Which bankers left Russia

RBC remembered which Russian bankers had already left the country after their banks had difficulties.
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Sergey Pugachev, Mezhprombank

Beneficiary Mezhprombank Sergei Pugachev in 2011 was removed from the post of senator for "neglect of duties" and soon left Russia. In 2013, he was charged with embezzlement and abuse of authority in issuing loans Mezhprombank. According to the investigation, in 2008-2009 an organized group, which included Pugachev and top managers of Mezhprombank, stole more than 28 billion rubles. Later, a case was filed of abuse of authority in the issue of non-performing loans for 64 billion rubles. As a result, in the autumn of 2010, the Central Bank withdrew a license from the bank. After Pugachev long lived in London, and then moved to France, of which he is a citizen.

Andrey Borodin, Bank of Moscow

In December 2010, a criminal case was filed against top managers and owners of the Bank of Moscow about fraud. According to investigators, the president of the financial organization Andrei Borodin, along with other participants in the case, illegally issued a loan to Premier Estate for the amount of 12.76 billion rubles. In 2013, Borodin and his deputy Dmitry Akulinin were accused of legalizing money obtained by criminal means. A year later, the investigation put forward two new defendants in embezzlement. The state allocated a record 295 billion rubles for the bank's rehabilitation. Borodin himself went to London.

Ilya Yurov, Trust

Bank "Trust" in December 2014 was transferred to the rehabilitation of FC Opening. Initially, the Central Bank estimated the hole in the capital of the Trust at 68 billion rubles, but subsequently increased the estimate to 114 billion rubles. In January 2015, the regulator reported that the problems of the "Trust" arose because of the actions of the previous owners and management of the bank. The Investigative Committee instituted criminal proceedings on the fact of the withdrawal of assets (fraud), MVD officers detained former top managers: the financial director Evgeny Romakov and the former acting president. the presidency of Oleg Dikusar. In December 2015, the court arrested in absentia the former shareholders of the Trust, Nikolai Fetisov, Sergei Belyaev and Ilya Yurov. The first two, according to media reports, are outside of Russia, the latter went to live in London.

Family Buller, Master Bank

In 2013, a case was filed for money laundering in Master Bank. Most of the bank's shares were owned by the family Bulochnik: Boris Bulochnik, his wife Nadezhda, sons Alexander (pictured) and Igor. After the filing of the case, Boris and Nadezhda Bulochnik left abroad.

Oleg Shigaev, Baltic Bank

In 2015, the Investigative Committee arrested in absentia the former head of the Baltic Bank Oleg Shigaev, who was charged with fraud and money laundering. The criminal case was initiated in February 2015. According to the investigation, the banker used his official position to approve the issuance of loans to its controlled legal entities - ZAO "Izhant" and CJSC "Cassiopeia". On settlement accounts of the organizations as a result it has been listed almost 4 billion rbl. Shigaev ordered the transferred funds at his own discretion, including partially legalized them. For the rehabilitation of the Baltic Bank, the Central Bank spent at least 10 billion rubles. The banker himself currently resides in Switzerland.

Anatoly Motylev

In July 2015, the Bank of Russia revoked licenses from several banks of the businessman Anatoly Motylev: Russian Credit, Mosstroieconombank, AMB Bank and Tula Industrialist lost their right to carry out their activities. In addition, seven non-state pension funds that were connected with Motylev were deprived of their licenses. A criminal case was opened against the banker himself. According to the investigation, in Mosstroyekonombank fraud was carried out for the amount of 1.25 billion rubles. Motylev himself, according to media reports, went abroad.

Alexander Bugaevsky, Bank Interkommerts

The former chairman of the board of the bank "Interkommerts" Alexander Bugaevsky was put on the wanted list on charges of fraud in November 2016.

According to investigators, from 21 to 25 January 2016 Bugaevsky "made a write-off to the accounts of foreign companies controlled by him and his partners for fictitious contracts for the purchase and sale of the currency belonging to this bank, in the amount of more than € 45 million, or more than 3.9 billion in ruble equivalent ".

In April 2018, it became known about his detention in the Czech Republic. The Prosecutor General's Office of Russia intends to send official documents for the extradition of Bugaevsky to his homeland.