Yabloko Party is suspected of collaboration with the US Department of State

The Anti-fascist anti-Maidan council is sure that Sergei Mitrokhin's party receives funding from abroad.
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As stated by the leadership of the Anti-Fascist Council antimaydannogo, leadership of the party "Yabloko" has come into contact with the Ukrainian and Georgian political technologists in Russia for organizing mass protests aimed at overthrowing the current government. According to the Council, the party with the radical opposition movement "Solidarity" in Moscow holds a large number of unauthorized pickets, which costs exceed tens of millions of rubles.

- In Russia came to Georgia and Ukraine citizens who took an active part in the preparation of scenarios for the revolutionary overthrow of the government in these countries. According to our information, they entered into negotiations with the leadership of the party "Yabloko", as well as with non-system opposition to prepare the same scenario in our country, which they have implemented in Ukraine - told "Izvestia" the head of the Anti-Fascist Council antimaydannogo Eugene Shabayev.

According to him, representatives of the party "Yabloko", together with the representatives of the radical opposition movement began to hold mass odnight pickets, the sources of funding which are clearly non-Russian origin.

- Picketeers more than a thousand people. With each of them signed contracts, which contains the value of the picket 15 days -. $ 2.5 thousand in total amount to picketing costs - more than 90 million rubles (official financing "Apple" of the state budget - 126 million rubles -. "Izvestiya") . They are scheduled up to September 18, and September 21, "Apple" with "Solidarity" and "Parnassus" party headed by former officials of Yeltsin Boris Nemtsov and Mikhail Kasyanov plans to hold large-scale rally - told "Izvestia" Shabayev.

According Antimaydannogo Council, representatives of non-system opposition is now using tried and tested in Kiev and Tbilisi technology, under the banner of military events in Ukraine is heated protests, the peak of which is scheduled after a single day of voting - 14 of September. Recall that on this day a record number of elections of different levels will be held in Russia, including 30 gubernatorial campaigns.

Representatives unsystematicallyOpposition rely on Moscow, where elections are held in the Moscow City Duma and St. Petersburg - there will be the election of the governor of the city. This choice is explained by the fact that the federal city in Antimaydannom council have an impact on the political mood of the country as a whole, which want to play and in other regions of the election.

According Shabaeva, it is clear that behind all this may be the US State Department, is interested in the change of the political system in Russia, as it did in Georgia, Ukraine, Libya and other countries, with the "orange" technologies.

- I am with you will not talk - said "Izvestia" the leader of the party "Yabloko" Sergei Mitrokhin, refusing to comment on the cooperation with the US State Department the party.

The press service of "Apple", "News" said that the party no one gets no money and no pickets does not hold, and who plays the role of organizers and participants, as well as distributors of party symbols, it is not known.

- Everything that we do, have on our site, - the press-secret"Apple" apb.

- "Apple" often spends his pickets near the Moscow mayor's office, especially a lot of them were in the last week. Obviously, this is a paid extras, why they are afraid to admit the media, I do not understand, - told "Izvestiya" one of the mayor's office employees.

Announcements about their pickets party members hang on social networks, but talking about them for some reason do not want loud.

But the co-chairman of the party Parnas, one of the "Solidarity" movement leaders in Russia, Boris Nemtsov, the fact that the organization of protest actions planned for 21 September in conjunction with the "apple", affirmed.

- Together with the "apple", Alexei Navalny, "Solidarity" and "Democratic Choice" will hold a peace march, which will be held on 21 September. If a peace agreement (to this date), then we will have it later, when the cease-fire break, since it is very fragile - said Boris Nemtsov.

The politician explained his desire so to participate in an armed conflict that had social networks "is full of references to the Russian troops participating in the military confikte in Ukraine. " Note that in contrast to Nemtsov this participation could not confirm neither international expert organizations, including the OSCE, the experts who are there and have repeatedly said about the absence of the Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine. But the US and Ukraine insist on the participation of Russia.

- This is not a peace march and the march of the war, due to which there was a phenomenal discrediting radical non-system opposition. It has lost 90% of its support, as it turned out that they were not for Russia, not for democracy, but for the interests of the US and the terror of the Kiev junta now all its representatives hope for a solid budget that promised to them in Washington - said the head of the Political Center studies Sergei Markov.

According to him, ready to allocate about $ 10 billion, the same amount will allocate their allies in the revolution in Russia, the United States just before the end of the year.

- Most of the Russian non-system opposition is convinced that Russia must take the path of self-destruction. This is their ideology, - the expert said, is not surprised by the actions of the "Yabloko".