Who's in charge of the Crimea today

Five "lobbyist ministers."
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Crimea just over a year the Russian. His leadership, recruiting of fighters for secession from Ukraine, assembled a team of strong economic managers from industry leaders. Four of them worked in the largest construction company in the peninsula, "Consol LTD" head of the Crimean parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov.
This two-Minister of Construction and Architecture of Crimea - initially Vladimir Nikolov, and now Sergey Kononov, head of the State Committee for Protection of Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Crimea Natalya Grinenko and the Minister of Fuel and Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Sergey Egorov. Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Vitaly Polishchuk has created a successful sausage factory and exemplary apple farm. First Vice Prime Minister Mikhail Sheremet, who oversees defense, led by "Crimean defense" in the spring of last year. Five "ministers lobbyists" - Gallery "Co".

Vladimir Konstantinov (58 years), the chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea, as well as to the entry into the Russian Federation

His name appears in the list of sanctions US, EU, Canada, Switzerland, Australia and Japan. KonstQuarantine is considered the owner of the construction company "Consol LTD" (10-15% of the local market, with branches in 16 cities, including Moscow, the year of building more than 100 000 sq. m) and the corporation "Ukrrosbud". But he denies it. According to the "Circuit-Focus", 91.3% of LLC "Construction company" Consol LTD Story "belongs to Belize offshore" Molisad Limited ", and the rest 8.8% - in the advertising agency" Positive & Co ". As the official biography Konstantinov, his entire career up to 2010 was associated with the company "Consol". From July 1993 to November 2001, he was CEO of the company, the president, chairman and CEO of "Consol LTD", from December 2001 to March 2010 - The chairman of the board and president of the corporation "Ukrrosbud". The son of the head of the Parliament Oleg Konstantinov, according to the "Circuit-Focus" owns "Krymstroykompleks" fitness center "Premium Club" Consol-sport ", 25% of the Crimean aerated concrete plant, the only one in the peninsula. Two of commercial structures affiliated with "Consol LTD."

"Consol LTD" and otherscompany related to Vladimir Konstantinov, owe banks more than 1 billion hryvnia (about 2.4 billion rubles. at the current rate), according to media reports. The company is involved in numerous scandals defrauded real estate investors, with the construction in protected areas. So, "Consol LTD" has built a multi-storey apartment complex "Russia" in Yalta old park - a monument of landscape art "Chukurlar"; 13-storey LCD in Mishorsky park, taking part (the Economic Court of Ukraine recognized the illegal construction), LCD in Kyiv, destroying a cultural monument - a cycle track. MP from the "Fatherland" Andrei Senchenko said: "The desire to go under the jurisdiction of Konstantinov Russia may be due to his unwillingness to serve criminal punishment in Ukraine."

Mr. Konstantinov was able not only to once again become the Speaker of the Parliament, but also to achieve alignment of their people in key positions in the construction industry. In addition to two consecutive construction of Ministers of Crimea and the chairman of State Committee for Cultural Heritage, a native of LLC "Consol LTD" is the Chiefthe Board of Capital Construction at the Council of Ministers of Crimea Vadim Moroz. He - the former deputy director general of "Consol LTD."

Sergey Kononov (37 years), the Minister of Construction and Architecture of Crimea

From 1999 to 2009 (except for the years of service in the army) has worked in the company "Consol LTD." From the position of Deputy General Director of OOO "Company" Consol Ltd "Kononov had gone to the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine. October 2014, Kononov - Minister of Construction and Architecture of the Republic of Crimea. His predecessor, was Vladimir Nikolov, who in 1990-2000. worked specialist, head of department, head of department, then director of the department of the same company, "" Firm "Consol LTD." Nikolov resigned as him having "issues in law enforcement." Nikolov lobbied for the development of rubble on an extinct volcano Kara-Dag near Koktebel for structures "Consol LTD" and "Corporation" FM "Frunze Mardoyan. Residents protested device Koktebel career on KDr. Dag, fearing landslides and "ecological disaster."

When in 2010 Sergey Kononov was appointed head of the State Inspectorate of Architecture and Construction control of the Crimea, Vladimir Konstantinov commented on the question "for his people": "They have so many sites decorated, they have built over the next fifteen years is that there are and you talk about the privileges. "

Vitaly Polishchuk (43), the Minister of Agriculture of the Crimea

This post Mr. Polischuk received in October 2014, according to "Kontur-Focus", he still owns a large pig farms and one of the two major meat processing plants of the Crimea - of "MPK" Skvortsovo "(produces one hundred kinds of sausages), and by "Yarosvit-Agro". The company non-public financial results were not disclosed. "Yarosvit-Agro" grow apples, plums, nuts, it has its own cannery, which is the largest on the peninsula. Last year, it raised 5,500 tons of apples and began shipping their fruit to many regions of the Russian Federation - from Samara etc.of Moscow. The company has benefited from the introduction of Russian grocery antisanktsy and is now planning to increase the area of ​​the gardens every year. By 2020, the fruit harvest will be increased to 15 000 tonnes. April 27 Agriculture visited the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev and was pleased with what he saw, noting that the Crimean "apples should be sweeter than in Italy, we have less rain." Currently the head of the "Yarosvit-Agro" is a brother of Anton Polishchuk.

Mikhail Sheremet (44), Deputy Prime Minister for Defense

led troops "Crimean self-defense" to the referendum on the reunification with Russia. I created together with colleagues Crimean republican ecological public organization "Clean shore. Crimea "to fight samostroem on the Black Sea coast. During the year it was demolished 50 illegally installed fences blocking the passage to the sea. Among them, a fence, garden house and beach in Simeiz "Lukoil" top manager of the children's boarding house "Youth". But the struggle is with mixed success. So, before the holiday season this year, pension "Flight" inAlushta citizens closed the passage to the beach "because of the terrorist threat." Meanwhile Alushta was noted Deputy Prime Minister as the best in terms of preparation for the holiday season 2015 closest ally Mikhail Sheremet, chairman of the "Clean Coast", the municipal deputy of Moscow Vladimir Garnachuk headed LLC "Krymalko" company wholesale wine trade. Financial details were not disclosed, the company's website in the works.

Natalya Grinenko (60 years), the chairman of the State Committee for Cultural Heritage Protection of the Republic of Crimea

Natalya Grinenko twelve years worked in the construction company "Consol Ltd" Vladimir Konstantinov. Since 1995, she has been "the deputy chief engineer of the Directorate of Simferopol, the head of planning and production control Kharkov directorate, chief Uksa Sevastopol, Simferopol and then the Directorate, Chief of OKS" Forward ", a leading expert on real estate of the company OOO" Real esteyt ".

Since 2012 Grinenko worked in senior positions in the State Committee for the Protection of the cultpolar heritage. The Committee engaged in the protection of cultural monuments, and it determines the issuance of permits for construction activities. In Crimea lately tourists can not get to the Genoese fortress in Sudak: the path is blocked by a private structure. On the mountain cat in Simeiz, on the territory of Tauri burial, is being built by private construction. "Consol LTD" has built a 14-storey residential complex "Massandra descent" in the neighborhood of the palace of Emperor Alexander III. The developer will attract buyers this prestigious neighborhood, and at the same time he does not care that the multi-storey LCD discordant with the architecture of the palace. To date, the use of the first persons of the Russian government handed over an architectural monument "Yusupov Palace" in Koreiz (here in 1945, the Yalta Conference was a summer residence of the CPSU Central Committee in Soviet times).