"White bird" will not fly anywhere

Counterparties and suppliers intend to bankrupt the structure of the poultry group Dmitry Ananyev.
Several counterparties of a large broiler meat producer "White Bird" will file applications for bankruptcy of the group's three main companies. In the meantime, she began to stop the work of enterprises. The owner of the "White Bird" Dmitry Ananyev is still trying unsuccessfully to find a buyer for them.

As follows from the information of the portal "Fedresurs", applications for bankruptcy of "White Bird-Kursk" LLC ("BP-Kursk") are going to be submitted by the supplier of veterinary drugs LLC "Firm" Abik septa ", a supplier of automation equipment for LLC" Controlology "and manufacturer containers OOO TD Rubab. A similar statement will be submitted by "Abik septa" to LLC "White Bird-Rostov" ("BP-Rostov"), and OOO "Alfastroy" (construction and installation works) - to LLC "White Bird-Belgorod" (BP-Belgorod ).

According to the file of arbitration cases, in the summer of 2018, "Abik septa" collected more than 10.2 million rubles from "BP-Kursk" and "BP-Rostov". debt. Another 15.3 million rubles. the company requires the BP-Belgorod. "Alfastroy" recovered from the BP-Belgorod more than 4.2 million rubles. Since the beginning of the year, about 100 lawsuits for 230.9 million rubles have been submitted to BP-Kursk, BP-Belgorod and BP-Rostov.

The owner of the "White Bird" is Promsvyaz Capital B.V. ex-shareholder Promsvyazbank (DPB) Dmitry Ananyev. After the temporary administration was introduced into the PSB, the "White Bird" crediting was suspended, the group had a shortage of working capital. According to Rosptitsesoyuz, in 2017, "White Bird" was the fourth broiler meat producer in the country, releasing more than 300 thousand tons of products in live weight. In Promsvyaz Capital B.V. they declined to comment.

In "Abik septa" Kommersant confirmed the plans to file applications for the insolvency of the structures of the White Bird, refusing to answer any other questions. To receive comments "Controls", ТД "Рубэг" and "Альфастроя" it was not possible. In "White Bird" they admit that they can not fulfill their obligations to creditors in time. The representative of the group explained that part of the difficulties were due to the uncoordinated actions of the PSB and SMEs "Factoring": 415 million rubles were credited to the accounts of the group without payment from the accounts of the group. proceeds. The company was assured that they regularly discuss the restructuring of debts with creditors and are waiting for the stabilization of the situation. In the PSB and SME "Factoring", questions were not answered by Kommersant.

Non-payment of debts testifies to the difficult state of business, the partner of the legal company "Rustam Kurmaev and partners" Dmitry Kletochkin believes. Most likely, companies are in a "cash gap" - when there are assets, but there are no available funds that can be used to fulfill obligations, believes Nadezhda Makarova, head of the legal department of NUU "Amuleks".

Mr. Ananiev has been trying for several months to sell the "White Bird" (see "Kommersant" on April 25, May 7 and June 13), but it has not yet been possible to reach an agreement with one interesting person. In late July, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Rostov region, Konstantin Rachalovsky, said that the group is suspending production in the region. In the "White Bird" it was confirmed. There was no answer to the question about the possible stopping of sites in other areas. President of Agrifood Strategies Albert Davleev says that the "White Bird" so far only preserves the sites where the parental herd was kept. This does not directly affect production volumes, as the group will be able to buy an incubation egg on the market, he explains. According to the Kommersant source from the industry, the reduction of production by the "White Bird" to the level of up to 50 thousand tons of meat per year is unlikely to affect the market: "Some of the volume will be replaced by other players, although not immediately - the broiler grows about three months ". In the "White Bird" they said that they reduced the output of finished products, but did not mention the figures.

Last week, the predstravleniya Bank Trust (on its basis, the Central Bank creates a bad debt fund), Alexander Sokolov in an interview with Vedomosti said that the "White Bird" "will understand." "I think that the" White Bird "can be resuscitated," he said. The source of Kommersant in the industry heard that the group's assets can go to the bad debts fund managed by one of the profile players. As a rule, without additional injections, debtors can not get out of the state of bankruptcy, but if there is an opportunity to attract third-party funds, this can be done at any stage, says Ms. Makarova.