World Cup 2018 was the record for the volume of bets

The super profits of bookmakers in the group stage were replaced by modest wins in the final part of the football championship in Russia.
The past world football championship has justified the expectations of bookmakers working in Russia: for the month of the tournament they took up to 250 billion rubles. rates, including in the illegal segment. Unexpected results in the group stage of the tournament were promised to super profits offices, but the predictable ending of the championship reduced them to marginality of 8-9%. Now bookmakers hope to keep at least some of the new customers, expecting their sharp outflow in August.

By the volume of accepted rates and the number of players, the 2018 World Cup broke all records for Russian bookmakers, follows from a report prepared for Kommersant by the Rating Bookmakers. The "League of Rates" estimates the volume of rates accepted at the World Cup 2018 by bookmakers operating in Russia at 200-250 billion rubles, including the gray market, that is, rates in foreign companies without a Russian license. In "Baltbet" estimate the turnover of rates in licensed bookmakers at 120-130 billion rubles., And in unlicensed ones - about one and a half times less. As a result of all of 2017, the volume of accepted rates amounted to 677 billion rubles, of which 59.5% fell on the legal sector.

Most market participants note that the number of active players, rates and turnover increased two to three times. In the "League of Rates" in comparison with the usual month, the number of bets increased 1.5 times, customers - 2.4 times, the volume of rates - twice, and the average rate - 1.3 times. The 2018 World Cup also outperformed other major tournaments in terms of accepted rates - the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 European Championships. The "League of Rates" turnover exceeded the indicators of the European Championship-2016 4.3 times, and the World Cup-2014 - 8.6 times, the "Fontbet" - two and three times, respectively, the "Marathon" - 100% and 20 %.

The championship was full of surprises, bookmakers conceded. In particular, of the five major favorites of the tournament four (Germany, Argentina, Brazil and Spain) did not even reach the semi-finals.

Brazil and Argentina were favorites among the players of betting shops up to the start of the play-off stage, and the absence of Germany from the group and Croatia's entry into the finals were the main surprises in terms of long-term rates.

But in the end of the championship the situation changed: at the semi-final stage most players put on France, which won. The final between France and Croatia in general was unprofitable for bookmakers. According to analysts, "Baltbet", this year, for bookmakers, there was no day worse than July 15. This is due not only to the victory in the finals of the favorite and a large number of goals scored - on the final day there were also payments on the rates for the champion, the top scorer, etc.

Thus, in general, the 2018 World Cup did not bring super-profits to bookmakers: high performance (there was only one zero draw) and a predictable ending (the match for third place and the final) reduced the marzhinality to an average level. In "Baltbet" believe that on average, it was at the World Cup for offices 8-9%, so the largest legal bookmakers could earn 10-12.5 billion rubles. The amount of the rates accepted by the "League of rates" for the whole tournament exceeded the amount of payments by 9.9%. This is at the level of the bookmaker's expectations, although the income ratio was significantly lower than at the European Championship-2016, due to the large number of goals, especially at the last minute. In "Olympus" the amount of bets exceeded the amount of payments by 18%, says the director for development of the bookmaker Konstantin Gusev.

Now bookmakers have to keep new customers, it is possible that after the boom rates will be followed by a powerful outflow, warns the expert "Bookmakers' Rating" Nikolai Soloviev. The 2018 World Cup has become a powerful financial driver for the development of the sportsbook market and attracted many players with "hidden excitement," Konstantin Gusev adds: "All bookmakers without exception have acquired a lot of new customers, which will affect the financial activities of the companies at a distance." However, during the big tournaments "recreational players" always join, who then will not bet, he admits. "August in our business as a whole a period of a small lull. Obviously, this time seasonality will be felt even more, "he notes.