Whose protection are Rotenberg and Kovalchuk looking for?

A distant relative of the president together with the contractor of Russian Railways and the shareholder of the Bank of Russia want to build a racing track near St. Petersburg worth 11 billion rubles.
Among people close to the Russian president, there are those who do not engage in politics or big business. They do not sit in prominent state posts, do not enter the leadership of state corporations, do not receive favorable contracts and lead a modest way of life. But they are formally listed as owners of companies, through which billions pass, while not being impressed by billionaires. Apparently, real entrepreneurs can use them in order to further protect their own condition. And to make sure that any attempt on their personal business is perceived as an attempt on the relatives of the president himself.

Germans German Tilke is called "the court architect of" Formula-1 ", and the racing tracks he developed -" tilkeredoms. " According to them at a speed of 300 km per hour, squat cars are flying, demonstrating what space materials and technologies are capable of. He created these "tilkedoms" in three dozen countries - from the US to China. And at the end of 2016 he designed another route in Russia - not far from St. Petersburg in the area of the ski resort "Igor" and now can become a real "court architect".

As "Novaya Gazeta" found out, to invest in the "tilkedel" they want the firm of the banker Yuri Kovalchuk, businessman Vladimir Vasiliev and the distant relative of the Russian president Mikhail Shelomov. Shelomov is the son of a cousin of the country's president, which was previously confirmed by the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov to Vedomosti. Start the construction planned this year, complete - in 2018-m. The chosen place is also noteworthy - the resort "Igor" is known for the fact that the means for its development at 1% per annum was provided by an offshore company, indirectly connected with the cellist Sergei Roldugin.

"This is a very interesting track, very smooth," Tilke told Motosport in November last year, noting that later if desired, it can be improved to the level of "Formula 1", if you build a permanent main rostrum and expand the infrastructure. According to him, the construction of the road next to "Igor" should begin after the snow came down.

Autodrome - hobby is not cheap. Its approximate cost is 11 billion rubles (according to Business FM estimates). Where does the money from Kovalchuk and Vasilyev - it is known. Kovalchuk is the main owner of the St. Petersburg Bank of Russia and is on the Forbes list with a fortune of $ 1 billion. Vasiliev is a major contractor of Russian Railways and a former hunting partner of their retired leader Vladimir Yakunin. Over the past four years, Vasiliev's "Corporation R-Industry" signed contracts with the railway for 17 billion rubles (according to SPARC).

But Vasilyev and the Kovalchuk structure had a quarter of the Petersburg company Igora Drive, registered last November to pursue a racing circuit. A half - from the firm Shelomov "Accept". Shelomov since 2000 and still works in a modest position of the chief specialist of one of the state-owned companies in St. Petersburg. Nevertheless, it accounts for assets worth 20 billion rubles.

"Only on paper"

"Why are you calling me, are you asking me?" Mikhail Shelomov is perplexed about the issues of Novaya Gazeta about the race track and Igor Drive. Hearing that his company "Accept" owns half of "Igor Drive" and that we are interested in whether the project of the autodrome is connected with it, Shelomov hastily adds: "I know, yes." "I heard, of course. I've heard, but not more, "he says.

Shelomov explains that he does not know all the subtleties and only knows what we know. "There's still an empty field <...>. Still only on paper, "he assures.

Mikhail Shelomov is 48 years old. Since 2000 he has been working as a chief specialist in the St. Petersburg office of the state Sovcomflot, which deals with the maritime transportation of oil and oil products. He is modest, polite, he himself answers phone calls and does not sound like a billionaire.

The company does not disclose the income of ordinary employees. According to the portal Trud.ru, in St. Petersburg and the region people in this position receive an average of 40.5-42 thousand rubles a month. Autodrome on this is not built.

But, as is known, Shelomov has other sources. For example, the companies "Accept" and "Platinum", which own a small package (in the amount of 8.4%) of the Petersburg "Bank of Russia" Yuri Kovalchuk, according to the bank's report. Among its shareholders are businessmen Nikolay Shamalov, Gennady Timchenko and musician Roldugin.

Experts find it difficult to assess the value of the shares of this bank. Very roughly, if the package (3.22%) owned by the musician Roldugin, RBC estimated at 550 million rubles, you can calculate that the Shelomov package costs about 1.43 billion rubles.

As of 2004, "Accept" has 12.47% of SOGAZ, the insurer of Gazprom. At that time, the gas concern sold 49.98% of its shares for 1.69 billion rubles, then another 25.99% for 879.3 million rubles, and SOGAZ was controlled by the structures associated with Bank of Russia.

Given the price for which Gazprom sold, the shareholding that Shelomov got then could initially cost 421.61 million rubles. Several years have passed. In 2013, Gazprombank estimated SOGAZ at 49.5 billion rubles (according to Business FM). So, Shelomov's package could grow in price to 6.17 billion rubles.

In addition, "Accept" since 2009 completely controls the former "daughter" of Gazprom's insurer SOGAZ-real estate. Its assets in 2011 amounted to 1.07 billion rubles. In "SOGAZ" the questions were not answered.

"These are not our firms"

As Novaya Gazeta found out, the assets owned by Shelomov could be multiplied by structures related to the SMP bank of the brothers Arkady and Boris Rotenberg. In November 2009, "Accept" Shelomov became the sole owner of the firm "Platinum" with assets worth 11 billion rubles. What connected this firm with the Rotenbergs and where does it have billions?

Before Shelomov retired, she had been a member of a number of companies associated with the SMP Bank for many years. These companies formed a kind of ring - they owned each other (for details - see the diagram), had a common founder belonging to the bank, a common telephone, a general director and were located at Sadovnicheskaya Street, 71, in a building next to the central Moscow office of the Rothenberg Bank.

The general director of "Platinum" and firms of the circle was Nikolay Zed - the scientific leader of Arkady Rotenberg at the time when he defended the candidate in the Petersburg Academy of Physical Education. Rotenberg's theme was: "Adaptation of martial arts in the system of physical training of educational institutions of the pre-university level". He successfully defended himself in 2002. Career Zeda, who worked as a coach of the St. Petersburg national team in hand-to-hand combat, was very successful. He moved to Moscow, where he first headed the enterprise managerial director of the president, and then became deputy director of Rosspirtprom. Now Zed is the head of the Primorsky district administration of St. Petersburg. He did not comment on the situation.

The sphere of activity of the companies of the circle was the most diverse. One of them in October 2009 received 2 thousand square meters of Moscow shops bankrupt group "Samohval", which was credited by the bank Rotenberg. Another subsequently owned a vodka brand "Putinka", which was valued at $ 540 million, as reported by RBC.

And Platinum in 2008 was among the largest creditors of Bank Rossiya: according to the report, the bank owed the company 4.08 billion rubles. By 2009, the debt was repaid. At the same time, Platinum received a small stake in Bank of Russia (2.27%).

Shelomov on the subject "Platinum" did not speak. A representative of Bank of Russia did not explain how the firm became its major creditor and then a shareholder. SMP Bank strongly denies any connection with these firms.

Attempts to talk with the current general director of "Platinum" and "Acceptance" Tatiana Salova on her direct phone did not succeed.

"Why do you need to know this?"

In a conversation with Novaya Gazeta, Shelomov wondered why we were interested in him. Hearing that people who own assets of 20 billion rubles, do not often work modest top branch specialists, he said only that "the reasons can be different," without revealing the details.

Asked whether this is really his property, Shelomov answers the question: "Is it very interesting for you to know?". Hearing that there are people who do not know about their companies, because they just cover their owners, sighs: "Well, this is your thoughts."

When in 2009 Novaya Gazeta got through to Shelomov, who even then worked as a chief specialist in the St. Petersburg office of Sovcomflot, he replied that Accept, "one can say," his personal project. And that the first persons do not have any relation to his business, as well as his advancement. The architect of race tracks Hermann Tilke declined to comment.

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Sergey Roldugin. In the course of work on the Panamanian dossier obtained through the Sueddeutsche Zeitung and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), Novaya Gazeta journalists asked a direct question to the musician and friend of the Russian president Sergei Roldugin about offshore firms through which $ 2 billion passed. According to the documents, Roldugin Was considered the owner of some of them, some were owned by people close to him. The musician could not remember the names of the companies. Also has not understood, why to it address on their occasion.

Peter Kolbin. An old acquaintance of businessman Gennady Timchenko, Pyotr Kolbin, was considered a minority shareholder (about 10%) of a large oil trader Gunvor, through which about a third of Russian oil passed. And in 2010, it turned out that Kolbin owned 25.1% of the shares of Yamal LNG, which has a license for the South Tambeyskoye gas field (these shares were sold by Gazprombank in 2009 for 2.6 billion rubles). In 2011 Kolbin sold this stake to Novatek for $ 526 million and is now listed on the Russian list of Forbes with a state of $ 550 million. When in 2012 Vedomosti asked Colbin about his big business, he replied: "I'm not that big . And not a businessman. You are a little misled. " Friends said that Kolbin always led a rather modest way of life, and in the past worked as a butcher. President's press secretary Dmitry Peskov denied the information of the television channel Dozhd (September 2016) that Kolbin was allegedly a childhood friend of the Russian president, saying that he did not meet Kolbin's name among the familiar heads of state.

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Firms "Platinum", "Real-Invest" and "Stick" were created on the same day in 2004, each of them owned each. Their common founder was JSC "YUSB", which for a quarter belonged to the SMP Bank and was located at its Moscow office address. Another co-owner and CEO of "USB" - Alexei Tikhomirov, motor racing enthusiast and partner of Boris Rotenberg. Together they founded a non-profit partnership "SMP motorsports and racing".

The shares in Platinum, Real-Invest and Stick were owned by the Cyprus Ermira Consultants, which was controlled first by Dmitry Kalantyrsky, Chairman of the Board and co-owner of the SMP Bank, and then by Vladislav Kopylov, cello player of Roldugin (together with Roldugin they created a non-commercial partnership "Support Children's sports ").

The firms of the circle had a vast and varied property. In October 2009, Stik received four premises of the Samokhval trade network in Moscow with a total area of ​​2.3 thousand square meters, namely Zagoryevsky passage, 3, building 5 (where Pyaterochka is currently located), on Bulatnikovskaya, 9 (there is now a grocery supermarket "Magnet"), and part of the building at the Academician Volgin, 25, building 1 (there is now a shop "Crossroads"). This is stated in the decisions of arbitration courts, "Stick" was tried on the removal of restrictions on this property. The group "Samokhval" came to bankruptcy in the summer of 2009. SMP Bank was one of the creditors of the group.

Real-invest subsequently owned the vodka brand Putinka, which was valued at $ 540 million. And the Cyprus Ermira - shares in the operating company of REN TV, which also holds a license for the site of the channel, and a share in the Teleradioompania Petersburg, which owns the Fifth Channel And radio "Petersburg" (as reported by RBC).

SMP Bank denies any connection with the companies "Stick", "Real-invest", "Platinum" and Ermira. "There is nothing to tell us about the activities of these organizations," the bank's press service said. As "Platinum" with assets of 11 billion rubles in 2009 fell out of the circle of firms "Stick", "Real-Invest" and Ermira and went to Shelomov, they do not answer in the SMP-bank.