Wrong cookies found in Skolkovo

The fund accused its residents of misuse of grants for the first time
Fund "Skolkovo" the first time is going to plead with their residents for misuse of grants issued to them. 44.9 million rubles. "Skolkovo" requires a pharmaceutical Pharma Bio, another 225 thousand. Rub. with IT-of Parallels. In Parallels claim that only bought with the money of tea and cookies for employees before the fund rules do not prohibit it.

Non-profit organization Foundation for Development and Commercialization of New Technologies (Fund "Skolkovo") filed a lawsuit against the company "Parallelz RESEARCH" (comes with the Parallels team), it follows from the filing of the arbitration court. The Fund is seeking to recover from the company inappropriately used 225 thousand. Rub. On similar charges "Skolkovo" intends to recover 44.9 million rubles. a resident of a cluster of biomedical technologies Pharma Bio. According to the filing of arbitration cases, previously "Skolkovo" is not levied by the court money with grantees because of their misuse. The press service of the Fund declined to comment before the decision of the court "in order to ensure an impartial consideration of the case."

Phone Pharma Bio yesterday did not answer. The press service reported Parallels, ThuWe do not agree with the charges of misuse, but ready to go to the settlement agreement, the terms of which are now being discussed. Tools Parallels were issued as part of a grant of 150 million rubles. in May 2011 to develop a software platform that allows to create a "cloud" with lower operating costs than existing technologies. On Parallels grant it planned to purchase equipment for research and development and to hire 140 engineers. "Grant has expired in the first half of 2012, and the audit was conducted in late 2013. During this period, the rules of the fund." Skolkovo "changed", - said the representative of Parallels.

"The company paid for the cost of food: tea, biscuits, fruit, laid out in free access in the office This is in line with prevailing regulations at the time, but subsequently banned such expenses.", - Reported in the Parallels. The company stressed that the use of the remaining RUR 149.7 million. the fund have no complaints.

Terms of Use grants changed, confirms top manager of one of the largest Russian IT-companies. "I recently visited the IT-Cluster & quot; Skolkovo "to a business meeting, and my companion apologized for being unable to offer me tea, as the money fund now even water can not buy", - he said.

According to the report, "Skolkovo" on results of 2014, the amount of approved grants amounted to 10.6 billion rubles, the number of companies -. Fund participants ecosystem - in 1147, and their total revenue - 43.6 billion rubles. Under the "Skolkovo" has the right to conduct a full audit of the company's operations for the duration of the grant agreement, and the statements shall the fund every six months or a year, says managing director Jelastic in Russia (the company has received $ 1 million from the "Skolkovo" in July 2012), Dmitry Lazarenko. "" Skolkovo "interest as financial indicators - revenue, attracting investments - and indicators related to research activities: patents, intellectual property, the results of the project", - he says.

Request the funds allocated under the grant, the Fund may, at any weighty breach of contract between the parties, including the untimely submitteds documents proving the target use of funds, said the head of the international legal practice of the Bar "Chaadaev, Heifetz and Partners" Anastasia Astashkevich. "If the fact of misuse of funds will be proved, and thus is detected the fact of fraud, the defendant may suffer and criminal penalties," - she warns.