Who bathes in luxury Alina Kabaeva

How many oligarchs close to Putin pay the unrecognized first lady.
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The Insider found out the size of Alina Kabaeva's income: at the head of the board of directors of the National Media Group, she earns tens of times more than before leaving the State Duma. Money Kabaeva is paid by billionaire Yuri Kovalchuk, who has enriched himself by joining the president's "inner circle", dubious deals with state-owned companies and monopolization of the TV advertising market. Also, The Insider found a personal assistant Kabaeva, who turned out to be connected with the business of the Rotenbergs, who receive preferences personally from Putin.

Back in 2001, Alina Kabaeva was convicted of doping (the athlete herself denies doping). By the decision of the FIG (International Gymnastics Federation) disciplinary commission, she was disqualified for one year. At the same time, it was decided to remove the title of world champion from Kabaeva. The reason was the bioassay, which found the drug furosemide, used for rapid weight loss. The same drug is used as a concealer when using anabolic drugs.

However, it cannot be said that that year was completely unsuccessful for the athlete. On December 1, 2001, the name of the 18-year-old gymnast at that time was first mentioned on the Kremlin's official website: Vladimir Putin attended a sports show, where the first famous joint photo of Kabaeva with the president was taken.

At the same time, Kabaeva entered the Supreme Council of the United Russia party, and six years later she was elected to the State Duma. During her term in office, she earned about 10 million rubles a year, and in 2014 she left parliament and took over as head of the board of directors of the National Media Group (NMG), whose shareholder is oligarch Yuri Kovalchuk, Putin's ex-partner in the Ozero cooperative.


The real estate of the Kabaeva family known to journalists is estimated at 1.25 billion rubles. NMG does not publish annual reports, which would disclose the remuneration of management, the company did not respond to the relevant media inquiries. Therefore, Kabaeva's earnings were unknown. Up to this point: according to the FTS database "leaked" to the public access, the official income of the ex-athlete in NMG for 2018 amounted to 785 million 400 thousand rubles (The Insider was able to verify this data). Whether this year was especially successful for her, or she still receives the same salary, it is difficult to say, NMG did not respond to our request.

For comparison: the chairman of the board of directors of Rosneft, ex-chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schroeder receives, according to the company's report, an order of magnitude less, $ 600 thousand (46 million rubles) per year. Members of the Gazprom Management Committee earn an average of 110 million rubles a year. That is, even the inflated (by world standards) remuneration of top managers of the country's largest corporations is inferior to Kabaeva's income. According to The Insider, Olga Paskina, the general director of the media holding, also receives several times less money from NMG.

The national media group owns shares in REN-TV, Channel One, STS, Channel Five, Izvestia and Sport-Express. At the same time, these media receive subsidies from the state budget, that is, in part, NMG manages taxpayers' money.

In addition to NMG, the Kovalchuk family owns the Rossiya bank. As Forbes wrote, he received it, one might say, from the hands of Putin: the bank was created with the money of the CPSU, and under the external control of the then deputy mayor of St. Petersburg, Anatoly Sobchak, passed from the party to Kovalchuk and partners.

Kovalchuk also had Video International in his asset. For many years it remained the largest seller of television advertising and, in fact, monopolized the market. Since 2010, all the money for advertising on state federal channels began to pass through Kovalchuk. Today Kovalchuk owns a stake in National Advertising Alliance LLC, which replaced Video International. The company controls virtually all television advertising in the country. Its annual turnover is about 20 billion rubles.

How did it happen that a gymnast with experience with the ball and the hoop became the head of the largest media holding? Why does the company of the president's ex-partner pay cosmic sums to Kabaeva? What can connect Kabaeva and Putin? The Insider has no clue about this. However, the superhigh salary in the NMG is far from the only source of enrichment for the Kabaev family. The gymnast's inner circle is also constantly faced with the inexplicable generosity of various successful people.

Car for mom, sports center for sister

Lyubov Kabaeva, the mother of the ex-athlete, runs the Kuntsevo sports and recreation center. According to the Spark database, this SFOK belongs to Reserve-M LLC, which is controlled by Kabaeva's sister (this company and Leysan Kabaeva will be discussed below). The Kuntsevo complex gained 176 million rubles on state contracts. Mama Kabaeva makes money by leasing space to Moskomsport and Rosneft.

An interesting detail: Range Rover by Lyubov Kabaeva in the traffic police is registered with the same mobile phone number as Dmitry Peskov's Mercedes-Benz. Apparently, the press secretary of the President and Kabaeva have the same car dealer, since this number belongs to Anna Kvaratskheli, assistant to the co-owner of the Avilon car dealer Kamo Avagumyan.

Alina Kabaeva has her own charitable foundation designed to help needy poor families and children with disabilities. However, while the TV channels she runs collect money for the treatment of children via SMS, the Kabaeva Foundation itself spends only 0.4% of her personal income on aid: according to the organization's report to the Ministry of Justice, last year it took 2 , 9 million rubles. Almost the same amount - for the salaries of the fund's employees. Among them is Kabaeva's own sister.

According to The Insider, Leysan Kabaeva receives half a million rubles a year from her sister's charitable foundation. A little more (610 thousand) - from the SFOK "Kuntsevo" led by the mother.

The Kabaeva fund is located in Moscow at the address: Mozhaiskoye sh., 7, bld. 1. This building with an area of ​​4052.9 m², as well as the neighboring one, according to The Insider's extract from Rosreestr, belongs to SFOK, a company controlled by Kabaeva's sister “Reserve -M ". The total cadastral value of buildings together with the land plot (located in long-term lease from Moscow) is 1 billion 154 million rubles.

Leysan Kabaeva has owned Reserve-M LLC (and through it the sports complex) since 2010. The company passed to her from JSC Financial Systems, affiliated with the family of Industry Minister Denis Manturov and the son of the head of the Rostec state corporation Stanislav Chemezov.
And this is not the only property of Kabaeva's sister that she inherited from the hands of representatives of the Russian elite who are close to Vladimir Putin. She received an apartment on Veresaeva street from Grigory Baevsky, a subordinate of the oligarch Arkady Rotenberg. Baevsky also has his own business - in particular, the St. Petersburg construction company Zeleny Gorod, which received state road contracts for a total of 19 billion rubles. The main customers are the structures of Rosavtodor, controlled by the Ministry of Transport. Until recently, the ministry was headed by Eugene Dietrich, whose appointment to the ministerial post was lobbied by Arkady Rotenberg.

Grandmother and helpers

Baevsky and Alina Kabaeva's grandmother benefited from him: Anna Zatsepina got a land plot and a house in the prestigious Uspenskoe village in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region. This 85-year-old woman, as The Insider found out, is officially registered in the village of Nikologory, Vyaznikovsky district of the Vladimir region, the owner of her house, according to The Insider's extract from Rosreestr, is Valentina Mikhailovna Golovacheva, and Ekaterina Golovacheva, a former member of Council of the Kabaeva Foundation.

Golovacheva, along with Alina Kabaeva herself and her mother, was on the board of the charitable foundation until 2018. Now her place in the top three is taken by Yulia Nazarova. In the mobile phones of her acquaintances, she is recorded as Kabaeva's personal assistant. According to our information, she also works for the National Media Group.

38-year-old Nazarova, established by The Insider, used to be named Selkin. Back in 2005, she became the founder of the Murmansk Foundation for Social Development and Education. Vladimir Nikolaevich Selkin, probably the brother of Kabaeva's assistant, became a partner in the fund.

Today Vladimir Selkin owns OOO Art-metal, which is engaged in cutting scrap and waste of ferrous metals for Translom, a company close to the Rotenberg family. Translom receives scrap metal from the Ministry of Defense without a competition, on the basis of a presidential decree, and sells it at a premium. The company's profit over the past three years amounted to 4 billion rubles. Also, Translom is affiliated with the Stroyservice company, which, as Navalny's Moscow headquarters pointed out, receives overpriced contracts from the Moscow mayor's office for the repair of tram lines.