"Winter cherry" was not tested in good faith

This was stated by Alexander Bastrykin. And Vladimir Putin instructed to find a document on the inspection of the shopping center and the signer without comment.
The investigation has reason to believe that the checks of the Kemerovo shopping and entertainment center "Winter Cherry" from 2016 were conducted "not very conscientiously". Chairman of the Investigative Committee (SC) Alexander Bastrykin said this at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin, RIA Novosti reported.

According to Bastrykin, investigators are studying an "array of documents" to assess the legal legality of the transfer of the building to a shopping center. Analyzed contracts for all types of security, primarily fire safety, investigators work with the city administration and "those people who gave permission to use this center," interrogate them, Bastrykin said. "We carefully study the way in which the relevant control structures and bodies have been carrying out preventive inspections since the center's operation, since 2016. There are reasons to believe that this was done, to put it mildly, not very conscientiously, "Bastrykin said.

According to him, all examinations will take time. "To strengthen the version we are going to today - the ugly attitude towards securing the construction complex, financing, why such inspections [of the facility were], we will need to attract outside organizations, so this will take some extra time," reported the chairman of the UK (quotation on "Interfax").

In turn, Putin suggested Bastrykin send to Kemerovo "how many people need", so as not to delay the investigation. He also said that on Tuesday he was shown a document on the inspection of the building in 2016, "including by the employees of the fire service." "What have you read? Strange even sounds: "without remarks," - he said. He instructed the investigation to find this paper and find out who signed it.

Putin demanded from the UK to check "all without exception" version, TASS reports. "If any of the versions are confirmed, it should be justified by technical, construction, financial, etc. examinations," the president stressed. Putin noted that the version of the attackers is convenient for those who are suspected of a fire case. He also demanded that the investigation draw conclusions on the case, proceeding from the norms of the law, despite the official position of the figurants.

The fire in the shopping center "Winter Cherry" in Kemerovo occurred on March 25. As a result of the fire, according to official data, 64 people died, among them 41 children.