Workers of Abramovich's plant organized an "Italian strike"

Now Evraz Group employees are trying to get their work back in court. 
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In the Sverdlovsk region is an important trial: employees Kachkanar Mining and Processing Plant (KGOK belongs to Evraz Group) challenged the decision to remove them from work. They believe that the leadership KGOKa sanctions apply to them because they took part in the "Italian strike", refusing to work on a worn-out electric locomotives. In Evraz Group claim that the only reason for dismissal - a state of the health of workers. Details of the conflict - in material.

Kachkanarskij City Court examines seven suits drivers of electric EVRAZ KGOK to the management of the company, which contested the illegal, in their opinion, the decision to remove them from work. "Initially, we had more - about 20 people suspended. Someone retired, someone did not want to fight and agreed to combine an offer to resign by mutual agreement, taking compensation in the amount of five salaries. Only here in Kachkanar good job almost impossible to find, mine - forming enterprise. What to do when run out of these five salaries? And we decided to fight "- the storyVaeth Shumkov driver Victor, one of the suspended employees GOK.

According Shumkova spring of 2014 he and 20 of his colleagues have been planned medical examination, the results of which were all successfully qualified for the job. "In September, we were sent to Yekaterinburg in the so-called spa treatment in the scientific center of preventive maintenance and protection of the health of workers of industrial enterprises. Nobody expected a repeated medical examination. Nevertheless, it held, applying more stringent standards than usual, and even a few months after our return guide GOK has adopted several decisions on the dismissal of employees working on plant health, "- said Shumkov. In particular, his doctors have diagnosed - mitral valve prolapse of the first degree. "With this diagnosis is impossible to work on the trains that reach speeds up to 140 km per hour. To us this is not true, we have locomotives travel at a maximum of 35 kilometers per hour, "- he said. In addition, according to Shumkova in Yekaterinburg, it is simple and all examinations passed with a temperature of 38 degrees. "For all the normtives were to appoint repeated examination, but nobody did, "- said Viktor Shumkov.

We meet Shumkov and several other members of the GOK in the hallway of the trade union ", Kachkanar Vanadium". They explain that the work at the plant becomes unsafe: many locomotives are worn and require replacement or emergency repairs, some teams are not fully staffed.

Employees Kachkanar GOK assured that their problems with the management of Evraz started after "Italian strike".

Striking employees of Kachkanar GOK organized several times. Machinist Nicholas Dorichuk recalled how in December 2013, he was released on the night shift, took the locomotive, but refused to work on it because of malfunctions. "The situation at the plant is heavy, we have to work on the worn-out equipment. By then we were complicated negotiations for a collective agreement. We have achieved at least a normal indexation of wages and working conditions ", - says Dorichuk. That strike machinist costly - Award for December it was cut in half. However, the engineer was able to challenge the decision in Kachkanar city court, the court recognized the locomotive fault. Later, the decision also resisted on appeal to the Regional Court, and the money was returned Dorichuku. However, in February, he and Shumkov, was suspended from work on the results of medical examination. The unrest at the plant were in March 2015, when the mine employees also talked about the poor working conditions and drivers of illegal dismissal.

As the mine staff lawyer Vladimir Pomazkin now all seven drivers who have submitted claims are on the medical examination in Clinical Hospital Railways station "Perm-II». "The decision to conduct an independent medical examination is accepted by the court. After summing up of its results will be assigned to the next session of the court ", - said Pomazkin. One of the drivers Shumkov Victor said that in the hospital, together with colleagues for about five days, when will the survey, is still unknown.

Chairman Anatoly P'yankov KGOKa union believes that the plant can be started at any timeI fired. "We see how the suspension from work suddenly started testing drivers for more stringent rules, guided by the order № 796 [Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation], which applies to drivers of high-speed trains. Others continue to check on the order number 302 with softer requirements. Who determines what is required in each case, it is not clear. Apparently, it depends on the degree of employee loyalty to the leadership of the plant, "- says drinking. According to him, in spite of the agreement not to lay off employees combine hidden rate cut is still going on. "It cut more than 100 jobs have been opened. Also often liquidated job, if one goes by mutual agreement. In the second quarter of 2015. It took about 70 people, while agreeing to the proposal to issue guidance once five salaries. Considering that the production volumes of the plans are not reduced, the reduction of the number of vacancies is simply dangerous ", - said chairman of the union.

Eurasia Mining emphasize that the officers of the mountain railway transort not have been dismissed. "They were suspended from work for health reasons, has shown that the relevant medical examination. The validity of using this type of medical examination for the employees of these complaints are currently being considered in court. After removal of specific duties, the employees were offered transfer to another place of work with the possibility of retraining. None of the medical examination number of unsuccessful railroad was not dismissed by the employer ", - he said in comments EVRAZ KGOK. The company specified that "plans to reduce operating rates or unoccupied - the prerogative of the employer due to economic feasibility."

Earlier, during the preparations for the "Italian strike" in March 2015 Managing Director of Mining Vladislav Zhukov spoke with spetszayavleniem. According to him, the actions to which the workers are pushing the union leaders, namely to strike "capable of destabilizing the situation in the enterprise, the most serious impact on his work, Kachkanar development prospects, as well as negativeto affect the activity of a key customer GOK - EVRAZ NTMK ". Zhukov noted that develops a difficult economic situation in the country. "You know that in the Urals stopped by dozens of companies, has fallen sharply, business activity, rising inflation and unemployment, freeze social programs. Meanwhile, workers EVRAZ KGOKa continue to stably obtain a high salary, are provided social benefits and guarantees, at the plant is carried out systematic work to improve working conditions, "- said in a statement.

Kachkanar Municipality chooses not to intervene in the conflict with the staff of city-forming enterprise. "I consider it right that all the issues have returned to the legal field. I negotiated with the union and the company management. Today, the situation is stable. The company says that it is ready to comply with any decision of the court "- said the head of the city Sergey side.