X5 Retail Group climbed into the "Halva" brothers Khotimsky

The retailer will buy 50% in the operator of the issuance of Internet orders CTB, operating under the brand "Halva" and controlled by Sovkombank.
The largest Russian retailer X5 Retail Group wants to create a joint venture with Sovcombank and other major operators of post-ammunition in Russia.

X5 filed an application for the purchase of 50% of the company CTB, which belongs to Sovcombank and operates 450 automated points for the issuance of Internet purchases under the brands "Halva", the retailer said. The representative of the bank confirmed this.

In the long term, the number of DTP stamps operating under the "Halva" brand will exceed 1500. "The joint venture under consideration will receive the right to place stamata in X5 stores for a period of five years," X5 said. The representative of the retailer refused to disclose how much the investment in the joint venture could make and how the deal would be structured.

Qiwi next

Also X5 is discussing a similar joint venture with Qiwi, a Vedomosti source close to one of the negotiators said.

Qiwi and X5 are already cooperating in the development of the postamate network, he says: the retailer provides leases, already has about 100 units installed, the plan is to increase the network to 500 points by the end of the year.

The second part of the cooperation, according to the interlocutor of "Vedomosti", involves the creation of a joint venture in which the X5 will use its logistics to deliver goods online stores in the joint network of postamates. "An equal partnership is being considered, and due diligence begins, after which the parties can come to concrete agreements," he added.

The representative of X5 said that the company serves more than 100 Qiwi posamates. "Further plans are in the process of discussion," the representative of the retailer said.

Alexei Rasskazov, Qiwi Group Strategy Director, when asked whether the joint venture is being discussed with X5, said: "We have already started cooperation with X5 and intend to develop it". According to him, the food retail "is synergistic with the receipt of Internet orders through the self-service press", an alliance of grocery retail and postamates is inevitable.

Third Candidate

Also, the opportunities of the joint venture X5 are discussed with PickPoint, the source of Vedomosti knows. But, according to him, PickPoint works on the model of a vertically integrated company with its own logistics, services for online stores, which makes such partnerships less attractive for it. Representatives X5 and PickPoint declined to comment on this.

While the partnership of PickPoint and X5 boils down to an active installation of the postsamuses in the retailer's shops, Nadezhda Romanova, General Director of PickPoint, says that 150-200 terminals are installed per month, mainly in Pyaterochka. "Now we are going on a classical model of renting areas for installation, while discussing various formats of interaction, including marketing, on the basis of a developing network of post-operatives," she added.

Ecosystem X5

About plans X5 to create an infrastructure for delivery of orders of third-party Internet shops it became known in the spring of 2018. The retailer will create sorting centers, passing logistics and points of issue of orders, including automatic fasting in the vast majority of stores of their networks. X5 operates 13,178 stores of Pyaterochka, Perekrestok and Karusel at the end of the first half of 2018 and 40 distribution centers.

The joint venture with Sovkombank will allow X5 to speed up the launch of the postamate network in stores, start testing "passing logistics", and after launching its own order processing service for third-party online shops (fullfilment) to receive an additional flow of parcels, the representative of the retailer argues.

In the meantime, at the first stage, large logistics and courier companies will be responsible for delivering Halva to the posts, he added: "Logistic X5 is planned to be connected to the JV from the end of the first quarter to the beginning of the second quarter of 2019, when the accounting systems and sorting at the distribution centers, our own fullfilment was formed. "

X5, as stated in its documents, was guided by the fact that in 2023 it will be able to process up to 1 million orders a day. Data Insight partner Fyodor Virin estimated earlier: if X5 can handle 1 million orders a day in five years, it can count on no less than 20% of the market. "In general, this can be one of the sources of improving business efficiency, given the gradual saturation of the traditional retail market and the slowdown in the growth of new retail space," said Raiffeisenbank senior analyst Natalya Kolupaeva in May.