Yacht instead of a bank: Transportny shareholder was the owner of the yacht worth €55 million

Financier Alexander Mazanov, a shareholder of bankrupt Transportny and Interkommerts banks, put up for sale a yacht worth more than €55 million. The "hole" in the credit institutions exceeds 120 billion rubles.
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According to the Yacht Harbour, the former major shareholder of the bank "Transport" (61% of the shares, the bank's license revoked in May 2015) and the former minority shareholder "INTERKOMMERTS" (2.5% of the shares, license revoked in February) Alexander Mazanov decided to sell belonging to him shestidesyatisemimetrovuyu yacht Icon and put it at the price of € 55.5 Mill. This information confirms Forbes as one of the yacht brokers. Sam banker bought it for € 45 million, according to the site Boat International.

Boat Icon is able to develop a speed of up to 16 knots. It can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests in six cabins, her crew of 17 people. The cost of her rent is € 500,000 per week.

According to the founder of Yacht Harbour Dmitry Semenikhina, 2014 at remaking (refite) boat lengthened five meters - in fact, the owner ordered welded to the yacht basin and a large beach club, which should increase its attractiveness to buyers. "The case of the same series of Meridian, built in 2013, is currently for sale for € 55.5 million Apparently, the owner expects that the elongated body justify the difference in price." - Says C.emenihin.

In addition to the yacht was bought herself a Dutch shipyard, where the elite yacht was made - Icon Yachts. It was founded in 2005 by Tom Van Dam and billionaire Alex Shnaider, but in 2014 was declared bankrupt. Icon Yachts CEO Jen Worth said that the new shareholder will help to strengthen the financial position of the company. In addition, a manufacturer of yachts reported that the owner of the yacht Icon and shipyards - one person. Publication Quote reported that it is Mazanov.

The company has a dry dock, which can be reconstructed and built yachts up to 150 meters long. "Vedomosti" reported that a large unsecured loan the bank "Transport" Mazanova gave companies involved in shipbuilding in the Netherlands.

Last year, deputy chairman Mikhail Sukhov estimated shortfall of assets of the bank "Transport" at 25 billion rubles (appeared mainly due to loans to related parties). During the period of restrictions on deposit taking bank continued to collect them and break the ban, which eventually led to an unscheduled inspection of the Bank of Russia and the subsequent withdrawal of the license May 20, 2015. In Kutchstve reasons have control violation Bank of federal laws, normative acts of the Central Bank, as well as lower capital ratios below 2%. Insured event "vehicles" in the amount of nearly 40 billion was the largest at the time.

Second Bank of the first hundred, "Interkommerts", which was a minority shareholder Mazanov also finished badly - the Bank of Russia revoked the license for banking operations February 8 due to non-performance of the banking law and capital adequacy ratios fall below 2%. The excess of liabilities over assets ( "hole") "INTERKOMMERTS" amounted to almost 80 billion rubles.

Contact Mazanova yesterday failed. The DIA reported that the GSU Research Affairs of Russia in Moscow in April this year opened a criminal investigation into the embezzlement of the bank's property under the guise of granting loans to legal entities. "Bank of the Agency's face is recognized as a victim and civil plaintiff in the criminal case. At present, any of the Bank's executives or owners are not held as a suspect or accused, the arrest of the property does not nakbias towards "- told the agency.

Mazanov not the first owner of the bank with an active license, prefers expensive yachts.

DIA has arrested yacht DB9 ex-owner of International Industrial Bank Sergey Pugachev (license revoked in 2010, the "hole" - about 30 billion rubles). Detained by police in Monaco on charges of fraud in Vneshprombank (license revoked in 2015, the "hole" - 210 billion rubles) is the owner of Georgy Bedzhamov shestidesyatishestimetrovoy boat Ester III. A major shareholder of the bank "Sofrino" (license revoked in 2014, the "hole" - 4.6 billion rubles), Dmitry Malyshev was president of the Sailing Federation of the Moscow Region and a member of the Board of Trustees of the All-Russian Sailing Federation.