Wine for the president: who owns the best winery of the Crimea

This summer, the wines of the new Crimean wine producer Alma Valley appeared in stores. The debutant products have been already appreciated by Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. The producer is probably tied to the entities of the head of VTB Andrey Kostin.
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Wine called "Cup of the Union of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Russia", which is annually held in October in Abrau-Durso, considered the most prestigious competition for the domestic wine industry. The jury always - recognized by the European authorities. Thus, the third contest of 2015, led by Briton Tim Atkin - wine columnist for The Guardian and other trade publications.

this year the tasting results were surprising to many: Four medals for wines from Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon went to the Crimean winery Alma Valley, just this summer, the first to put their products on store shelves.

The site Alma Valley said that the first seedlings European varieties were planted in the valley of the river Alma in 2008. In 2013, on this site it was built ultramodern winery in the style of hi-tech design capacity of up to 3 million bottles of wine per year. Now Alma Valley vineyards total area of ​​160 hectares - 140 hectares with a harvest.

In the mass market wines from Alma Valley came in the summer 2015. The company's productsand you can already buy a few large networks, such as Metro Cash & Carry. In the near future will start selling in the "Fragrant World" and "Lenta". Cheapest line under the brand name "Vilino" is available exclusively for the chain stores "Magnit" and stands on a shelf up to 300 rubles. per bottle, said RBC assistant director Alma Valley, a wine critic Igor Serdyuk. The next two lines are sold in the mass segment of 500-700 rubles. Finally, the price of the most expensive "varietal" wines, which also participate in competitions, starting from 1 thousand. Rub. per bottle. In Alma Valley this year plans to produce about 500 thousand bottles, the next -. 1 million bottles, said Serdyuk.

Based on the size of the vineyards and on technology costs and the construction of the winery the total investment in the project could make Euro 30-40 million, said Michael Shtyrlin, owner of the company "Legend of Crimea" (producer and distributor of Crimean wines): "On the art winery and they obviously did not save wanted to make a candy - opines Shtyrlin. - In the end, it looks very impressive and from a design standpoint, and in terms of equipment & raquo ;. General Director Alma Valley Andrei Grigoryev confirmed the order of numbers, noting that the investment in production has not yet been completed.

Foros cottager

In July 2015, the State Council came to the Crimea impressive delegation of officials and businessmen led by President Vladimir Putin. Shortly thereafter, it was reported that Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visited this particular winery blogs referring to stories of employees Alma Valley. Andrey Grigoryev confirmed RBC dignitaries visit, but did not share details, citing the fact that it was a private visit.

Who entertained heads of state wine - not known: the investor of the winery officially never disclosed. In September of 2014 that Alma Valley project is developing "The structure, close to the chairman of the board of VTB Andrey Kostin», Forbes magazine wrote without reference to the source of the information. The fact that the winery is a personal project of one of the largest Russian bankers, RBC confirmed three sources from a variety of Russian wineries.Grigoriev was limited to commentary that the owner - "a major Russian investor, who participated in the project from day one." Shifts investor even after the change of jurisdiction of the Crimea did not happen, "he added.

The fact that a major Russian investor - it may VTB head can be judged only by circumstantial information. October 18, the "Company" magazine reported that Costin became the owner of the Crimean company "Forian". "This company has a dacha in Foros, where year after year resting Andrey Leonidovich Kostin, - told the" Company ", the press service of VTB. - No business is not doing. "

Indeed, from February 12, 2015, according to SPARC-based, the sole owner of "Foriana" means the head of VTB. This company is registered in the Crimean village of Foros at ul. Terletskiy, 10, - at the same address is a former summer camp, renovated and redeveloped into a year-round family-friendly pension corresponding to the level of a four star hotel. Project amount indicated on the website of Yalta administration - $ 11.8 million.

According to theat the same address as "Forian" registered another company - OOO "East Investments" (her profile - Activity of hotels with restaurants). These are the only companies registered at this address.

According to SPARK, a subsidiary of "East Investments" - OOO "Invest Plus" - the operating company of the wine sector Alma Valley. Less than 1% of "Invest Plus" is owned by its Administrative Director, the former mayor and the deputy director of Foros pension behalf Terletskiy Viktor Volkov. He is the CEO of "Foriana" - the same house, which is owned by Kostin. "I know that Volkov has long lived in Foros, but if he has any other projects besides Alma Valley, in which he is involved, I do not know" - said Grigoriev. In addition, the name Terletskiy pension and OOO "East Investments" unifying figure Mažeika Irene - she, according to EGRUL is CEO of "East Investments" and at the same time Crimean media called her supervisor pension.

Finally, up to June 2015 the minority co-owner (0.01%) "East Investments" was, according to SPARK, BDim Pushkarev. The former predpravleniya VTB Ukraine - its full namesake.

At RBC sent Monday afternoon VTB questions are still not answered. By phone sanatorium Terletskiy and OOO "East Investments" all day no one answered.

So said Andrei Kostin

In June 2015, VTB head, speaking at the annual general meeting of VTB, explained why business in the Crimea is risky for any Russian company, "My civic position - I would, of course, worked in Crimea. I am one of those who says "our Crimea" in two words, not one. In terms of sanctions, any Russian company, including banks, if they work in the Crimea, the personal sanctions may turn into a more severe sanctions - including the freezing of funds, dollar bills, which, of course, would cause irreparable damage to the largest Russian banks, "- quoted Kostin TASS .