Who will inherit the money of the Russian nouveaux riches

What Russian billionaires say about the fate of their capitals. 
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Experts note that the first generation of Russian businessmen is approaching age, when it's time to think about transferring its assets to heirs. What oligarchs said about who and how will dispose of their states.

Vladimir Potanin, president of the holding company Interros, general director of Norilsk Nickel.

In 2010, Vladimir Potanin said that he was not going to transfer his fortune to children. "My capital should go for the benefit of society and serve social goals. My children are growing up, their dad is a billionaire and a famous person. First, they are in my shadow, and secondly, what will they have the motivation to achieve something in life? "- argued the businessman.

In February 2013, he joined the Bill Gates and Warren Buffett Initiative The Giving Pledge, promising to leave at least half the state to charity. A year later, the media reported that the entrepreneur had already transferred most of the assets "for charitable purposes, taking into account the inheritance of children."

Alisher Usmanov, businessman, founder of USM Holdings.

In August 2013, in an interview with Forbes, Alisher Usmanov said that he did not have any heirs, and promised to think about a specific form of charity. "My relatives are well-off, they are wealthy people and do not need my inheritance. As for leaving money in favor of the charitable foundation - I hope Allah will give me life, and I'll think about it. But I will definitely create funds in which I see a vital need: funds that will be associated with the development of science, art and sports in Russia and in my historic homeland, in Uzbekistan, "he said.

Vagit Alekperov, President of LUKOIL.

According to Vagit Alekperov, in his will he registered the creation in the future of a fund to manage its shares in LUKOIL, and "heirs will not be able to come to these shares for a long time". In 2015, he confirmed that he was still sticking to plans for his will. Then he told that he was preparing Yusuf's son for a career in the corporate center of LUKOIL.

Yuri Milner, founder of the DST Foundation.

In December 2013, the investor and founder of the DST fund, Yuri Milner, also joined the initiative of The Giving Pledge and gave the "oath of donation", publicly pledging to donate at least half of his personal fortune to charity. "My adherence to The Giving Pledge means not just a desire to give, but an attempt to comprehend life experience in order to make charity effective. Mankind is at the very beginning of a long journey. I'm here to invest in our best minds and our joint future, "he said.

Mikhail Fridman, co-owner of Alfa Group.

In May 2016, Mikhail Fridman announced his decision to send virtually all of his fortune to charity. "I'm not a fan of making public promises of this kind, but I can say that I made a decision: my state will go to charity. The worst thing I could do for my children is to give them a large sum of money, "Friedman said. He also expressed the hope that his children will achieve professional successes in their own lives, like him.

Alexander Mamut, managing shareholder Rambler & Co.

In May 2016, in his column for Forbes magazine, the billionaire Alexander Mamut stated that he was going to leave his children not money, but "something quite different", because "burning Papa's good can hardly be worthy of the content of being." According to him, he bequeaths to his children a part of the funds, which will provide them with a normal subsistence minimum, but can not spoil them. "While I, of course, am not going to retire, but sooner or later it will happen, and I would prefer that my state work more on some Russian institutions that can be created, in part they have already been created," he added.