Who will be the third?

Why the authorities want to flood the country with cheap vodka and what billionaire Vasily Anisimov has to do with that.
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The Government is preparing a grand gift to Russians. Cabinet proposes to drastically reduce the price of vodka. "In" are the Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Industry. The first offer to reduce the excise tax by about a third, and to bring a minimum value of bottle to 136 rubles. The second and all want people to buy half a liter in just one hundred. The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health, however, act "against". But there is a third force. As previously wrote the media, reducing the price of vodka is very profitable company, which is associated with Russian businessman, billionaire Vasily Anisimov.

Pour - cheaper!

Government proposals to reduce prices for vodka has not yet acquired the status of law. According to Deputy Economy Minister Oleg Fomichev, the agency offers a lower excise tax from 500 to 360 rubles. That is about a third. The minimum retail price of a bottle of bitter will be 136 rubles. It is much cheaper than the current cost of alcohol. Now the minimum price - 185 rubles. The Ministry of Industry offer to do more radical and sell vodka for 100 rubles. From these proposals, in fact, it takes a surprise.100 rubles - about 4 rolls of bread. We can say that communism, after the introduction of such a measure finally come. Those who found the USSR in adulthood, well remember that the bread was worth around 20 cents. And the vodka in the region of 4 rubles. That is, 20 times (!) Expensive.

Strictly adhere to a similar policy in the West and now: spirits - it is expensive. But we, as usual, go the other way. If you ask the opinion of political analysts about the motivation of the authorities, they will surely answer: the election period. When in Russia is getting cheaper vodka - it always helps to exacerbate the love of citizens to the authorities. Although this version of several refutes the reaction of other government departments.

The measure is necessary to know

Thus, the Ministry of Finance opposed. And it is understandable. The excise tax - a tax that is paid to the treasury of alcohol producers. His reduction of negative impact on revenues in the budget, and, therefore, add a headache the Finance Ministry, which is now so easy. Alcohol tax - is hundreds of billions of rubles, lose them to the Treasury is now quite critical. At the same time the Ministry of Finance infoot and the Ministry of Health.

"We are opposed to the price of a bottle dropped. We have the main factor that determines the mortality rate of the working population, it is alcohol abuse in young men, "- he said at a forum in Sochi, head of department, Veronika Skvortsova.

And this statement is somewhat encouraging that not everyone in the government willing to experiment on people. On the one hand those of a decrease in the price of alcohol, there is a logic. If the store sells expensive vodka, the consumer will not buy it. And because he would not give up alcohol, it will go to illegal immigrants for counterfeiting. No matter what it is: moonshine, counterfeiting, industrial alcohol, cologne. The main thing is that the consumer:

a) does not buy goods, which paid taxes,
b) destroy the health or even leave our mortal world.

But if the store will sell a cheap product, and then the buyer will pay the excise tax, and although not poisoned. However, the logic is somewhat lame and quite unsteady, as if to move people.

Fun is a violation of the laws of Russia

Practice minFlax alcohol prices in Russia are 6 years old. However, the desired results, it is not earned. This year Antimonopolschiki reported that the volume of counterfeit alcohol close to a critical point in the market. Who would doubt that. The illegal alcohol will always be cheaper, for various reasons. Home is that if someone sells intoxicating and does not pay taxes to this (and if also produces artisanal product cost), it always wins in the competition. Official price of a bottle can be reduced as much as necessary. Just eat the cost of the product: do not pay excise duty and sold cheaply. Mathematics, nothing more. No, to share all the same to someone is necessary. But the gray sector knows how to negotiate.

Here and add something nothing special. The citizens themselves would be happy to buy good quality alcohol. Who is the enemy of your health? Yes, that's bad luck: the economy is falling, incomes are declining. And those who yesterday could afford to buy drinks in shops today are at the "point" around the corner. It is not that we are, this life is. In the West, they say, is another problem. There naprimeIn Scandinavia, some time ago the citizens of ruin oneself by drink a good life. We had to limit the sale of alcohol and, in general, has helped. We do not apply such measures. Every Russian knows to drink, where you can buy the product at any time of the day. Everybody knows everything and no problems. However, it questions more abstract nature. What is more important. In all matters relating to drinking - there is a 3rd party. Drinker. The state, as a regulator of this important sector of the economy. And, of course, the manufacturer. Third, that is.

All night long, till dawn ...

A year ago, RBK, a large investigation on the subject of who benefit from cheaper vodka in Russia. Reporters found that recently greatly strengthened the position until recently a little-known company in the market "status groups". She was specialized in the production of cheap vodka, and that it really helped decrease the minimum retail price (the state has lowered the price of cheap alcohol in the past year). According to the newspaper, for the company, which is owned by Cyprus-based, is a Russian businessman,ollarovy billionaire Vasily Anisimov. His company, in turn, the partner of another player - VEDK which distributes vodka "Putinka". Anisimov once and created VEDK and cheapest brand "Putinka", according to RBC, belongs to Arkady Rotenberg (the role of the man in the life of Russian business in general can not be overestimated). And he is on good terms with Anisimov.

Therefore, it is possible that the mentioned companies and personalities in the first place and profitable cheaper vodka in Russia. Judge for yourself. For example, the power to reduce taxes on alcohol producers and establish a record low price of vodka. Some people will still drink counterfeit, because it is still cheaper. Those who prefer to buy vodka in the store, only to be delighted. And, probably, will drink more, because "a freebie, sir." Competitors producing more expensive drinks, lose competition. However, the country choke cheap vodka with all the consequences.

But imagine that the nation will ask in unison in connection with the government and manufacturers of the question: "Do you have hots a little respect? ". The answer seems obvious.