Who is Mr. Azarov, the new acting governor of Samara region?

September 25, the Russian president dismissed governor of the Samara region Nikolai Merkushkin. Dmitry Azarov was appointed as an acting governor. So, who is Mr. Azarov?
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Since, Dmitry Azarov has been a member of the Federation Council from the Samara region. He was the mayor of Samara in 2010-2014.

In 2016, Azarov declared income of 10.1 million rubles, his wife - 2.7 million rubles. According to the declaration, he owns 1.4 hectares of real estate: a land plot (500 sq. m), a house (506.7 sq. m), an apartment (234.3 sq. m), a garage (31.5 sq. m) and household pantry (7.5 sq. m.). He also owns another 3 apartments, one of them (59.2 sq. m) belongs to him by a third. Azarov's wife also owns a share of a land plot of a residential building (2,213.8 sq. m, shared property of 6/995), two apartments and part of non-residential premises (76.1 sq. m, shared property of 2/3). The family does not own cars.

Azarov is 47 years old. He started his career as a software engineer. Since 1995, he worked as a manager at various organizations: at the Samara Plant of Boiler and Auxiliary Equipment and Pipelines, Sintezkauchuk, Volgapromkhim, and Srednevolzhskaya Gas Company.

Azarov began his political career in 2006, becoming the First Deputy Mayor of Samara.

In 2008-2010 he was Minister of Nature Management, Forestry and Environmental Protection of the Government of the Samara Region. In 2010, 8 thousand hectares of forest burned in Togliatti. The special services and the ministry were found guilty of the incident, but the prosecutor's office had no reason to bring Azarov to responsibility for the fact that the territories under nature protection were not included in the relevant registry since 2006.

Dmitry Azarov is a chairman of the All-Russian Council of Local Self-Government, Parks of Samara and Samarainformresurs (owned by the City Hall). The first company is engaged in landscaping of territories, the second provides services for information stands maintenance in the city.