Where to get money for the Ukrainian army

Once held aloof, Prime Minister Yatsenyuk came back to re-offer the Parliament to approve changes to the state budget, or else, according to his words, the army will remain without money, and the IMF will not give the next tranche from August 1. 
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The MPs will meet tomorrow, but the updated draft of the law, they have not yet seen. And the blind do not want to vote. Meanwhile, the money in the country is, and old schemes continue to operate, washing out billions of Treasury.

Still, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, after a loud statement about his resignation last Thursday, on Monday unexpectedly left the public with a statement that gives a second chance to parliamentarians to vote for the government's proposed changes to the state budget in the package of changes in the tax code.

"An extraordinary session of the parliament - the first. All the deputies in the hall of the Verkhovna Rada - the second. Voting for all bills that the government has made, and which meet the proposals made by members of parliament, - the third. The adoption of the State budget, the adoption of amendments to the Tax Code, the approval decision on the Ukrainian gas transportation system - these are the key things that should be on the agenda of the country, "- Yatsenyuk said.

The Prime Minister reminded that the failure of these laws will result in the inability to finance the Ukraincal army since August 1 and restore the east of Ukraine, as well as the disruption of the program with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

The second premiere and the IMF. A week after the departure Assessment Mission Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde called "on the carpet" the head of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva and Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin, to once again recall the commitment to implement real reforms.

Political games Verkhovna Rada may leave the Ukrainian army no food in the midst of carrying out anti-terrorist operations, the country - without the money the main creditor, and residents of the destroyed Donbass - without shelter as winter approaches. What is so bad project Yatsenyuk?

In the pocket of the population

A few days after the resignation of the premier art project changes in tax legislation has undergone several changes.

The government as well as in the original version continues to insist on repeated increase in the tax on oil and gas production, arguing that sverpribylyami industry. Representatives of the industry believe that the increase in rents "kill" the industry in its infancy. Apparently, considering these arguments, the government updated the project made some concessions, offering free rent payments from the development of new wells for a period of up to one year.

Farmers were more fortunate. The Government has once again changed its mind to cancel the preferential taxation of the agricultural sector and to leave unchanged the VAT special regime, fixed agricultural tax and the exemption from VAT of operations on grain exports until the end of 2015. And agrarian lobby prevailed and the preferential tax regime of 1998 release continues to operate.

Having suffered a fiasco with big business, the government has once again turned his attention to the population and proposed a military fee of 1.5% as a complement to income tax. The Prime Minister promised that the tax will be temporary, and all proceeds will go directly to the funding of the Armed Forces. A Finance Ministry has estimated that the introduction of such a charge will generate revenue to the state budget by 2.9 billion UAH. Recall that inThis year is the second new tax on personal income, after the introduction of tax on interest on deposits. And, most likely, not the last.

As commented by UNIAN MP from the party "Fatherland", the head of the subcommittee on the fiscal policy of the parliamentary budget committee Chernovolenko Alexander, it was the proposal to introduce other taxes and fees, but until the government decided to limit ourselves to income tax. "We proposed to introduce more value added tax of 1.5%, increased VAT by 1.5%, but it is much more difficult. The only way to raise money quickly - is to increase the income tax. In the future, if need be, we could increase admission by increasing taxes, excise duties, further budget cuts ", - he said.

The MP said that in addition to the needs of the army, it is necessary to find funds for the restoration of Donbass. "We hope that before the winter will end this war, and in the liberated territories will need to urgently carry out restoration work, because people will not be able to spend the winter in houses with broken destroyed Teplosetmi. Then these 7 million flee in Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, and the infrastructure of these cities are not designed for this load. Have each family Kiev hooked one family Donetsk, Luhansk and one of the Crimean Tatar. Are all ready for this? I think not, so it's easier to accept changes to the budget and pay a tax of 1.5% ", - concluded Chernovolenko.

In other words, the government is once again the path of least resistance, as in the case of the tax on income from deposits and looking for money in the pocket of the population. The alternative way is, and money for the army to look for entirely different pockets.


As UNIAN reported in the parliamentary budget committee, the adoption of the state budget is possible this week if the government will be able to negotiate with all factions, but has intense negotiations.

Advisor to the President of Ukraine, MP Mykola Tomenko has already warned that the Verkhovna Rada will not vote "blindly". "We are all - for the Ukrainian army and against the aggression of Russia, but not at the expense of ordinary citizens only - saidMP. If the idea of ​​the so-called war tax will be transformed into a war tax primarily for the rich, rather than ordinary citizens, and the whole structure changes to the budget will be imbued with the tax idea, say, the business Akhmetov, Firtash, as well as so-called "privileged" branches of production controlled oligarchs - then exactly the changes to the budget will be supported by Parliament. "

His vision of the shooter transfer tax on the oligarchs offered MPs from the party "IMPACT" Yegor Firsov and Roman Chernega, offering to introduce a special tax on the monthly rate of 0.25% of the gross amount of income for large enterprises with number of employees more than 250 people and the annual gross income of more than UAH 100 million. "We found a way to finance the army. It does not need to select the wages in public sector, and to share with someone our GTS. 4355a bill can become a kind of compromise between big business and the state to fund the army ... In other words, not to the public sector need to get into the pocket, and to Akhmetov, Firtash, Levochkin and other oligarchs & raquo ;, - Firsov wrote in his blog.

Moreover, to find money for the army, even without the introduction of any new taxes and fees, according to managing partner of investment company Capital Times Eric Naiman. "Generally people expect that after the flight of the" family "and the disappearance of billions of dollars of" schemes "to fill the budget will be better. And inflation has helped the budget. I believe that it is necessary not only to cut inefficient spending, but also to fill the budget, breaking the old scheme ", - the expert said in comments UNIAN. At the same time, he noted that he has no actual statistical performance of the state budget. "I do not know how difficult the situation with the implementation. Therefore, I would first like to see the Ministry of Finance report, preferably audited, "- he added.

Some numbers of budgetary statistics confirm that the old schemes break down very tight. Since March of this year, the state budget as a result of the elimination of "tax pits" by the Ministry of Finance data, received 13.5 billion UAH. This is a fraction of the previously promulgated by the State Fiscal Service estimates, according to which the shadow turnover "tax pits" in 2013year exceeded 300 billion USD, and the funds budget shortfall - about 50-70 UAH mrld. Eliminate all the corruption schemes in the tax and customs Prime instructed before mid-April. But apparently this process has not been completed yet.

As explained by the UNIAN director of the Center for Social and Political Research CASE Ukraine Dmitry Boyarchuk, in the short term, the only alternative to budget cuts and the introduction of new taxes is to continue to borrow money and build up debts. "Only borrow. There are reforms that will save money, but they will take a few years ", - he explained. But since there is no time to lose, and lenders are in no hurry to lend Ukraine in conditions of war, money for Ukrainian army gather "the whole world".

With the world on a string

According to Ministry of Finance estimates, total spending on defense and security of the state in this year will amount to 63.4 billion USD, or 40% more than last year. In addition, the Finance Ministry reported that as of July 11 is further transferred to the financing of the army from the reserve fund gosbyudzhethat 7.6 billion UAH, and shall decide all questions relating to the state defense and holding the ATU, as a priority.

In addition to the cost of money, the government actively involves targeted funding, placing treasury bonds. From the sale of bonds to individuals Finance Ministry has already received USD 30.3 million, and next week promised to start selling those bonds entities.

Possible assistance to the Ukrainian army have enterprise, citizens' associations and charitable organizations, raising funds and buying the necessary equipment and food for the troops ATO forces in eastern Ukraine. As of July 21, the Ukrainian army has received 192.2 million UAH of charitable funds, including 55.4 million USD in the form of material resources.

Meanwhile, the supply of the military, according to reports from the front lines, leaves much to be desired. For example, the head of the group "Information Resistance" Dmitry Tymchuk, called the situation in which the units were the 72th Mechanized Brigade and the 79th airmobile brigade, very difficult because the military kept aboutRon in one of the hotspots of Donbass without sufficient food, water, medical supplies and ammunition.

Firsov Deputy in the explanatory note to the bill called the financial security of military industry unsatisfactory. "Over 80% of weapons and military equipment MAT has been in operation for over 20 years. The total amount of weapons that need to be replaced, is more than 50%. Obsolete or exhausted their service life to 80% of missile artillery weapons, about 60% of the Air Force, 70% of electronic warfare and anti-tank weapons to 50% ", - he said.

Where do the billions allocated from the state budget, and hundreds of millions of charitable donations, with such poor support for combat, remains a mystery.

Where the money goes Army

Apparently, all the money "stuck" somewhere in the path between the budget and the direct beneficiaries. For example, from 7.6 MAWP UAH, the Ministry of Finance allocated from the reserve fund in March, so far disbursed only 2.3 billion USD. "You're 5 billion. These funds are not going anywhere, they're pereraspRoedel and will be used to carry out the ATO, "- say in the Ministry of Finance. Meanwhile, at the forefront of people continue to die.

Deputy Chernovolenko explains that master all funds received are not so simple. "It requires a certain procedure. Payment is due upon delivery, before it held the competition orders. Military supplies should be of high quality and at a reasonable price, so that no one in the war to enrich themselves ... Those 5 billion that remain, that funds have already been redistributed. With this money, ordered military equipment ", - said the deputy. In other words, any changes to the state budget and increase military funding does not solve the problem, and continue to defend the honor of the military government barefoot.

Solving the problem with the development of the military the money offered to the director of the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Valentine Badrak. "We need to unite the efforts of the military departments. Create the defense industry and coordination body to coordinate with military priorities, assess the possibility of self-defense complex. The work is conducted, but conducted sporadically and neiodicheski because of this single head no, "- he said. According to the expert, such a coordinator should be appointed by the President and have the status of Deputy Prime Minister.

While this is not a focal point, the only consolation is the government's promise to pay the war no matter what, even if adjustments are not made to the state budget. "I will do my best, and I was less concerned that I will tell the prosecutor's office, and all the others, in order to fund an army of soldiers, to fill tanks that our soldiers have the opportunity to defend the country, even without the law, no other choice, and put his signature to such a decision ", - promised the prime minister.

But all this loud voice, and the problem remains. We piled the already complex Ukrainian legislation with new fees and taxes without breaking the old scheme. Perhaps the fog of war, but as it is not in the habit, when the world will come in the country.