banker Rothschild and the Russian ex-oilman money hidden away just at the Rothschilds, to discredit the Swiss branch of British bank HSBC.

As is known, the journalist Herzen tried to "expand Revotionary agitation ", and it lives in the twenty-first century follower of trying to open the" discrediting ulcer "of the Russian state. Evil tongues suggest that it could help Loktionov Navalny Foundation and its fight against corruption with information about the London apartment of Igor Shuvalov, for which the Deputy Prime Minister, according to FBK allegedly paid about 30 million US dollars. To be friends with the opposition, supporting them not only information, but also financially, hiding in the West fugitives from Russian justice is crucial. It is always possible to tell when the event at the new location of his contribution to the struggle against the "Putin regime", by any chance have any questions with the issuance of the homeland, and were themselves reformers corruption can be useful to make some stuffing information in the Russian mass media, if necessary.
Grey Cardinal non-systemic opposition

No less interesting to the general public, but it is quite logical in the light of the above is possible friendship with Vladimir Loktionova Ashurkova. It would seem that representatives of very different generations in fact can have a lot in common. Aboutand former top managers of major Russian companies, both hidden "earned" millions in Russia in the West, both are hiding from Russian justice in the UK and, obviously, in this regard, "forced to fight" against corruption in his homeland.

But it seems Ashurkov succeeded in their career achievements emigrant-fugitive longer Loktionova as has already received political asylum in Britain. Vladimir Ashurkov received political asylum on the shores of Albion, and now acts as a sort of eminence grise of the Russian non-system opposition. Apparently, so his honorary status and could push Loktionova to a new friendship. It is clear that it must be supported by the financial support from the Loktionova - there is an assumption that the latter may finance opposition activities Ashurkova using new Internet technologies. Apparently, to cover their tracks if suddenly podvernёtsya case back to Russia.

So live and the latter-day fighters against corruption: hit the jackpot in Russia, fled with the money to the West from the home of Themis, and to protect against possible extraitsii only just and it is necessary that pretend crystal clear fighter for truth-in-exile, of course, to obtain political refugee status. And spending on the fight against corruption a few dollars of millions of "earned back-breaking toil," it is for Loktionova, as they say, overheads. While the claims against him in Russia is not only law enforcement, but issues may arise, and his former employer, "Rosneft", where it appeared the vice-president until 2006.

At the end of 2012 floated another unpleasant Anatoly Loktionova fact: the Swiss he allegedly helped launder money. The account he shone in BNP Paribas. How poetically written sources, lucky star former top manager of the oil company beginning to ascend right after he opened in BNP Paribas multiple accounts. Loktionov also became the actual owner of the company based in Geneva Energo Impex (later it was renamed into Highlander International Trading). In 2000-2005, "the role of the company was given a simple, but for the further fate of Anatoly Loktionova fateful: buy from the state corporation" Rosneft & raquo; products cheaply and then sell it more expensively. "

The size of the theft in Russia - about $ 1 billion

Herzen died in a foreign land, wealth, not for profit, but only Rada on revolutionary cause and the homeland. A Anatoly Loktionova, according to the publications released, someone has allowed for 10 years to "pump" around 40% of oil and oil products from the whole export volume of state-owned companies. According to some estimates, the size of theft in Russia due to the price difference amounted to about $ 1 billion. Private welfare Loktionova may be, according to various estimates, at least $ 700 million. At the same time, to put it mildly, a strange look Loktionova income when he was first vice-president and expenses. So, according to officially file a tax return in those "happy" years (which is 10 years of tax!), Loktionova revenues amounted to $ 2.5 million.

And its cost, which at first sight are not visible to the Russian tax authorities, led the scoring in the hundreds of millions of dollars. How and on what means you could buy expensive apartments and houses in the most respectable districts of London, Monaco, Paris, Geneva, Moscow andublёvki having such income? Of course, this question hangs in the air and, in fact a lot of money, as they say, like the silence ...

Only one house on the ruble, which is credited with Loktionova media exhibition is now for sale, is estimated at an astronomical amount for most ordinary people - 100 million dollars, and the total cost of Russian and foreign real estate, according to experts, could reach $ 450 million. Loktionov likes to surround and pamper yourself with the luxury and comfort exclusive VIP-level: among other things it owns elegant Verona yacht, private plane, the collection of expensive vintage cars.

Well, then the Swiss, apparently, helped Loktionova legalize capital, amounting to some "well-being for planning decisions." In particular, according to media reports, in his interest with the participation of the bank's offshore, where the company emerged Boston Manor Ltd. were established He became a shareholder registered in Cyprus Fund "Ranteva Holdings Co., Ltd.". And that, in turn, after just two weeks, became the sole founder and partner of "Stroyklass". Tepers, both companies are building ... coast city of Anapa.

Tips fugitive banker

In 2011, fleeing from Russia from prosecution under the shadow of the European havens, Anatoly Loktionov especially suffered for Mother Russia. And the sense of struggle for "the truth" in it deteriorated most of all when the lawyers fought for the abolition of the decision to take him into custody. Media while logged into a rage quoted accuser in London: "Corruption in Russia has become of the rust that corrodes all our society. It's scary, but it can and must be fought. If corruption is not stopped, then sooner or later come to Bolotnaya Square the entire country. "

In our opinion, the causes of such pompous statements were lying on the surface: the fugitive hiding from the investigation is urgently needed to show himself in front of the British authorities some political refugee. In order not to have given Moscow. Soon, exactly the same tactics will choose another Russian fugitive - banker Sergei Pugachev, with whom Loktionov in Russia was in a fairly close relationship. IIB owner in the mid-2000s saw inzmozhnost enter the energy business and need advice top manager. On arrival at the Albion from Nice, where for the Channel Tunnel Pugachev tried to escape from the pursuing of insurance contributions Agency (DIA), he needed advice from his friend has a different kind. In London, they could notice several times together, and it is interesting that it suddenly began to express anti-Russian political views in the UK for a long time silent Pugachev.

This is not surprising - apparently Loktionov fugitive banker was able to convince to use an elaborate tactics of their new London friends. But one thing - to create the visibility of the fight against corruption and the "Putin regime" and the other - not to execute the decision of the London court. As they say in Odessa, two big differences. And February 12, 2016 London's High Court sentenced former senator, founder of the International Industrial Bank Sergey Pugachev to two years in prison. Announced its verdict the judge Vivien Rose, Pugachev recognized guilty of 12 of the 17 violations, including making false statements under oath, failure to comply with the requirements of Ruskytii assets, illegal departure from the English jurisdiction, in violation of a court order.

We are once again convinced that the joke with the English courts do not pass with impunity regardless of the status of the person involved. Accustomed to the old days, "resolve" issues with the Russian courts to achieve their business interests, current emigrants seem to behave the same way in the West. For example, Loktionov involved in several processes in London in recent years, has repeatedly been seen, it seems to me, in the "not entirely accurate" affidavit. It seems that sooner or later, with such methods of struggle with his former partners in the courts of London at the British Themis "open eyes" to act Loktionova. And then no, millions will not help to avoid the English prison. Well, as they say, wait - we'll see.

In short, not the "Hertz" Money gone ... like more than home.

"Matrёshechnik" losing round after round

But as they say, God Rogue marks. It can be assumed that the situation with "Naftatrans" Loktionov was an angel and partners fIt goes some way offended, though numerous and time after time playable Loktionov litigation clearly hint at the opposite.

But here he is impersonating "Angel" on the project of building the coast of the city of Anapa, where, according to investigators, having a controlled company "Stroyklass" (familiar to us by the Swiss offshore schemes), could steal money from the project partner in Anapa Dmitry Garkusha, ponёsshemu damage to 101.6 million rubles.

June 24, 2015, investigators impose hiding in Europe Loktionova prosecution in a criminal case of fraud. Again, from the banks of the Thames to be the usual answer: it is custom-made, and it de-clean: "We are more than a year could not find Garkusha to pay the money ..."

But Garkusha, already accustomed to the different combinations and tricks Loktionova not going to give up and close our eyes to the debts of his former partner on the project in Anapa. Apparently, the criminal case against Loktionova - for Garkushi last hope to recover their money. What else do you want to do when you have "taken away" 101 600 000 rubles, and led by the nose? According to available information, the angleovnoe case was transferred to another division of the Ministry of Interior for the Krasnodar Territory and at the request of the investigator Krasnodar Court decided to seize Russian assets Loktionova.

Ages, can be seen in London wrestler with the "rust" in Russia! It is not up to the speeches on corruption. Economic setbacks began to pursue a "fighter" one after the other. Hardly noticeable to the public have been arbitration cases, after a former top manager of the old "Rosneft" command applied to the Moscow Arbitration Court "with the requirement for recognition of rights Loktionova AG as the beneficial owner of 30% of the ordinary shares of JSC "Naftatrans". But this is, as others have followed, he lost him. March 16, 2015 by a regulation of the Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal upheld the refusal decision of the Moscow Arbitration Court.

We will not go into the details of a business dispute and legal technicalities, but revealing that the judges in support of its verdict pointed to offshore tricks Anatoly Loktionova: "... by the plaintiff was elected as a way to secure the rights to the shares through a chain of corporatex structures located in different jurisdictions, and therefore the court can not ignore the existence of subsequent owners of the shares. "

We are talking just about the same "ofshorizatsii", which is now trying to end the Russian authorities. Loktin can stand for the whole offshore structure: 100-percent block of shares of OOO "Stroyklass" has registered in the Republic of Cyprus company "Ranteva Holdings Co., Ltd."; in turn, its 100-percent shareholder is established in the British Virgin Islands company Boston Manor Ltd, the sole shareholder is established in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Panama company Yorbay Business SA, and in the authorized capital of the latter is already himself! That is such a "matryoshka", it turns out, hiding property "fighter against corruption in Russia", now more and Accused of fraud.

"Corruption fighter" finally packs bags

Currently, "matrёshechnik" suing in the courts of the Russian Federation with partners, so to speak, "in absentia." It's obvious that "fighter against corruption" finally pack their chemodus. As the real estate market experts said, apparently, that it sells outside Moscow in a gated cottage village Nicolino built in the palace-style mansion, luxury is on the brink of kitsch and the land is already 97 acres of expensive land Rublevskoye. It seems that the land in the Moscow region at the "ailing soul of Russia" Anatoly Loktionova as many as four, huge apartments in Moscow - six, and still have more than a dozen homes in Switzerland, the UK and France.

A chooses to live this denouncer of corruption in Russia, in the land where he can not reach the Russian justice ...

So they live in the neighborhood in London - Akhmed Zakayev, whose hands are stained with blood, and Anatoly Loktionov, grown rich on the proximity to the oil valve. And from Albion trying to teach us how to live. Posing as a crystalline sample of humanism and honesty.