Where does Prisma go?

The Finnish retailer Prisma will close three of the five remaining hypermarkets in St. Petersburg. The company does not plan to leave Russia after Kesko, but the development of a new format - shops near the house - is stalling.
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About the fact that Prisma has embarked on a new wave of network reduction, Fontanka was informed by suppliers and customers of the retailer and confirmed in the company itself. Following the hypermarket at the Vyborgskaya metro station, which closed at the beginning of the year, the retailer will give up shops in the Balkaniya Nova shopping and entertainment center in Kupchino, the Continent near the Bucharest and the Prizma subway in Novy Devyatkino. They will stop working until June 30. According to customers, the shelves have already begun to empty.

All three outlets worked in the shopping center owned by the Adamant developer, but the reasons for the termination of cooperation were different, stressed in Prisma. Thus, the company left Balkaniya Nova and Continent due to unsatisfactory financial indicators.

"Over the past two years, the profitability of these two facilities have declined. This inevitably affected the efficiency of stores and revenue in general, "- said in the press service of the retailer. In Novy Devyatkino, the contract expired. It was not possible to negotiate with the owner about its extension on mutually beneficial terms.

Recall, Prisma entered the Russian market in 2008. Initially, she planned to open 30 stores in the country, but at the end of 2014 only 19 were able to launch. The product embargo and crisis hit the Finnish company. From 2015 to 2017, she closed three stores and withdrew from the project "Ohta Mall". To reduce costs due to the merger of purchases with St. Petersburg retailer Intertorg also failed - the case did not go beyond the contract.

After the optimization of 2018, Prisma will have two hypermarkets (Pearl Plaza and Europolis shopping and entertainment center), ten supermarkets and one shop near the house (a new format that the company announced at the end of 2017). Earlier, another Finnish retailer, Kesko, faced the same problems, left Russia, selling the network of "K-Ruoka" "Lente", and "K-Rauta" - "Leroy Merlin".

In the press service of Prisma, the prospects of closing other stores did not comment, but they assured that they remain on the Russian market. The company intends to focus on the opening of objects of the format "at home" and is searching for retail space. "We plan to open up to 20 new facilities by 2022," they assure the company, but do not name specific plans and deadlines.

In the holding "Adamant" at the time of publication did not respond to the inquiry "Fontanka". But according to brokers, the relationship between the tenant and the landlord has gone wrong for a long time. "They wanted to abandon the Bucharest and Kupchino long ago, but Adamant kept them to the last and did not let them out of the contract," says the owner of the real estate agency Ekaterina Lapina.

Managing Partner of Fort Group Maxim Levchenko (owns the shopping center "Europolis", where one of the last two hypermarkets of Prisma works) informed Fontanka that the Finnish company did not disclose its intention to leave or revise the terms. The hypermarket in "Pearl Plaza" will continue its work.

"Representatives of Prisma did not inform us that they plan or are considering the possibility to leave the Pearl Plaza shopping and entertainment center. We fix good attendance at this operator, "commented Olga Bolotnikova, director of the" Pearl Plaza "shopping and entertainment center.

But Prisma's suppliers are not so optimistic about the company's prospects in the near future. So, according to the sales director of the sausage maker "Mit Star" Valery Sergeyev, the company reduced the volume of orders to one more point - a supermarket on Alexander Nevsky Square, although he did not inform about the termination of his work. "The company is talking about plans to open new points, but nothing concrete yet. Revision assortment for the new format, too, does not happen, "- said the top manager.

In the "Nevsky Cheese" also did not receive signals from the retailer about the expansion. "There are no plans for the quarter and there are no specific offers on assortment within the new format," says Vadim Zyukov, the company's general director. According to him, the volume of purchases from Prisma has recently declined. But the same is observed in other networks. "Therefore, we do not consider the news about the closure of the three hypermarkets as an alarm signal, but rather we can talk about optimization," he argues.

Participants in the retail real estate market consider the Prisma solution to get rid of the large format correctly, but do not believe that their volumes will be quickly replenished by shops near the house.

"After the embargo, the network lost competitive advantages and could not become a full-fledged hypermarket, the patency dropped, and the areas for them were clearly redundant," commented the consulting company Rusland SP. According to experts, the Finnish retailer is looking at new sites, but asks to reduce the rental rate by one and a half times, to which the owners of premises are not ready. At such rates, the company at best will open 3 - 4 points instead of 20, according to Rusland SP.

According to Ekaterina Lapina, from a large format Prisma also did not refuse finally. "They were examining the premises of the closed Yulmart stores," she comments.

Lenta and Perekrestok are the most likely candidates for the Prisma area in the Adamant shopping complexes, according to market participants, as the most active players in terms of expansion. The latter had previously taken the place of one of the supermarkets closed in the Finnish network and was eyeing other premises, Ekaterina Lapina knows. However, both Russian retailers refused to comment on their development plans in St. Petersburg. The Intertorg network, to which Prisma previously assigned the right to lease a supermarket in Kolpino, does not consider the Continent and Balkaniya Nova, as the competitor's points were not profitable there. The store in Novy Devyatkino, according to the company, will be closed for reconstruction.

To buyers, closing the Prisma will also create inconvenience. So, the nearest hypermarket to the metro station "Bucharest" is "Auchan" in the "Raduga" shopping and entertainment center on Cosmonauts Avenue. Residents of the New Devyatkino will have even worse (hoping for "Magnets" and "Pyaterochka"). The simplest way to survive the care of a Finnish retailer will be to live next to the "Kupchino" - several "Lent" and "O`Keev" are located nearby.


The network Prisma belongs to the Finnish corporation SOK. In addition to retail business, the company in Russia owns the Sokos hotel chain. At the end of 2016, revenues from both directions amounted to 11.9 billion rubles, down by 5.5% by 2015. In the rating "The most influential Finnish companies - 2017", SOK corporation took the ninth place.