Why Dmitry Kobylkin is needed in the government of the Russian Federation

What is the appointment of the former governor of Yamal to the Cabinet of Ministers.
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Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the list of the new cabinet, introduced by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, which included the Yamal governor Dmitry Kobylkin. As previously reported, he was offered the post of Minister of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, which was previously occupied by Sergei Donskoy.

Znak.com sources in the government of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District reported that the appointment of Kobylkin for many of them was a surprise. "The next morning the chief held a meeting, set new tasks, in particular on the implementation of the second series of instructions of the president, promised to ask him strictly. And after dinner it became known that Dmitry Nikolayevich is moving to increase, "- says our interlocutor. Kobylkin himself is still in Salekhard, unlike his colleague - Tyumen governor Vladimir Yakushev, who was appointed today head of the Ministry of Construction. He, as it turned out, flew to Moscow. In both governments, they are waiting for the signing of a decree on the appointment of their leaders.

A proposal that can not be rejected

Was this an "increase" for Kobylkin himself a surprise? The observers we interviewed say - yes and no. One of the sources of Znak.com knows that consultations with the Yamal governor on his transition to the federal Cabinet were held immediately after the appointment to the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation to the post of deputy head Sergei Kiriyenko. "That is, apparently, the Kremlin was already considering the question of who will work in the government after the presidential elections, including Kirienko, which was to be held in March this year," our source shares. "I do not know what answer Kobylkin gave Kirienko." Hardly unequivocal. But, according to my feelings, the final argument for his consent to move to Moscow could be the personal offer of President Putin. "

Our interlocutor suggests that the Yamal head saw the continuation of his career after the second term of governorship in the fall of 2020 in business. "There was talk that he was going to move to Tyumen, where his elder daughter lives and his parents are buried. Therefore, a very serious argument was needed to leave, at least temporarily, these plans not realized. And such an argument in today's policy for the governor with such lobbying opportunities and connections is only one - an offer that can not be abandoned, that is, the proposal of President Putin. "

Our experts believe that many today understand the risks and drawbacks that they entail for them work in the government of Dmitry Medvedev, possibly on the last term of Vladimir Putin. Therefore, it is quite logical that the desire of the regional heads is better to remain in their territory "the first guy" than to bear joint responsibility for a number of unpopular steps to be taken by the new Cabinet in the forthcoming six-year period.

The appointment of two governors from the "Tyumen matryoshka" at once to ministerial posts alone is seen as logical, while others are not given in to logic. The first indicate that in recent years both Yakushev and Kobylkin were at the top of all possible ratings of sustainability and survivability of regional leaders. Successful and exemplary were the regions they headed. Therefore, the head of state decided that the experience of "excellent students" they will be able to transfer to the federal level. "Perhaps this desire really to update the government, at the expense of new cadres give a new impetus. Do what the public has to do, "one of our sources reflects.

Meanwhile, other observers do not understand the logic of adopting such personnel reshuffles. According to them, the decision of the federal center to leave without leadership a "matryoshka", which gives the country up to 40% of the gross domestic product, they do not understand.

What I remember

Speaking about Dmitry Kobylkin's baggage, which he left behind, we can say that he managed to launch almost all the projects that he planned.

Beginning in 2010, when the former head of the Purovsky District was little known in the federal agenda, Yamal was in charge of building the three largest bridges in the district. In 2015, a bridge across Nadym was constructed as a part of the Salekhard-Nadym road. A project for the construction of the Northern latitudinal railway was launched, within which a railway bridge across Nadym is being built. A concession is being prepared for the construction of an automobile bridge over the Pur River in the Purovsky District. Last week, a start was launched on the construction of an automobile and railway bridge across the Ob between Labytnangi and Salekhard.

Speaking about the development of infrastructure in the region under Kobylkin, the district government is reminded of the concession on modernization of the airport in Novy Urengoy concluded this spring between the region and the Renova Group of Companies.

The emergence of Kobylkin in the post of governor of Yamal in 2010, many experts called possible thanks to the lobbying of the group of Leonid Mikhelson and Gennady Timchenko, in other words, the Novatek group. At the end of 2017, the Yamal LNG plant for the production of liquefied natural gas was launched in the region, which Novatek built next to the village of Sabetta on the Yamal peninsula. By the way, in the same place, for the export of the plant's products by the Northern Sea Route, a new seaport of Sabetta was built from scratch. In the coming years, Novatek plans to build two more plants - the Arctic LNG and the Arctic LNG-2.

Kobylkin, in contrast to his predecessor, Yuri Neyolov, turned out to be a governor who built equal relations not only with one group of influence. It is known that he is also supported in Gazprom Neft, Gazprom, LKUOILe and other vertically integrated companies. Sources in the oil industry today said that if Kobylkin was left in the Kremlin to recommend a successor, then they will support the candidature, which he will name.


Due to the specifics of the region, led by Dmitry Kobylkin, it is obvious that he, as a thoroughly knowledgeable Russian fuel and energy complex and personally acquainted with all the leaders of large oil and gas corporations, was offered a post to the Ministry of Natural Resources. At the same time, the existence of the interests of such a number of groups of influence in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District (Rotenberg, Sechin, Mikhelson-Timchenko, Gazprom), the question of a possible successor will not be easily solved.

Kobylkin, being a manager, was able to be a fairly sophisticated politician, knowing how to maneuver and trying not to spoil relations with any of the clans. Assuming that his opinion will be listened to in the Kremlin and his successor candidacy will be agreed upon, it can be stated that he does not find a man like Kobylkin in his universal qualities. Perhaps he does not need it.

According to observers, the first deputy governor Alexei Sitnikov may become the most likely candidate for the post of the new governor of Yamal. In the team of Dmitry Kobylkin he came from the construction industry, from business. This will mean that behind the group of Timchenko - Mikhelson will leave control over Yamal. Accordingly, the influence of Kobylkin in the region will also remain. Sitnikova will be entrusted with the functions of a person controlling processes in the region, including those mega-projects that were launched under Kobylkin.