Why did the editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Kommersant" Sergey Yakovlev leave his post

Why did his post leave the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Kommersant, Sergei Yakovlev.
Rumors about the sudden departure of Sergei Yakovlev from the post of chief editor of Kommersant appeared on July 12. Later information was confirmed on the website of the publication. "For me, as the editor-in-chief of the leading business publishing house, the reader's interests and the preservation of the unique traditions of business journalism have always remained in the first place. Strict adherence to these traditions has never depended on the personalities of the leadership. I am confident that in our publications, on our radio and the website, you will continue to receive information that can be trusted, "commented Yakovlev to his readers, refusing to explain the true reasons for his resignation. Later, in a conversation with RTVI, he added that "until September will be on a pause on circumstances that do not depend on him."

It also became known that the general director of JSC "Kommersant" Vladimir Zhelonkin will temporarily act as editor-in-chief. "Due to personal circumstances, Sergei Yakovlev asked to leave him on vacation for about a year," Zhelonkin told Interfax, noting that for him it was "a complete surprise."

According to the version, which the source of the publication sounded "Medusa", Vladimir Zhelonkin's appointment is temporary, "he will carry out a sweep and reduction, and then he will find another chief editor".

The lack of intelligible explanations for the reasons for this decision was the reason for a variety of gossip. In some telegram channels, it was even alleged that alcoholic dependence prevented Yakovlev from continuing his work. Such arguments were refuted by the journalist of Kommersant Alexander Chernykh.

"I have been silent all day, but I could not stand it-that's when the anonymous telegram channels write about Yakovlev that he had problems with alcohol, he just wants to breed with his hands," he wrote in social networks. - Everyone who even for a second was in Kommersant understands what kind of nonsense it is. "

Judging by the experience of previous resignations of this level in the Russian media market, the main reason is content and editorial policy, which is unsuitable for the media owner. So, in particular, in 2016, it happened with RBC, when the media holding simultaneously left the chief editor Elizaveta Osetinskaya, the editor-in-chief of the site Roman Badanin and the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Maxim Solius. In addition, by decision of the owner of the media group ACMG from the post of editor-in-chief Forbes in June 2018, Nikolai Uskov was dismissed. According to the official wording, because of the "systematic violation of labor discipline." Uskov himself stated that his dismissal was a consequence of the conflict with the owner of the publication, Alexander Fedotov, who tried to exert pressure on the editorial policy. Uskov filed a lawsuit with the law on illegal dismissal and the demand for reinstatement in the workplace.

Journalist Alexander Chernykh believes that the reason for the departure of Glavred in today's Russian realities can only become resonant publications. "Reread the last few issues, the answer is always in the work of the newspaper, in other cases, such things do not happen," he argues in his telegram channel.

If you believe the words of the source of the Medusa, Yakovlev "was a shareholder - left unemployed."

Sergei Yakovlev himself in 2014 replaced the chief editor of Kommersant Mikhail Mikhailin, who was dismissed by agreement with the shareholder. The source of RBC then claimed that the reason for the dismissal of Mikhailin could be the article "Rosneft" rebelled against the West, "which said that Rosneft sent a letter to President Vladimir Putin with a proposal to toughen counter counter-forces.

Recall that the sole owner of shares of LLC Kommersant Holding, from 2015 is the billionaire Alisher Usmanov. The reason for his disagreements with Yakovlev could be the publication of July 12 "Gazprom" can not be forbidden, "telling how Renova Viktor Vekselberg, under US sanctions, wants to pool energy assets with Gazprom energoholding, which was previously led by Usmanov. The article reveals the details of the transaction, and therefore potentially has an impact on its implementation. The appearance of such a publication, affecting, albeit indirectly, the interests of the shareholder, without agreement could provoke Usmanov's displeasure and become a real reason for Yakovlev's resignation.